Drink Mix Challenge

    Ando turned on his video camera. He sat down on his bed and hit record.

    "Hello everyone!" he said. "Summer's coming and I need to get in shape. I have just the thing!" The young man held up a can of an energy drink. Ando grinned.

    "Straight from Thailand!" he said. "This drink will power me up and give me muscle over eight weeks! Look out ladies! Here I come!" He opened the can and took a drink. He made a sour face on camera.

    "Oh shit!" he yelped. "This is some powerful crap! But, I can take it! Really, I can! Really!"

    Day One:

    Ando really great, but the drink still taste like crap. One can a day.

    Day Two:

    Ando's head hurts, but still drinking the "juice." One can a day.

    Day Three:

    Ando starts throwing up. Threw up twice today. Still not giving it up. One can a day

    Day Four:

    Threw up today. Head hurts. Stomach hurts. Keeps falling asleep. Still not giving it up. Two cans a day.

    Day Five:

    Threw up twice today. Head hurts. No energy. Cranky. Still not giving it up. One can an hour.

    Day Six:

    Kat asks, "Why are you being such an ass?" Keeps throwing up. Just stayed in bed for the rest of the day. One can an hour.

    Day Seven:

    Too sick to get out of bed. Didn't drink or eat today.

    Day Eight:

    Too sick and tired to move at all. Just stayed in bed all day like yesterday.

    Day Nine:

    Gave up. "This is just some shit," Ando complained. The rest of the cans wound up in the trash. So much for the magical energy drink from Thailand.

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