Ando Meets Ami

    Ando needs love. Ghost went bust on him. No other girls seemed interested in him.

    Until today.

    Saturday Afternoon.

    Ando walked through his neighborhood, looking for a date. Most of the girls went to the beach or the country for the summer. His friends all had dates. Even Kat had a new boyfriend for real this time. Ando paused and sighed.

    I hate being lonely, he thought. That's when he stood up and looked around. A confused look came over his face. Huh?, he thought. Since when is there a lake in this neighborhood? Silence floated around him. Trees seemed to swallow the sun whole in the sky. The air felt cooler around him.

    Where is this place?, Ando thought. A small shuffle caught his ears. He looked up to his right. A younger girl stood near the edge in the moss while looking out over the water. Ando took smaller steps over to get a better look. This was a real cutie that he beheld. Silky black hair that came to her shoulders. Her pink sundress rang from her tiny shoulders. Her legs looked shiny and booze in the dim afternoon sun. He had to blink many times to see if she was real. Oh yeah, she's real alright. This led to many questions in Ando's head.

    Who is this girl?, he thought. What is she doing here? And is she single?

    He just had to find out.

    Ando quickly walked over to her. The girl looked up at him. The older boy paused midway.

    "Hi," he said. The girl looked on at him as she gave him a little wave.

    "Hi," she mumbled.

    "Are you new here?"

    The girl shook her head. "No, I'm just visiting Japan for the summer."

    "Oh, I see. What is your name?"

    "Jung Ami."

    "Oh, you're Korean?"

    "Half. And you are?"

    "Fully Japanese."

    "No, I meant what's your name?"

    "Inoue Ando."

    "Ah. I see."

    Ando shuffled his feet a bit. "Hey, are you doing anything else today?"

    Ami shook her head. "No."

    "Let's hang out together!"


    "You're pretty and I like you."

    "Is that all?"

    Ando pressed his lips together as he nodded. "Yeah..." There came a long pause of silence. Ami shrugged her shoulders at him.

    "Sure, whatever," she said. Ando did a happy dance in his head when he and his new potential girlfriend stared at each other with smiles on their faces.

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