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“Japanese talking”

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

Casper wasn’t having it so good lately. Simon vaguely remembered their relationship. Yet, she still loved him. Lucky for her, Simon and Gabby “broke up.” But yet, the boy was still lost in the dark. It seemed like he was still trying to find his way back to his old life. She wished that she could help him so badly. However, Casper didn’t know how. But yet, she would have her own problems to deal with soon. One that involved some of her past.

This problem occurred when she came home from school. Lynn recently got divorced from Evan over New Year’s Day. Casper was happy to see him go. But yet, she wondered who Lynn would bring home this time. The younger hippie began to fear the worst. “Luckily” for her, it did happen. She unlocked the door and slowly pushed it open.

“/Lynn,/” the hippie called. “/I’m home!/” Silence. Casper looked around.

“/Lynn?/” she asked. The girl began to walk around the house. Then suddenly, something caught her ear. It sounded like someone… kissing. Casper put two and two together in her head. “Oh…” she thought in disappointment. Lynn had another man now. Casper began to wonder who. She should be turning away right now…

Her journey came into the back den “playpen.” She found her mum sitting on a couch with a new man. They were going to first base. Casper wanted to walk away and hide in her room in disgust. But yet, she just couldn’t turn away. Her body just seemed froze in place. It’s so…

A soft gasp escaped from her voice. Lynn and the man quickly looked at the sound. They looked rather shocked.

“/Casper! Honey!/” Lynn exclaimed. “/You’re home early!/” Casper’s eyes widened when she saw the man that her mum was with. The ghost of trauma past came back to haunt her.

Subject: Casper

Casper looked around at the setting. She didn’t like what she saw. Her face went ghost white pale.

“/What the hell is he doing here?!?/” she screamed. Lynn looked at her innocently.

“/What’s wrong with her, Cas?/” she asked. Her daughter looked pale with disgust.

“/Lynn, how could you?!?/” Casper cried. The girl ran all the way to her bedroom. Lynn and her gentleman friend looked on confused. The man turned to the divorcee.

“/What’s with her?” he asked. Lynn only shrugged. Casper lied down on her bed in distress. “Why?” she thought. “How could she do this to me?” The young hippie had her own personal reasons for hating mummy’s new boy toy…

A knock came on her bedroom door. Casper slowly looked up.

“/Go away!/” she cried.

“/Casper!/” Lynn called outside the door. “/We need to talk./”

“/No!!!/” her daughter shouted.


“/I don’t want him there!/”

“/Why not?/” Casper paused. Could she tell her mum the truth that she had kept hidden for so many years? Would her mum even believe her? The girl shook her head.

“/Can’t say!/” Lynn sighed.

“/Come on, Casper! Don’t be like this!/”

“/Be like what?/”

“/Why do you always hate my boyfriends?/”

“/I don’t hate them all, I just *really* hate him!/”


“/I can’t tell you!/” A moment of silence steamrolled by. Lynn refused to give up, however.

“/At least have dinner with us tonight!/”




“/Don’t make me ground you if you don’t!/” Casper sighed and rolled her eyes. There she goes again. Lynn always threatens to ground her when she strongly refused to meet her new boyfriend/husband. It worked the first time. But after all a while, Casper saw through the gimmick. Yet, she still did as her mum said in the end. Well, time to humor her again.

“/Fine!/” Lynn squealed in delight on the other side of the door.

“/Oh thank you, Casper!/” she cheered. “/You won’t regret this!/” Casper didn’t buy it all. “Yeah right!” she thought. The girl just know otherwise. She just hoped it wouldn’t be a repeat of nine years ago.

Thus, starting the dinner from Hell. Casper sat at the table with Lynn and her new boyfriend. The younger hippie glared at the new boyfriend. Lynn smiled at both of her loves.

“/So,/” she said. “/Marty, you remember my daughter, Casper, don’t you?/” The older man smirked at the younger girl in a horny way.

“/Why yes!/” he said. “/Look how beautifully she’s grown./” Casper glared at him in an ugly way. “Keep your hands away from me, you perv!” she thought.

“/Lynn, how did you find Marty again?/” the girl asked. Her mother blushed at that question.

