“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Arisu looked over at Lexie at the window. The older woman seemed to be out in another world. None of the friends never knew what went on in her head anymore. She seemed to be disappearing more often.

“+Her DID is getting worse,+” Lucas explained.

“Does she even know?” Arisu asked. Lucas bit his lower lip. Her face looked just as dull as ever.

“She doesn’t, does she?” the Japanese woman asked.

“+I can’t,+” Luke mumbled.

“What do you mean?”

The American looked away. “+She won’t believe me…+”

“She has to know for some time.”

“+I know…+”

“So, just tell her.”

“+But, I can’t. Not now…+”

Arisu decided to take things into her own hands this morning. She got up and walked over to her friend.

Subject: Arisu and Lexie

Lexie felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She quickly turned around. Arisu grinned at her.

“Hi!” she said. Lexie blinked at her.

“+Hi…+” she mumbled. Arisu still grinned at her. Her friend still stared at her.

“+What… do you want?+” she asked. Arisu gave her a little shrug.

“Not much,” she said.

“+Okay…+” Lexie mumbled. Arisu gave her a strange smile. She cuddled on the older woman. Lexie became really confused.

“+What are you doing?+” she asked. Arisu leaned in close to her ear.

“I’m taking you away from here,” she whispered.

“+Huh?+” Lexie asked. Arisu still grinned at her. She grabbed Lexie by the wrist and rushed out the door.

“+Hey!+” the American cried. “+Slow down! You’re hurting me!+” And then, they were gone.

Lexie looked around them outside. “+Where are we?+”

Arisu turned to her, still grinning. “Take a look around.”

The older woman did so with a puzzled face. Trees. Rows and rows of trees. The green nearly blinded her. The air felt so damp and drowned. Lexie’s hair became frizzled in seconds. Arisu breathed in the air.

“Ah!” she said. “I missed this place.” Lexie blinked at her.

“+What is this?+” she asked. “+Where are we?+” Arisu giggled at her.

“My secret place,” she said. “This is my garden.”

“+Isn’t the school’s garden?+” Lexie asked. Her younger friend gave her a little shrug.

“Same difference!” she said. The crazy girl reached forward and took hold of Lexie’s hand once again.

“Hey, come here! I’ll take you to the trees!” she said. The Japanese woman pulled the American further into the lush green.

Inside, Lucas looked around the activity room. He found Shuichi near the coffee table working on a new song.

“+Hey Shuichi, you seen where Lexie where?+” he asked. The pink-haired vocalist looked up at him.

“What?” he asked.

“+I can’t find her,+” Luke explained. Shuichi shrugged.

“No,” he said. “Haven’t seen her.”

“/I saw her and Arisu walking out to the school garden a couple of minutes ago,/” Sid cut in. The men looked at him.

“What?” they asked.

“/Arisu and Lexie went out to the garden,/” Sid explained again. They didn’t speak at first. The British man blinked at them.

“/Is… that a problem?/” he asked. Another moment of silence floated over them. The three of them raced outside.

The women came to the biggest willow tree they could find and lied down on the moss. Lexie trembled at the feeling on her clothes.

“+That’s cold!+” she cried. Arisu laughed. Her friend made a face at her.

“What?” she asked. The younger woman kind of shrugged at her.

“It happens,” she said. Lexie still didn’t get it.

“+Why are we here?+” she asked.

“Hm?” her friend asked. “What do you mean?”

“+Why are we here?+”

“Just to get away.”

“+What for?+”

“Just cause.”

“+Just cause what?+”

Arisu rolled over to her in the moss. “Life bores me.”


“We do the same things over and over again. We’re always looking for something more.” Arisu shook her head. “We’re never going to find it.”

“+What are you looking for?+”

The boys came out to the artificial garden. Lucas looked around at the wild, lush green.

“+You sure she’s here, Sid?+” he asked.

“/Arisu always comes here,/” the British man explained.

“Why?” Shuichi asked. Sid threw up his hands.

“/You’ll have to ask her when you find her,/” he said. All three men went silent.

“+But how?+” Lucas asked. “+And where?+”

“Me?” Arisu asked Lexie on the moss. The American woman nodded.

“+Yeah,+” she said. Arisu kind of smiled.

“Nothing,” she answered.


“Nothing Absolutely nothing.”

Lexie shook her head. “+No. That can’t be.+”

The Japanese woman sat up. “But, it is.”

Lexie sat up with her. “+But how?+”

“I just do.”

Lexie gave her a puzzled look. Arisu gave her a silly little smile.

“What are you looking for?”

Lucas wandered through the thick trees. He kept making a strange face with each step. What would possess them to come out here?, the man thought. Who the hell comes out here? How long has this been here? I can see how Arisu likes this place. Nobody in their right mind would even think to wander out here!

Lucas sighed a little bit. Lexie’s not suppose to be out of my sight! Like ever! Arisu knows that! But does she care? She has never cared about anything. Otherwise, she wouldn’t still be doing this crap! Lucas walked further down thick groves. He shivered in place.

When did it get colder? He grabbed onto his shoulders tightly. Poor Lexie! What if she’s feeling cold too? What if she’s lost and scared right now? He paused in a panic.

“+Oh shit!+” he yelled. “Hold on Lexie, I’m coming!” Lucas raced further down the muddy path.

Lexie bit her lower lip. “+Well…+”

Arisu looked at her with a curious look on her face. Her older friend blinked at her.

“+What?+” she asked.

“You don’t know, do you?”

“+Know what?+”

“Anything about yourself, do you?”

“+Of course I do!+”

Arisu looked deep into her eyes. “Do you now?”

Lexie paused. “+I guess…+”

Her friend smirked at her. “Really now?”

Lexie bit her lower lip. “+Nobody tells me anything.+”

“They are trying to help you.”

Lexie paused for a long moment. “+I don’t want that.+” She looked deep into her friend’s eyes. “+What should I do?+”

“Do what I do.”

“And what is that?”

Arisu leaned in close to her face. “Bleed out the pain.”

It only took Lexie a second to understand. When she did, the woman shook her head.

“+No!+” she said. “+I can’t cut myself!+” Arisu shook her head.

“I didn’t say cut,” she corrected. “There are other ways of doing that.” Lexie blinked at her.

“+There is?+” she asked.

“Yeah,” Arisu said, nodding.

Shuichi panted as he pushed himself to keep walking. This is so pointless. But, this is Arisu we are dealing with. He sighed aloud.

I don’t get it. Why doesn’t Luke tell Lexie the truth already? She knows that something is wrong with her. Why not just fill in the blanks? I don’t know. Hiro and Yuki keep telling me not to interfere. But I can’t stand back and let her wander around in the dark anymore.

But then, Shuichi paused. “Where am I?” he asked as he looked around. “Didn’t I come this way before?”

Arisu smiled at Lexie again. “I have something to show you.” The older woman blinked at her.

“+What is that?+” she asked. Arisu rose to her feet and backed up some.

“I want to dance!”


Arisu didn’t speak and got lost into dancing to the music in her head. Lexie sat there just as confused as ever. What is this…

Sid came so close to quitting when bright pink lights caught the corner of his eye. He paused in great confusion. Is that… He turned his head and awe just smacked him upside the head. Arisu looked too much like an angelic lost in her Mongolian dance. Her skirt bounced up and down with her movements. Her feet looked like feathers flying off of the wet grass. “I can fly!” her dance screamed at him the whole time. Sid sat down with big, surprised eyes. So this is what she did out here, sometimes.


By evening, the women returned to the school and the men managed to find their way out of the garden as well. Lexie and Arisu wouldn’t tell Lucas, Sid, or Shuichi what happened and why they were out there.

“+I need to keep a closer watch on you,+” Luke told his girlfriend from their bedroom. Lexie looked at herself blankly in the mirror.

“+Yes…+” she mumbled. Her eyes scanned for something on the bathroom counter. She finally spotted a lone safety pin. Her fingers inched towards it behind she told a hold of it. The woman pushed it open and looked at the sharp point. Bleed it all out…

It looked possible.

Meanwhile, Sid and Arisu lied in bed together at the Wilson house. Sid turned to his girlfriend as she was falling asleep next to him.

“/Arisu,/” he whispered.

“Hm?” she murmured. Her boyfriend gave a kind of smile.

“/Could you dance for me again sometime?/”

“Sure, Sid. Why?”

He just kind of shrugged. “/No reason…/”

She rested her head upon his chest. “I love you.”

He patted her on the shoulder. “/I love you too./” Arisu pretended to be asleep as she laid there smiling.

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