“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Lazy. Casper looked around the country area in Nagasaki. Nothing fun to do all summer long. The young hippie had been staying with her grandmother, aunt, and cousin over the break. She might has well have been a servant. Her grandmother just hated the girl. Her aunt was blind to the mistreatment. And her cousin… well she was just a single, ugly idiot. Casper sighed to herself. Tokyo looked some much better now.

“/Casper!/” an old woman’s voice screeched out into the silent, stiff summer air. Casper froze in her place. “Oh shit!” she thought. It was her grandmother.

“/Casper, where the f**k are you?!?/” she shouted. “/Get your ass in this house right now and clean up this house!/” The girl sighed and rolled her eyes.

“/Coming,/” she mumbled. Then, the hippie got off the porch and walked back into the house. Back to more misery to her summer.

Subject: Casper

Casper made it into the house. The lights weren’t on yet. She glanced around. Her grandmother could be anywhere in the room. She was like a harpy waiting for her prey. The young hippie kept her eyes open.

“/There you are, you little bitch!/” the girl heard someone snapped. Casper whirled around in a jump. The old woman, Judith, sat at the head of the kitchen table in darkness. She looked like the Antichrist himself. Her old, grey eyes seemed to glow in the dark. And her teeth! Oh good lord! Those don’t even bear repeating.

“/Where the hell have you been?!?/” she snapped.

“/Outside, nan,/” Casper said as calmly as possible. Her grandmother sneered at her.

“/Don’t wander off from the house!/” she barked. “/I don’t trust you!/”

“/You never do,/” Casper mumbled under her breath. The grandmother gave her the evil eye.

“/What was that?!?/” she snapped. Her granddaughter sighed and shrugged.

“/Nothing,/” she lied. Grandma pulled out her cane and tried to hit Casper with it. The girl luckily ducked this time.

“/Okay, okay,” she said. “/I’ll go out in the yard and work./”

“/You better!/” the old woman yelled. “F**k you, bitch!” her granddaughter thought. Then, she walked out the back door for the morning chores. One more day of this crap and she was running away.

Ah, a good morning in the country part of Nagasaki. Too bad the hippie wasn’t enjoying any of it. No. Her evil grandmother was making her do chores in the yard. First thing up today? Weeding out that damn ditch. Again, at that. The hippie sneered at the task waiting for her. “Really?” she thought. Casper did this yesterday. She looked down in the ditch.

“/It looks clean to me,/” the girl mumbled. Well, time to pretend to be working. Casper climbed down into the ditch with her tools and acted like she was working. As she used the shovel, Casper began to plan her escape for the day. She glanced up along the trees in the yard. A chain fence ran along behind them. Casper’s eyes followed the fence until they came to a narrow gate. Her lips twitched into a smile. Hello opportunity. Finally, something to brighten up her day.

Casper glanced behind her. At this time, grandma was in the bathroom doing who knows what. The hippie estimated how much she had left. Her evil grandmother could come out and spy on her at any moment. Better make this quick. Casper drew in a deep breath.

“Right, better get to work,” she thought. The hippie took one more look behind her before darting over to the gate. Her door to freedom came up to her knees. Easy climb for her.

“/Okay,/” she mumbled under her breath. “One, two, three.” She climbed over and walked straight into the woods. Ah, freedom at last. Casper looked around at the trees as she walked further away. They look so much nicer when she’s not working her ass off in the ditch and yard. Well, she was free now. What to do now?

The hippie reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out her Ipod. She walked into the street with the Who in her ears. Nothing like good old classic rock to turn a crappy summer around. Or at least attempt to.

She made it into the city. Quiet morning in Nagasaki. It almost felt so strange. Casper looked around in the quiet streets. She felt like a queen. First thing for a quiet to do? Have breakfast. The hippie went to the best juice bar in the city. Oko’s sold the best drinks in the city. Add that with some nice grilled tofu and fresh salad, oh! Made Casper want to stay in Nagasaki a little bit longer. But, only a little bit.

Casper strutted her way through the bar. She sat down at the bar. The bar tender looked up at her with a dirty grin on his face.

“Casper-chan!” he cheered. She gave a nervous little wave.