“/I went out to the singles bar after Evan left me,/” she began. “/I found Marty at the bar a few stools down. I hadn’t seen him years. So I walked over to him and we got to talking./” Marty put his arm around the older hippie.

“/Needless to say,/” he finished up. “/Things just clicked from there. And here we are./” Casper didn’t buy it at all. “Yeah, more like you slipped and told him about. So the only reason he’s interested in you is because of me!” she thought. Lynn tightly took Marty by the hand.

“/Lynn and I decided to get married!/” he announced. Casper looked on with big eyes.

“/Marry?!?/” she cried. “/But you have just been together for three days!/” Lynn just shrugged.

“/It’s just one of those things…/” she said. “/We really do love each other./” Casper couldn’t believe what was hearing. She shook her head.

“/No!/” she cried. “/You can’t get married! You just can’t!/” The young hippie got up from the table and stormed out of the living room. Lynn and Marty watched her, confused. The older hippie turned to her fiancée.

“/What’s with her?/” she asked. Marty shrugged at her, innocently.

“/Beats me,/” he replied. Casper stormed into the city in distress. She felt as if she had just been betrayed. How could Lynn do that to her? Marty was just a total… Casper shook her head. She tried to block out that nine-year-old memory. She needed someone to cuddle with. Maybe she should pay Simon another visit.

In a few minutes, she found herself at the Williamson house. Casper rang the doorbell and waited. After a few seconds, the door opened wide. Darcy looked her up and down and said nothing at first.

“/Yes?/” she asked. Casper swallowed a bit at first.

“/Is Simon in?/” she asked. The younger girl kept her stoic face.

“/It’s not a good idea,/” she said.

“/Please!/” the hippie pleaded. “/I really need to him!/” Darcy still didn’t say anything. The girl just moved aside. Casper went inside. She found Simon in his bedroom. He was lying on his bed, quietly. The boy looked over at his bird.

“/Hey…/” he said slowly.

“/Hi…/” Casper whispered. The boy blinked at her for a moment.

“/What do you want?/” he asked, confused. The hippie gently closed the door behind her and climbed onto the bed.

“/Tell me you remember this…/” she murmured. Then, the girl lightly kissed him on the lips. Simon didn’t do anything. Casper didn’t give up, however. She kept on kissing Simon and lightly pushed him back onto the bed. She slowly slipped her tongue into his mouth. Nothing happened. The girl untied her tye-dye top slid it off. She threw her top off and started on her bra. Once she was topless, Casper’s hands strayed down to his jeans. Nothing, still nothing. The girl froze on this discovery. Simon looked at her in lost disappointment.

“/I’m sorry…/” he apologized. Casper sat back on the bed, crying. It was officially dead to her. This did for her.

Suddenly, the door opened wide. The former couple looked up to see Katie looking in at them in a disapproving way.

“/What’s going on here?/” she demanded. Casper didn’t say anything with her red cheeks of embarrassment. She quickly got dressed and hurried out the door. Katie watched on sternly as she did so.

Casper found herself back on the Tokyo streets again. Her soul felt really crushed and empty right now. Maybe talking to somebody would help. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed a familiar number. The hippie waited for a few seconds.

“/Come on,/” she mumbled to herself. “/Pick up! Please pick up!/”

“Hello?” a voice asked. Casper fell into relief.

“/Suguru?/” she asked.

“Bailey-chan, what’s the matter?” her friend asked. The hippie didn’t speak at first. She heaved out a hard sigh.

“/Do you remember when I ran to your house years ago because of Marty?/” the girl finally asked.

“Yes,” the keyboardist said. “What about it?” Casper paused for a moment before speaking again.

“/He’s back…/” A short paused zipped on by.

“Oh… Let’s talk about this in private, okay? I have a few other people with problems at the moment.” Casper nodded.


“I’ll see you in ten minutes, alright?” The hippie nodded again.

“/Alright./” They both hung up at the same time. Fujisaki turned his attention back to the boys and Emma in front of him. They stared at him as if he was about to perform a magic trick.

“Okay,” the keyboardist spoke up. “Wilson-kun, you are still having problems with Ozawa-san hating you because of what you did to Ozawa-chan. Williams-kun, you can’t really get it up. Shindou-san, you suspect that Inoue-kun is having a secret girlfriend and that’s why he’s been acting weird lately.” The boys all nodded at him. Fujisaki turned to Emma.

“Miles-chan,” he said. “Do you have any problems to share?” The Aussie didn’t seem to be paying any attention at all. She stared deeply into her full glass of beer.

“#The bubbles…#” she murmured as if out in a high daze. “#They just float up to the top and disappear…#” Fujisaki just looked at her as if she was crazy. He just didn’t know about that girl sometimes.

In a few hours, Casper found herself wandering around in the old green Zen garden. So many memories here. The hippie always ran here to calm herself down. She and Fujisaki always came here to talk. Casper even lost her virginity to Simon in this place. So many good memories. They usually calmed her right down. Not tonight though. Casper had too much on her mind. Why was this year sucking for her so much?

“Hey,” a voice said to her. The hippie looked up to see Fujisaki in the shadows. Casper’s face expression didn’t change.

“/How did you know to find me here?/” she asked. The keyboardist only shrugged.

“You always come here when you are upset.” Casper nodded at him. Her best mate walked over to her.

“So, Marty really back?” Casper nodded.

“/He and Lynn are getting married!/” Fujisaki looked at with big eyes of shock.

“WHAT?!?” The hippie looked down at her feet. They before began to remember that incident that triggered this whole mess nine years ago.


Her parents were still together at the time. They pretty much had an open marriage. That night in July, they had a swinger’s party with a few of their friends and Marty himself. Casper was supposed to be in bed asleep at the time. But, the loud music woke her up. The little girl wandered all the way to the bathroom to help her sleep. When she got out, a drunk Marty stood on the other side, waiting for her. Casper looked at him, startled.

“/Mr. Marty…/” she said. “/You startled me./” The drunkard looked at her like a hungry animal.

“/Such a pretty little girl!/” he slurred out. Casper looked at him confused. She didn’t know what to make of the situation at the time. The drunk man reached forward and kissed the little girl on the lips. The poor child began freaking out. Marty moved his hands all over her body and started to slide off her little nightgown. He would have gone further with if Casper held pushed him off and ran away once he passed out.

The little girl ran all the way to the Fujisaki house. (To this date, she doesn’t exactly know how she ended up all the way there. The panic blinded the seven-year-old’s sense of judgment at the time.) Casper pounded on the door wildly.

“/Suguru!!!/” she cried. “/Open the door! Open the door!/” The door slowly slid open. The seven-year-old boy looked at her confused.

“Casper?” he asked. “Casper, what are you doing here? What’s wrong?” The little girl was too breathless to speak. Fujisaki had to help her inside. She ended up staying there the whole night. The next morning, her father died of a drug overdose. In fear that Lynn wouldn’t believe her, Casper kept the whole incident to herself since.


Meanwhile, Shuichi had wondered outside of the club to escape the energy. This was too much for him at times. He couldn’t understand how Emma and their British friends could do this night after night. However, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard strange noises coming from around the corner. “Hm?” he thought. The vocalist listened on for a moment. His eyes widened in surprise. “That sounds like… Ando’s voice!” Shuichi thought. Intrigued, he rushed right around the corner. He saw his pal having sex with Ghost. The boy was moaning out in joy. The girl on the other hand didn’t look impressed.

“/Can’t you do any better than that?/” she asked, annoyed. “/I’m still not satisfied!/”

“Yes sama!” Ando cried out. He tried his best to speed up. Shuichi just couldn’t take this anymore.

“Ando, what the f**k!!!” he yelled. The couple looked up, startled. Ando went red in the face.

“Shuichi…” he gasped. The boy tried to think of something else to say, but the words just wouldn’t come out. In truth, there was nothing that he could say that justify any of this. He was just trapped. Trapped and busted!

Casper refused to go home tonight. Fujisaki let her stay at his place for the night. They slept in different futons. When it got really late, the young hippie turned to her best mate.

“/Suguru?/” The boy didn’t open his eyes.

“Hm?” Casper sat up a little bit.

“/You think I’ll be fine once this mess blows over?/”

“You want my honest opinion?” The hippie nodded. The keyboardist didn’t speak at first.

“Not at first. But knowing Bailey-san’s track record, it should break up in a year. Good night now.” He dozed off after his answer. Casper just lied there silently in the dark. She only hoped that he was right about this one.

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