The Dragon and The Maiden

    Casper sighed out loud. "/Aw, f*****g men!/" the hippie screamed as she ripped off her hood. She and Fujisaki sat in a bar having drinks. The poor girl complained about her misfortune with love. "/Simon, Tom, Evan and his Noah's ark's second f*****g coming!/" Fujisaki listened on in silence. What could he say? He just let the girl rant to get it off of her chest. The keyboardist looked at the animals.

    "I think they're quite cute!" he said. They looked at the astrological creatures and Chinese zodiac. They all looked pretty cartoony.

    "/No, they're not!/" she argued back. "/They're f*****g awful!/" They looked at each other for a moment. Then, they turned back to the display. Silence passed for a moment. Casper picked up cartoon twin boys and held it up. Fujisaki looked on at her. She dropped them right on the floor. They crashed and broke into many pieces.

    "/Whoops!/" she said innocently. Fujisaki looked at her slightly disappointed.

    "Come on, Cas," he said. "Forget about them. Let's try and have fun! Yes?" He shook her arm as he said that. The poor soul didn't enjoy herself at all at the moment. She sighed a bit. Fujisaki didn't give up.

    "This is supposed to be happy hour," he pointed out. Casper gave him a big fake grin. Then, she dropped it again. Fujisaki looked behind them.

    "Check them out," he said. Casper looked behind her. Two older men had their drinks held up to them. They did look kind of cute.

    "They want to buy us a drink," the keyboardist said. The kids looked at each other.

    "/We've got drinks!/" Casper said quickly. Fujisaki sighed and rolled his eyes. They looked at Evan's little figurine set. The pair both drank up at the same time. They set down their empty cups. The two drank up again. The two drank up even more. They kept downing more and more drinks. The mood soon changed into a light one. Casper kept downing drink after drink. Then came the zodiac comparisons.

    "Why am I a dragon?" Fujisaki asked as they looked at the dragon figurine. Casper giggled a bit. "But it's not fair," the keyboardist went on. "You get to be the sexy Virgo in the sky while I flirt around in a cave getting maidens for a mate!" The hippie laughed aloud.

    "/Yeah, but you're loved by priests and old people!/" she pointed out. Fujisaki looked on at that one.

    "Okay, well at least I'm not the pig!" he said, brushing it off. Casper laughed.

    "/Yeah, that's true!/" she said. "/Googly eyes, a curled tail, and sticks!/"

    "Ando!" they both said. They both laughed.

    "And Sid is so the monkey!" Fujisaki added.

    "/Agreed!/" his hippie friend said.

    "So, as Sid the monkey plans to sow his seed in the domestic Virgo, Casper," the keyboardist said playing with the two figurines. The hippie looked on confused at first, but joined in.

    "/An entirely different species, which the rules of nature prove it's absolutely impossible!/" she joined in. Fujisaki chuckled a bit.

    "And then, there's Simon," he added. Casper's face dropped at bit.

    "Who's Simon?" Fujisaki asked. The hippie set down her glass. The keyboardist looked one for a moment. Then, it came to him.

    "Ice!" he said. Casper nodded a bit.

    "/Cold and transparent!/" she agreed. "/Makes sense./"

    "Okay," her guy friend agreed. "Ice it is!" Casper giggled a bit.

    "/But, ice has completely different plans,/" she added as she played with her glass some. The hippie moved the mini Cancers to the glass.

    "Gabby and yuppies!" the friends said together.

    "Yah, like I'm totally in love with your boyfriend!" Fujisaki said imitating Gabby as Casper picked up one of the Cancers. "Why can't you understand that?"

    "/You cock-sucking, shite-spouting, horse-f******r!/" Casper said to the Cancer in the same mocking tone. They laughed as she set it down again. They calmed down some and Fujisaki picked up the porcelain pig. Casper turned back to her friend.

    "/Um, Suguru,/" she said. Then, Virgo turned to the men behind them. She looked back at her friend.

    "/Are we weird?/" the hippie asked.

    "Yes!" Fujisaki said joking with the pig in his hands. The hippie giggled at him. Fujisaki looked back at the guys.

    "Tempted?" he asked as she picked up another drink. She looked behind her. Then, she turned back to her pal.

    "/Very!/" she whispered.

    "Go on!" he said watching the men. "Go get them for us!" Casper laughed a bit.

    "/I can't go get them looking like this!/" she said. The girl looked down at herself.

    "/So, it's very simple,/" Casper said with her hoodie on her head. She and Fujisaki had their animals in their hands. The friends were flirting with the guys that were watching them earlier. "/Either you worship the maiden,/" the hippie went on as she fondled the Virgo. "/Or you chase the dragon!/" Fujisaki held up his dragon smiling. He petted on it smirking. The keyboardist turned to his English friend.

    "I still don't see why I have to be the dragon," he complained. Casper sighed.

    "/Aw draggy,/" she said. "/Are you having some problems accepting who you are?/" The guys looked at each other and signaled to each other to leave. Fujisaki answered nodded.

    "/Aw,/" she said. "/You don't believe in yourself! You can't take who you are!/" The guys quietly left with their drinks. Casper began stroking on his nose. The keyboardist nodded and shook his head.

    "/Aw, isn't that right, draggy-drag!/" she went on. They both began making dragon sounds and playing around again. They laughed as Casper nearly broke Virgo's hair. The friends looked up from their high fun.

    "/Where did they go?/" Casper asked. Fujisaki looked with her. He shrugged a bit.

    "Oh," he said. The hippie sighed.

    "/Maybe... we... were we not proper enough?/" she asked.

    "Maybe they weren't feeling are starry instincts!" her guy friend said laughing.

    "/They weren't feeling anything at all!/" Casper said in a sassy way.

    "Look," Fujisaki said seriously. "Tell me the truth, do my teeth look big in this?" The hippie giggled. Fujisaki opened his mouth wide. Casper was too busy laughing to answer at all.

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