Beautiful Letdown

    Two weeks before Arisu came back to Japan, Fujisaki, Emma, Sid, Casper, and Shawn all sat in the yard before classes started. Emma had a huge grin on her face. Fujisaki rolled his eyes at her.

    "What are you grinning for?" he questioned. Emma turned to him.

    "#This semester is going to be great!#" she cheered.

    "/Why?/" Sid asked. Emma turned her attention over to him.

    ""#Why? Why?#" she asked. "#You want to know why?#"

    "Yeah," the crew said. Emma took in a happy breath.

    "#Well, okay. I'll tell you,#" she said. The Aussie sat up in joy. "#Ken-san comes back today!#" she cheered. Silence from the group. Fujisaki rolled his eyes. Emma noticed everyone's faces.

    "#What?#" she asked. The keyboardist looked right at her.

    "You're still hung up on him?" he asked.

    "#Hey!#" she said. "#I love him! He's my soul mate!#" A collective gag went around the group. Emma only puffed on her blunt, smirking.

    "#You can see what you want!#" she declared. "#But, I'll be wet and waiting for Ken-san with my legs wide open!#" But, there are things that come along and remind us that life can be an ironic bitch. The students all took their places in homeroom. Emma sat at her desk, counting down to seeing her former flame walk into that very door. Instead, the principal walked into the room. The Aussie looked really confused. "Where's Ken-san?" she thought. The principal stepped forward to the front. He got a good look at all of the class. Once he made sure that everyone was there, the man cleared his throat.

    "Good morning class," he said.

    "Good morning," the students mumbled back. The principal didn't care to prep up the students for the morning. He just wanted to make the announcements and get out of there.

    "Your teacher will be late getting in due to a flat tire," he said. "Which gives me a few minutes to make some announcements to everyone here." He didn't even wait for a reply. The man just kept talking.

    "Kouji-san was upset at what happened to his play last week," he said. "I told him that the ending was ironic. Sometimes, things like that just happen." The students said nothing. Shuichi still had that bitter look in his eyes about Ghost ruining everything. He wasn't going to let it go any time soon. Hiro patted him on the shoulder as if to calm him down. "It's not worth it," his eyes told him.

    "Also," the principal said. "You literature teacher, Ken-san, has handed in his form of resignation. He is not coming back to Tokyo Cram College. That is all." He left the room before the chatter could begin. Emma began to sink in despair as the students began gossip among themselves. The glow died away from her face. The dream died a quiet, unnoticed dead. From there, it all began a watch of how low could it sink for her.

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