Alice in a Purple Haze

    This was not Sid's scene. This... The boy shook his head. Koneko Kurai Bar was more of Shawn and Nicole's playground. Not a place for a nerdy dullard like him to be. Sid looked over at his girlfriend. Arisu just couldn't be happier. He leaned over to her.

    "/How did you find this place?/" he whispered. She just gave him a happy little shrug.

    "Oh," she said. "Just here and there."

    "/I see.../" Sid mumbled, trying to keep a brave face the whole time. He looked around the black and red demonic-themed bar. The many eyes of the other patrons deep through him deep. Sid gave them a little waved as he tittered at them.

    "We will cut you open and feast on your insides!" their eyes seemed to yell at him. Sid gave them a quick, little smile. The man turned back to Arisu. Right..., he thought. Best to keep his eyes on his girlfriend tonight.

    That would turn out to be a good thing in the long run. Sid happened to look up and see his girlfriend about to drink a huge mug of blood-red liquid. Next to her sat a deep purple bong. These two items led to some red flags in Sid's mind.

    "/Uh... Arisu-chan,/" he said. "/Are you sure you should be having any of that with your meds?/" His girlfriend glanced over at him.

    "Hm?" she asked. "Oh, I'm fine." Sid looked on at her, unconvinced.

    "/But they're not your old meds,/" he pointed out. "/They have a different volume of the drugs. You could end up making yourself sick./"

    "I'll be fine!" Arisu insisted. "Don't be like Jin tonight, please!" Sid closed his mouth and sat back. That always ended their arguments. Sid didn't want her to despises him like she did her brother lately. Arisu gave him a little smile.

    "Thanks Sid," she whispered. The girl leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Sid lightly blushed.

    He probably should have been more like Jin. Before in a course of three hours, things started to tumble downhill. Not little by little, mind you. It sailed into a huge mess. Arisu spent the whole night drinking and getting high off of the "purple dragon" as the bar tender called it. Sid looked around as he tried to brave the whole situation.

    "/Shouldn't you stop now before you get really ill?/" he asked.

    "No! *Hic*" Arisu yelled. "I'm great! In fact, I can fly! I am flying! I AM FLYING!!!" She got up on the bar and began spinning around. Sid buried his head in his hands as everyone else around him cheered at the girl acting so crazy. This just couldn't end well.

    And, it didn't. Pretty soon, Arisu began to wobble over as she stood on the bar. Sid rushed over to her aid.

    "/Arisu, what's wrong?!?/" he cried.

    "I... don't... feel... so... good," she slurred out. The poor girl would've hit the floor if her boyfriend hadn't caught her in time. Sid looked around in a panic. There was not a single sober soul in sight.

    "/Call 119!/" he yelled. "/Call 119!!!/" The boy began to move Arisu all the way out to the front door to the hospital.