Criminal Watch

    While Kat was out, Ando and Hikaru watched Blake sitting in the living room. Clearly, they hated him. But what could they do? They didn't have any physical grounds to get rid of him. Kat would not listen to reason when it came to pleasure. No, they needed a stronger reason to get rid of him. Ando turned to Hikaru.

    "You sure this will work?" he asked. The old man shrugged.

    "What else do we have?" he asked. Ando nodded at that remark. True... Then, they heard a cell phone ring. The men looked forward and saw Blake reach into his leather pants pocket and pull out his phone.

    "Hello?" he answered.

    "Shhh," Hikaru whispered. "This might give us something." Ando nodded as he put his finger to his lips. They both turned back to Blake.

    The conversation didn't last long, but it was long enough for both of them.

    "Hey Billy! I didn't expect you to call so soon. Do you have my shipment in yet? Nice! When can you send it in to me? Hm? This evening?" Blake said. He grinned for a moment. "Sweet! I'll pick it up around ten tonight. See you then. Bye." Blake hung up the phone. He sat back, grinning. Ando and Hikaru turned to each other.

    "Was that just..." Hikaru began to ask.

    "...a drug deal?" Ando finished. They turned back to Blake. He looked up and noticed him staring at him.

    "What?" he asked. The grandfather and grandson quickly shook their heads and quickly headed away. But as he walked away, Ando couldn't help but to smirk to himself. At least now he had a good reason to get rid of Blake and save Kat in one go. But then, the boy sighed. Too bad Kat won't really listen to him.

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