Career Day

    One o'clock already. The new careers advisor had just opened up shop. She sat at her desk really nervous. The woman breathed in and out many times. "/Okay,/" she said to herself. "/I'm Bonnie Segal! I will be your Career Advisor! How can I help you today? I'm Bonnie Segal! I will be your Career Advisor! How can I help you today? I'm Bonnie Segal! I will be your Career Advisor! How can I help you today? I'm Bonnie Segal! I will be your Career Advisor! How can I help you today? I'm Bonnie Segal! I will be your Career Advisor! How can I help you today?/" Each she recited that, Segal switched tones to make it sound right. She just wanted today to be just right. Bonnie just wanted the students to like her. "I hope today turns out just perfect!" she thought. Suddenly, the door opened. Bonnie sat up straight in her chair. Emma walked into the office and took a seat.

    Case Subject #1: Emma Miles

    "/Hello,/" Bonnie said quickly. "/I'm Career Advisor! I will be your Bonnie Segal!/" Emma looked at her confused.

    "#Huh?#" the Aussie asked. Bonnie realized her error right away. *Sweat drop on her head*

    "/Oh no!/" she moaned. "/I messed that up!!!/" She breathed in heavily again. Time for a little damage control. "/Anyway,/" Bonnie went on. "/Tell all that you want for a career./" Emma grinned at her like a wild cat.

    "#Well,#" she began. "#There is so much I want to do!#" Bonnie listened on intrigued.

    "/Go on,/" she said. Emma smiled on.

    "#Well you see,#" the Aussie spoke. "#I could sell materials that no one would ever think of. Ando's mum makes like the best Japanese food in the city. I was thinking that I could promote something like that. Or maybe traveling all over doing nothing! I don't know! My ideas change all of the time!#" Bonnie looked at her confused. There was no way to help this confused little soul.

    Case Subject #2: Fujisaki Suguru

    "/So,/" Bonnie spoke to Fujisaki. "/What career have you picked out?/" The keyboardist looked at her slightly bored.

    "I'm already the keyboardist in the band, Bad Luck," he explained. Bonnie's eyes lit up.

    "/Ooo, great!/" she chirped. "/A musician! I just love kids with goals of being a musician!/" She filled out the boy's file right away. Fujisaki sat there waiting for a moment.

    "Uh... Can I go now?" he asked. Bonnie looked up at him with some slight worry on her face.

    "'It's a fifteen minute long interview.../" she said. Both sat in awkward silence.

    Case Subject #3: Sid Wilson

    "/Okay/" Bonnie said to the dullard. "/After careful consideration, the ideal career for you would be trash center consultant!/" Sid looked at her blankly.

    "/What?/" he asked as he shook his head. "/No, that can't be right!/" Bonnie looked at him.

    "/That's what I got from your form!/" she reasoned. Sid blinked once.

    "/I don't want to be a trash center consultant!/" he spoke up. Bonnie looked slightly disappointed.

    "/You don't?/" she asked.

    "/No!/" Sid barked. "/Where did you even get something like that?!?/"

    "/Well,/" Bonnie said as she looked at his form. "/When it asked describe yourself, you wrote, 'I am rubbish.' So, I thought trash. When it asked for previous jobs, you put, 'Hole in the ground.' I thought center. And for interests, you put, '????? Casper.' So, I thought consultant. So I had, trash center consultant./" Sid looked at her with an empty face. Bonnie's face dropped.

    "/No good, huh?/" she asked. The career advisor dropped her head in her hands. "/I'm no good!/" she wailed. "/I didn't want to be a career advisor! I wanted a job taking care of kids or the elderly! But, I spelled care taker wrong and wound up here!/" Sid looked at her with pity.

    "/It's okay,/" he said trying to calm her down. The dullard picked up the career pamphlets, flyers, and a form and them to the stressed woman. "/Here,/" he said. "/Take your time and look through these to help you out./" Bonnie looked at him slightly surprised. She blinked for a moment. Then, he eyes lit up in high joy.

    "/Thanks!/" she said. "/Hey! You know what? You could be a career advisor!/" Sid stared on blankly still. Bonnie was still happy with her revelation.

    "/Yeah!/" she chirped again. "/That would be great!!!/"