Ando and Ghost's Date

    That's amore. "I've always felt that way too," Ando said. "Psychologically or impartibly. Oh absolutely. I mean you have to be passionate about... exactly..." A smile came across the boy's face. He held an empty wine glass in his hand.

    "Exactly," he said. "I just think we... click." He lowered his glass to the table. He leaned in for an air kiss to no one.

    "/Sorry Ando,/" Ghost said outside of the restaurant. "/I'd rather stand because I'm not staying. Look, this isn't going to work because it's moving way to fast. It's not you, it's me. I'm just not as serious as you. You're such a gentleman and well.../" Ando waited inside the restaurant as he played with the breadsticks on the table. He stuffed two of them in his front jaw to look like a had fangs.

    "Evening sir," the waiter said. Ando quickly put down the breadsticks and turned his attention to him.

    "Would you like to order something now? A little drink or are you still waiting for your lady friend?" the waiter asked.

    "I'll have some wine," Ando said.

    "And what sort of wine would sir like?" the waiter asked. Ando thought about that for a moment.

    "Hm," he said. "Red wine, please,"

    "Excellent," the waiter said. "And which sort?" Ando looked at him slightly confused.

    "Red... wine..." he said slowly in a matching tone. The waiter walked away to fetch the holy liquid of the gods. Ando looked on oddly at first, but then he saw the flowers and began to smile. The door opened right at that moment.

    "/Hello,/" Ghost said. Ando quickly stood to his feet and turned around.

    "Oh, sorry!" he said with a bow. The boy quickly hugged her. (It was just them two anyway, so why not?) Ghost looked on in discomfort as Ando sat down.

    "/Ando,/" she spoke up. "/I'd rather stand because I'm not.../"

    "Red wine for you sir..." the waiter interrupted as he came back and placed the bottle on the table. He turned and saw the girl.

    "Ah!" he said. "Who is this beauty? May I?" He kissed her on the hand and rather almost roughly took off her jacket.

    "Please," he said. "Sit down." He gave her a gentle push and she sat down in the chair. The waiter set her jacket behind the chair and went away.

    "You look different," Ando said. He smiled a bit. "You look really nice!" the boy said. Ando handed her the flowers. "Got you these!" he said. Ghost looked around a bit before she took them.

    "/Thanks,/" she said. The girl put them back in the vase.

    "Do you want one of these?" Ando asked as he picked up a breadstick. "These are nice breadstick..."

    "/How are you?/" Ghost asked at the same time. "/How you spoke to Shuichi recently?/" He went quiet and looked at her.

    "Yeah..." he said, uneasily. "Why?"

    "/Look, this isn't really going to work,/" Ghost began to say as the waiter came in with the accordion and began playing over them. "/I'm still really hung up on Shuichi!/"

    "What? I can't hear you," Ando said.

    "/But the fact is, I know I really love him and we're meant to be together,/" she tried again. "/And I don't know why I came to see.../" Ando turned to the waiter.

    "Sir, can you stop that please, you're upsetting my girlfriend!" he said. The waiter looked at him offended.

    "Philistine!" he hissed. "For this is the music of love and this is the music of the food!" Ando looked at him oddly as he walked away.

    "/Did you just call me your girlfriend?/" Ghost asked the Japanese boy.

    "Uh... yeah," Ando said. "Why? Is that not what you are?" The girl shrugged a bit.

    "/I don't know.../" she replied. "/It's quite nice of you, actually./" Ando smiled quickly.

    "Do you want some wine?" he asked as he picked up the bottle.

    "/Yes, please,/" she replied. "/What kind is it?/"

    "It's red wine," he said. The Welsh girl took a drink as Ando handed her the menus. They looked at the menus together.

    "So," Ando said. "Do you like Star Trek?"

    "/No, not really,/" Ghost said.

    "Do you know what marina is?"

    "/Was that on BS-TBS?/"

    "Uh... no, it's on the menu."

    She looked down at her own menu. "/Oh, no./"

    "What about Firefly?"

    "/Is that meatballs?/" He lowered his menu in disappointment.

    "You ready to order now?" the waiter asked. The couple looked up at him.

    "Do you know what Firefly is?" Ando asked. The waiter thought about that for a moment.

    "I can ask the chef. It's a meatball, yes?" he replied. Ando pushed his tongue against his cheek. Silence. Then, the food came. Oyster with shrimp was first up. The couple ate and drank up. Ando had a little difficulty trying to open up his oyster. A bit of shell landed in Ghost's wine. She paused and set down her glass.

    "/Do you want a prawn?/" she asked as she offered the yummy creature to him.

    "No, I don't like eating anything I have to dismantle," he replied.

    "/I like to pretend I'm executing them,/" she said. Then, the girl snapped the prawn's head off. She giggled a bit as Ando's looked at her oddly.

    "How is everything?" the waiter asked them. He looked down and saw the tray. "You haven't eaten the oysters." He picked up an oyster and began to open it up. "Aw," he said. "The sea bed is a body. Oysters are the most sensual part of the body of the food." The couple looked on at him oddly. The waiter handed them the oysters.

    "Now, you must link your arms," he said. "Yes, and feed them to each other." He guided them slowly close together. They looked on still in discomfort as they began to eat up. The waiter chuckled a bit.

    "This is how we eat oysters in a symphony of love," he went on. "Love is the food of the soul." Ghost gagged as she tried to swallow it down. When the waiter was gone, the couple spit the oysters out.

    "That tasted so wrong," Ando said.

    "/I know,/" Ghost agreed.

    "It's like you, you know," he said. "You've got a funny taste when I kiss you, but I'm getting used to it and even I..."

    "/I think we should get the bill,/" the girl cut in. She grabbed her jacket and began to put it on. Ando looked disappointed.

    "Oh, don't go," he said. "I didn't mean...

    "/Go to the toilet?/" Ghost asked. "/I think we should go!/" She got up and left the table. Ando dropped his head on his plate. The waiter straightened himself out for the next course. Ando snapped his fingers for him.

    "Oh, have you hurt your hand?" the waiter asked.

    "No," Ando replied. "Just wanted the bill."

    "Oh, okay," the waiter said. "So, uh, let's see, what did you have? Uh yes... lots of fifteen percent service charge plus the corkage." Ando looked up with big eyes.

    "Corkage?" he asked.

    "Plus the cover charge, plus the breadsticks," the waiter said as he wrote out the bill. He tore it out and handed it to the boy.

    "There you go," he said. Ando looked at the tab.

    "19577 yen 467?" he asked. "How is it 19577 yen 467?"

    "I'm sorry, I'm not running a dating service," the waiter said. "It's not a love letter, this is the bill." Ghost walked back to the table.

    "/What?/" she asked as she sat down. "/You wrote me a love letter?/"

    "Listen," Ando whispered. "I need you to stand up, throw your glass across my face, and walk out." His date looked confused.

    "/What?/" she asked.

    "Just do it, we can't afford to pay!" Ando whispered. Ghost smiled at him.

    "/That's sick,/" she whispered. Her date smiled as she stood up.

    ".You utter f*****g prick!/" she snapped. Then, she threw her wine in his face. Ando panted at the cold as she walked off.

    "I must follow the music of love because love is the food of the soul! Yeah!" he declared as he stood up. The boy grabbed the flowers and ran outside. He made it to Ghost and handed them to her.

    "I got you these," he said.

    "/Thanks,/" she said as she took them.

    "Run!" Ando yelled. Then, the couple ran away into the night.

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