Ando + Ami II

    Summer Break was ending. Ando tried to keep a stiff upper lip the whole time.

    My angel is leaving today, he thought in misery. Yes, Ami was going back to Seoul this evening. They had managed to form a relationship of the course of three weeks. He found her rather cute. She just loved how he made her laugh. He even took her virginity last night. They had been a couple for days now.

    But alas, summer was ending and she had to go home.

    Ando came in from running an errand for his grandmother late one evening. He pushed open the screen door.

    "I'm home," he mumbled.

    "Oh, welcome back," his grandmother said as she peeked in from the living room with the phone in her hand. "You've got a phone call from a girl." Ando's eyes shot wide open.

    "Give me that!" he yelled. The young man ran forward and grabbed the phone out of her hand.

    "You could at least say please!" the old lady yelled as he raced up the stairs to his room. Once inside, Ando held the phone to his ear.

    "Hello?" he asked.

    "Ando?" that familiar sweet voice asked. His heart went into high flight.

    "Ami-chan?" he asked.

    "Oh good," she said. "I just wanted to say that I made it to the airport just fine. And that my plane leaves in hour."

    "Will you be back next summer?"

    Ami giggled over the phone. "Of course, silly. I love you after all."

    "Say it again."

    "I love you."

    "Again! Again!"

    "I love you. I love you. I love you!"

    They ended up talking on the phone for the next ten minutes. In the end, Ando did a little happy dance in his room as he cheered aloud.

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