Audition Time

    The bell rang in Tokyo Cram College. The students gathered around this big colorful flyer. The auditions for the school play had started up today and many were curious.

    "Listen," Jack said. "I heard it was going to be a burlesque number. A load dance number with lots of girls in bras!"

    "I heard it was finally going to be something that will tell the truth," another student whispered. "Something not scared to kick the man in the balls!"

    "Well whatever is it, I'm going to be it in!" Shuichi spoke. "I need to be in it!" He turned to the other students.

    "Anybody have a pen?" the vocalist asked. One student searched for one and handed it to Shuichi, but he came up empty-handed. Ghost reached into her pocket and gave her idol a pen. Shuichi took it and signed up for the auditions. Everyone watched as he did so. When he was done, he happened to turn around and see Casper walking by.

    "Cas!" he called as he hurried over to his English friend. The hippie turned around to him.

    "/You alright, Shuich?/" she asked.

    "Look!" he cheered. "Cram musical! Now, nobody knows what it is yet, but it's gonna be great! You auditioning?"

    "/Nah, not for me,/" Casper replied as she shook her head.

    "Oh come on," he pleaded. "You can't be the feel of a live audience, the spark in the air, the magic of the space!"

    "/Uh... but, I couldn't,/" she said. "/I'd be rubbish. My legs would turn to jelly!/"

    "Cas, come on!" Shuichi pushed. "Even Jack is up for it!" The drug dealer and the pen student paused and did a little pose for her. Casper looked down a bit. At audition, Shuichi sang a few lines for the director.

    "Bravo!" the director called. "Again!" So, Shuichi sang again.

    "Again!" So, Shuichi sang the part again.

    "Bravo!" the director replied.

    "As firmly cemented clam-shells, Fall apart in autumn, So I must take to the road again, Farewell, my friends!" another student recited. He began to act like a drunken, possessed samurai as he ran around, screaming.

    "Next!" the director called. The boy still kept running and screaming.

    "Get him out of here!" the director yelled. Now, it was Ghost's turn. The music played in the background as she prepared to sing.

    "Next!" the director yelled. The girl looked a little crushed that she didn't even get to open her mouth.

    "Next!" the director yelled again. Another kid bombed the audition while trying to do a somersault on the floor.

    "Next!" the director yelled again.

    "The moon: I wandered around the pond, all night long," Jack recited with proper grammar in tow.

    "Next!" the director yelled again. Another kid choked on a rice ball as he tried to act out his part.

    "Nurse!" the director. The pen student began to dance a little bit. He mimed along with the singing as well. Casper sang some of the female lead's part. The next day, the cast list was posted on the board. Shuichi and Jack rushed over to look. Casper walked into the background to see as well. Shuichi felt like a bottle rocket.

    "Yes, I got the mean part!" he cheered. He and Jack high-fived each other. Jack played off his rejection by brushing it off.

    "It's cool," he said in a low voice. Then, he walked away. Shuichi turned to Casper.

    "Hey," he said. "I guess we all can't be as good as me." More students looked at the list and walked away in disappointment as the hippie chuckled.

    "/It's alright,/" she said. "/I knew I wouldn't get any./"

    "Hey, you never guessed who did get it," the vocalist said. Casper looked confused.

    "/Who?/" she asked. Shuichi gave her a kind of hinting look. The hippie walked over to the list for a look. Shuichi smiled to himself. Casper stood next to Ghost and looked at the list. Ghost walked away in disappointment as the hippie's face lit up in delight.

    "/Oh my god!/" she cried. The hippie as she raced over to her mate.

    "/Yay!/" she cheered as she hugged him wildly. The mime student looked at the list and was shot down himself.

    "You're my lead lady," Shuichi cheered.

    "/Yes, I am,/" Casper said back. The mime air punched Shuichi in the back of the head as the friends celebrated. They hugged again. The bell rang to start classes.

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