“/Hi,/” the hippie mumbled.

“The usual?” he asked. Casper pressed her lips together as she nodded.

“Oh, that bad, huh?” the bar tender asked.

“/Yeah…/” Casper mumbled.

“I’ll make it a double, then.”

“/Would you really?/”

The bar tender nodded at her. Casper lowered her head on the bar and sighed.

“/Cheers,/” she murmured. The bar tender patted her on the head before tending to his work. Casper looked up at the ceiling. “I’ve got to get out of here!” she thought in desperation. But go where? She had no money and grandma was holding her car hostage. She wasn’t ready to go back to Tokyo just yet. The hippie buried her head deeper in her arms again.

“/Rough summer?/” someone asked her. Casper peeked out her arm. A boy was sitting next to her. The hippie lifted her head for a better look. She had to blink to see if this was real. No, he’s real. Real healthy green eyes. Real white straight teeth. Real slender nose. Real English boy face. Real brown-blonde hair. Casper had to blink once more to be certain. Oh, he’s real alright! The hippie sat up straight.

“/Yeah,/” she said. “/How did you know?/” The boy shrugged at her.

“/Just a guess,/” he said.

“/Well, you guessed well,/” she said. A moment of silence passed. Casper blinked.

“/What?/” she asked.

“/You’re not from around here, are you?/” the boy asked. Casper raised an eyebrow at her.

“/What do you mean? From Nagasaki?/” she replied. The boy shook his head.

“/No,/” he replied. “/Not from Japan./”

“/You’re right,/” Casper replied. “/I came from England./”

“/Ooo, which part?/” he asked.

“/Leeds,/” she said. “/I moved to Japan with my mom years ago./”

“/I see,/” the boy said. Casper took a long look at him.

“/And what about you?/” she asked.

“/Me?/” this handsome boy asked.

“/Yes,/” the hippie said. “/You’re not from Japan either. So, where are you from?”


“/What part of England?/”


“/Ah, I know a couple of people from there./”

“/Really now?/”

“/I’m Casper, by the way. What’s your name?/”


Casper gave him a little smile. Well what do you know? Nagasaki wasn’t so bad after all.

The young hippie spent the whole morning out before reaching back to the house of misery. A grin was plastered on her face. Her morning in Nagasaki finally got better. Even her grandmother couldn’t ruin it for her. Soon, her day would get even better. Casper made it to the front door of the house. She listened inside for a brief moment. There is nothing so far. Grandma might be asleep or in waiting to scold her. Only one way to find out. The hippie straightened herself up and opened the door.

Well-lit with no one in sight in the living room. The hippie still looked around. Medusa/grandma could still be in waiting proceed with caution. Casper began her journey back to her room.

“/So there you are!/” a voice cackled. The hippie froze in place as she looked up. Her cousin, Dakota, sat on the trunk/coffee table in the center of the living room. She had her perma-frown on her face. Casper smirked at her.

“/Looking for me?/” she asked.

“/I’m going to tell grandma that you weren’t in the ditch working!/” Dakota told her. Casper froze up nervously, but didn’t show it.

“/Oh really?/” she asked.

“/Yeah!/” Dakota yelled. “/Unless you tell me where you were./” Her cousin sighed.

“/Fine, I went out to Oko’s./”

“/Oh really?/”

Casper straightened up some. “/Yes. I even met a cute guy named Trevor./” Dakota really frowned now. Her cousin noticed her face.

“/What?/” she asked.

“/Trevor’s my man!/” Dakota cried. “/Stay away from him, bitch!/” Casper was about to counter argue when an idea came into her head. She just found a way to get out of Nagasaki, have fun with Trevor, and piss off her family all in one go. The hippie smirked at her.

“/Really now?/” she challenged.

“/Yes!/” Dakota screamed. “/I’ll tell nan!/” Casper smirked at her.

“/Do it!/” she barked. Her cousin blinked at her.

“/What?/” she asked. Casper’s smirk deepened.

“/Go on. Tell on me. See if I care!/” she summed up. Dakota looked really lost at first. That usual threat failed her this time. She had no choice but to follow through with it.

“/Fine,/” she said. “/NAN!!!/” Casper stood back, smirking. The plan was falling into motion. The evil old lady walked into the living room. Her Satanic eyes glanced at the two girls.

“/WHAT?!?/” she snapped. Dakota folded her arms across her chest, smirking.

“/Casper snuck out to see a boy in a bar this morning instead doing chores,/” she replied. Nan turned to the young hippie girl.

“/Is this true?/” she asked. Her granddaughter shrugged at her.

“/Why should I bother to lie?/” she asked. “/You’re going to accuse me anyway./”

“/What did you say?!?/” the old lady barked. Casper shrugged at her.

“/You accuse me of everything, you old bitch!/” she snapped. “/You even accuse my on dad’s death. I’m sorry, but your favorite son’s death was not my fault!/”

“/You little bitch!/” the grandmother snapped. She rushed forward to the girl with a cane in her hand. She was about to hit the girl when Casper reached out and grabbed the cane.

“/Hey!/” her grandmother snapped. The granddaughter smirked at her. The old woman let go of her cane.

“/Go to your room!/” she barked. Casper smiled at her.

“/Gladly,/” she replied. Then, she threw down the cane and walked away to “her” room. The girl smirked to herself the whole time. Time to pack up.

She spent most of the afternoon sneaking food for her meals and packing up to leave. Her grandmother wouldn’t let the girl eat every time she was sent to her room. Her aunt would sneak her food from time to time. It was usually meat anyway; so Casper ended up sneaking out to eat. Well, not anymore.

Before leaving and getting her car, Casper decided to go out with a bang. Before she left, Trevor invited her out to a house party in downtown Nagasaki. She smiled as she took the napkin that had the address written on it. The hippie took the napkin out of her jeans pocket. A smile caressed her face. She sat up on the bed and acted on the rest of her plan.

Casper went over to the closet and pulled out a sexy 60’s style dress. After some heels, a little make-up, and her purse, she was ready to go. But how to get out of the castle? The young hippie looked out into the hall. No one in sight. But yet, the old hag could be spying on her in the house. Suddenly, Casper noticed something right away: she didn’t care anymore. This was her last night in Nagasaki. Why not piss off the old lady even more with defying her? But, she better be quick about it.

The hippie dashed through the hall and straight into the kitchen. She came to the back door and pushed it open. That old, stupid thing refused to give at first.

“/Come on,/” Casper mumbled to it. “/Open./” She finally managed to get the door open—in a loud way. Hall lights turned on behind her.

“/What’s going on here?!?/” her grandmother’s voice snapped. Casper began to panic. Too late now. Run! She made a mad dash out the back door and through her usual path of escape.

“/COME BACK HERE!!!/” the girl heard her grandmother shouting at her as she ran. Casper did the complete opposite and ran even faster. She had to escape tonight and party!

Oh how freedom smelt so good in the heavy night air. Casper slowed down her pace to take it all in. But why walk to the party? She needed to hitch a ride. The young hippie paused and looked around her. Unlike this morning, the streets were packed busy. Perfect. Time to pull out the good old tricks. The girl stood on the street and rolled up her dress to her thighs and opened up her blouse of it to show off some cleavage. Then, Casper waited.

The first car stopped and pulled up to her in a short amount of time. The driver, a twenty-year-old male, looked at her with hungry eyes.

“Need a ride?” he asked.

“Yes,” Casper said with a nod. Her Japanese sounded a little weak for listening to British people talk for most of the summer. The man unlocked the passenger door.

“Hop in,” he replied.

“Thank you,” Casper replied with a bow. Then, she climbed in and they drove off.

“So where are you headed?” the driver asked.

“A house party downtown,” she replied.

“Alright,” he said. Casper smiled to herself as they drove down the street. “I’m going to tell Suguru all about this when I get home!” she thought. It was then, her heart began to sink. Suguru. The hippie missed them all. Nicole, Shawn, Ando, Shuichi, Lucas, Hiro, Lexie, Sid, Cassie, Arisu, Emma, Nick, Kat, Darcy, and even Simon and her own mum. Why was she in Nagasaki? It made no sense to her now.

“Something wrong?” the driver asked. Casper came back to the present.

“Hm?” she asked.

“You seem down about something,” he said. “What’s on your mind?” Casper shook her head.

“Nothing,” she lied. “I’m fine.” The driver didn’t believe, but said nothing. The rest of the drive was quiet.

The hippie princess made it to the party in due time. Casper got out of the car and thanked the driver. When the car pulled out of sight, the hippie recomposed herself and went inside the house.

Inside looked the same as any party in Tokyo. It just made her miss her real home even more. Better not show it. Just enjoy this last night and go home in the morning. She began looking around for her “date.”

“/Casper!/” she heard someone shout. The girl looked up and saw Trevor coming over to her. Her face began to light up like the bright city lights.

“/Trevor!/” she said. The boy came over to her and hugged her waist tightly. Casper giggled.

“/You made it!/” her “date” cheered. “/But how?/” The hippie gave him a little shrug.

“/I managed,/” she said.

“/Fancy a drink?/” the boy offered.

“/You know what?/” Casper asked. “/Sure!/” Then, she led him right over to the bar. Trevor was more than happy to supply her with as many drinks as she liked. Casper just milked the guy for all he was worth with the drinks. After a few drinks, the hippie turned to her “date.”

“/Want to go upstairs?/” she asked. Trevor blinked at her.

“/Why?/” he asked. Casper smiled at him wickedly and kissed him on the lips. She pulled away with a smile on her face.

“/Well?/” she asked. Trevor nodded at her.

“/Let’s go!/” he said. The hippie smirked at him and led him away from the bar to the rooms upstairs.

By morning, Dakota came into the kitchen and peeked around in the darkness. Snickering in the dark caught her ear. She looked up to see Casper sitting at the table with her suitcases at her feet. Her cousin’s eyes began to burn.

“/You’ve got some nerve coming back here!/” she hissed. Her cousin smirked and shrugged at her.

“/Do you want to hear about my night last night?/” she asked. Dakota gritted her teeth at her.

“/No!/” she snapped. Casper ignored her response and gave her a Cheshire cat grin.

“/Trevor invited me out to a party last night,/” she replied. “/He bought me drinks and then he took me upstairs and we had a great shag./” Casper did her best to fight back a giggle.

“/It was the best shag ever in my life!/” she bragged on. (The last two parts were a lie. But, she didn’t say that.) Dakota felt like screaming now.

“/You bitch!!!/” she shouted. “/You’ve been nothing but trouble since you first came here!/”

“/Have I now?/” her cousin asked. “/Is it because I’m smarter, prettier, and can get a boyfriend while you can’t?/”

“/Shut up, bitch-trog!!/” Dakota screamed.

“/Aw, you want me to leave?/” the hippie asked.

“/YES!!!/” the cousin screamed. Casper shrugged at her.

“/Sorry, I don’t have any money to do,/” she replied. Dakota’s face went bright red. She stormed out of the kitchen and down the hall. Casper watched on as she waited. Her cousin returned with a huge wad of money. She threw it down at her feet.

“/Here! Take it!/” the girl snapped. Casper pretended to look surprised.

“/W-Where did you get the money?/” she asked.

“/Off of Nan’s dresser! Now get out of here!/” Dakota said. Casper slowly picked up the money and paused.

“/Now what?/” Dakota asked. The hippie shrugged at her.

“/I can’t do that,/” she replied.

“/Why not?/” her cousin asked.

“/In order to do that, I would need my car. But I don’t that without my keys,/” Casper went on. The dumber cousin stamped her foot and disappeared down the hall. The hippie watched and waited again. Dakota returned with Casper’s cars and threw them at her.

“/Take them and piss off!/” she shouted. Casper smiled at her.

“/Gladly, cheers,/” she said with a little smile. Then, the hippie took the keys and her luggage and headed out the front door. Dakota flipped the bird at her as the door slammed shut.

Casper made it all the way back to Tokyo by dinnertime. She made it off the boat station and a huge surprise awaited her.

“/Hello, my name is Simon Williams,/” a voice told her. Casper turned to see Simon with a flower in his hand. She still didn’t know how to talk to him. But, she was happy to see his face in real life again. Might as well play along with him on this one. She turned fully around and smiled at him.

“/My name is Casper Bailey,/” she replied. “/Nice to meet you./”

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