Deaf Cat and Sharp Mouse

    Nick's secret was finally exposed to the one person he didn't want to know. The conversation went like this:

    Cassie sat on the couch, pouting at him. "/Take me out somewhere./"

    Nick rolled his eyes as he followed her lips. "/Why would I do that?/"

    "/It's a nice thing to do./"

    "/Since when have I ever been nice?/"

    "/I thought you would change now./"

    Nick tried to hold back his laughter. "/Ha! Like that'll ever happen!/"

    Cassie pouted at him and turned to the window. "/I love you, you know Nick?/"

    The boy paused and gave her an odd look. "/What?/"

    "/I said I love you./"


    Cassie turned back to Nick. "/I said I love you, Nick./"

    He stared at her lips as she spoke. The boy just huffed at her. "/Whatever./"

    Cassie gave him an odd look. "/Why do you keep staring at my lips?/"

    "/Huh? I'm not staring at your lips./"

    "/Yes, you are! You just did it again./" Then, it hit Cassie. "/You can't hear me, can you Nick?/"

    The boy went silent as he breathed. The jig was up. Guilty as charged. No excuses to get out of this one. And all of that fun stuff in between. Bottom line: Cassie found out the truth. Cue in the pleas to get it fix. Damn it, he didn't want her to find out like this. He didn't want her to find out at all. Too late for that now...