Here is the Designing class itself. Enjoy!

Volume One:

Rated: OT+

    Chapter one: What's Love Got to Do with it?
Norman's first day with his new free-spirited sexually loose wife, Julia, in London.

    Chapter two: Sweet Child, Wild Child
Julia meets Norman's daughter, Steffe. Things don't go so well...

    Chapter three: Holiday Date
Julia kidnaps Norman and takes him on an erotica holiday through the English countryside. Steffe and Ethan try to find their father and bring him home.

    Chapter four: Cocktails Heels
Julia decides to "entertain" Norman and his pal one night out of boredom. Meanwhile, others snoop...

    Chapter five: One Night in Bangkok
Tis Friday night in London. Julia has plans for Norman....

    Chapter six: There She Goes
Julia spends the day with Norman and her younger daughter, Maggie.

    Chapter seven: Rag Doll
Julia throws an orgy party one night and tries to get Norman to join in.

    Chapter eight: Willow Tree
Norman laments on his ex-wife and the demise of their marriage.

Volume Two:

Rated: OT+

    Chapter nine: