Norman Crawford:

Age: 44

Occupation: Lawyer

    Norman once had a boring life. He was a typical lawyer and a fine one at that and had great friends. He got along with his boss perfectly. The man enjoyed quiet evenings, reading, watching the news, and a good game of chess or two. Norm is also divorced with two grown children. But he was content with his life. He never wanted anything more and just lived his dull life. Then, a force bumped into him on New Year's Day. That force was named Julia Monsoon. Norman became quickly enamored with this wild young burst of vigour. They dated for eleven months and married on New Year's Eve. Today, the Norman deals with Julia's sexy knickers lying around on the floor, loud music, parities on random days of the week, and sexual appetites. At first, this is difficult. But soon, Julia becomes the one person Norman needs in his life.

Julia Monsoon-Crawford

Age: 37

Occupation: Fashion Designer

    Julia is a young sex goddess in her twenties in near-middle-aged woman's body. She is a complete wild child. There were no boundaries in her life. The woman is a free spirit to the extreme. Julia is as promiscuous as Carmen Electra and is undeniable about it. She was the top fashion designer in all of London. Julia came out two broken marriages with pocket loads of alimony and three beautiful teenage children. She was a responsible mother as well. The party seemed endless, then Norman came along. They fell in love and began dating. By October, she moved in with him and by New Year's, they were married. Now Julia has to battle Norman's daughter and their exes to keep her new marriage afloat. She may not care what other people think about her but Norman opens up the small and gentle little child in her.

Steffe Crawford

Age: 21

Occupation: Novelist

    Steffe is Norman's daughter. She is just like her father. She is against the fact that Norman is married to Julia. In fact, Steffe is on a personal mission to save her father from his new wife. She is on London's top ten novelist list.

Ethan Crawford

Age: 19

Occupation: Slacker

    Ethan is Norman's son. He is a bum. The boy lives with his sister and lives off of her money. Steffe tries to course her brother into breaking up Julia and Norman but he just doesn't care. But he does so just to shut his sister up.

Maggie Monsoon

Age: 13

Occupation: Student

    Maggie is Julia's younger daughter. She acts like a mother to her mum. The girl is impressed how Julia lives. However, she wishes for her mum to have some order in her life before she ends up in prison or dead. Maggie loves Norman as a father and sees him as the order that Julia needs.

Peter Stone

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

    Peter is Julia's son. He too likes Norman and wishes that he was father. He was startled at first at how his mother found another husband after she divorced his last step-father after she vowed never to marry again. But now he is glad. Peter is taking notes from his new step-father on how to be a gentleman so he can win over a girl.

Wally Malcolm

Age: 45

Occupation: Lawyer

    Wally is Norman's colleague and best friend. He is just like Norman. But when Julia comes around, Lord help him fight temptation because he might be a C student! He has many fantasies about Julia. She seems to be loosening up Wally pretty easily.

Pearl Stone

Age: 17

Occupation: Student

    Pearl is Julia's older daughter. She is an ambitious young lady. She too wanted her mum to remarry. Pearl wants to be a fashion designer just like Julia. She and Maggie pick up their mother when she is down. Well, it's time to let Norman do the honours and just be a kid for once.

Amber Ryan

Age: 34

Occupation: Fashion Designer

    Amber is Julia's rival. She is a snob and very spoiled. Men shower her with money and gifts left and right. She even thinks Julia is a barbarian. Amber often brags about being happily married with the same husband. She often predicts that Norman and Julia will divorce. But ironically, Oliver, Amber's hubby, is cheating on her with her secretary. All of the women in the business want to slap her around hard.

Thelma Horrocks

Age: 37

Occupation: Journalist

    Thelma is Julia's best mate. She hates her friend's second ex-husband as much as she does. Thelma plays auntie to Julia's children. She and her best mate enjoy enjoy making Amber life a living hell outside of the business. The woman is happy that Julia remarried again and is happy. Thelma thinks Wally is kind of cute and tries to loosen up as well. She as is a huge lush.

Shirley Whitfield

Age: 47

Occupation: Head fashion designer

    Shirley is Julia and Amber's boss. She is a tough cookie like Mother in Memoirs of a Geisha. The woman gives her star designer a tough time so she can push Julia can be the best she was before her second marriage. She sees Julia and Norman's marriage as an interesting match and wants to see it last. Shirley never liked Julia's second ex-husband and was glad they divorced. She secretly wants to get rid of Amber but can't without a legitimate reason.

Seymour Sawalha

Age: 50

Occupation: Head lawyer

    Seymour is Norman's boss. Norman sees him as a father. Seymour is glad his star lawyer is happily married. Maybe too much. Because Seymour is constantly pestering him his home life. The boss is always looking at the women at the law firm and fantasizing about Julia every time she comes to visit her husband. Seymour wants to get away from his wife.

Wesley Stone

Age: 48

Occupation: Minister

    Wesley is Julia's first ex-husband and Pearl and Peter's father. He was like a loving father to her. They married when she was eighteen. Wesley was so good to her. Neither of know what went wrong with their marriage. Today, Wesley preaches in Scotland with his American girlfriend, Heather.

Foggy Lumley

Age: 28

Occupation: Gardener

    Foggy is Julia and Norman's next door neighbor. He is forever snooping on the newlyweds to learn more about them. The guy had too much time on his hands!

Sid Monsoon

Age: 37

Occupation: Musician-wannabe

    Sid is Julia's second ex-husband and Maggie's father. This is the guy that everybody hates! Sid is like Julia but only worse. He was unfaithful and only cared about his not moving music career. Thelma warned Julia against marrying Sid but she didn't learn. After nine years of marriage, Julia had enough and filed for divorce. Now, Sid wants to get back with Julia and be a part of his daughter's life. He is dead to Maggie. Sid despises Norman.

Connie Crawford

Age: 45

Occupation: Teacher

    Connie is Norman's ex-wife. She isn't in the series too much. But Norman has many flashbacks about her.

Amiee Lumley

Age: 25

Occupation: Teacher

    Amiee is Foggy's younger sister. She is staying with him for a while. Amiee thinks Foggy needs a life and a is a basket case. She watches over Julia's kids with joy.