“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Hellish. Seguchi logged into the e-mail account. He began forging another message to Fujisaki. It had been six months now. His cousin still didn’t have any clue what happened earlier. The record label president read over his e-mail. He still didn’t have the Australian accent down just yet. Time to make another call.

Seguchi picked up the phone and dialed the number.

“Hello?” a woman asked on the other line.

“Ah yes, can you put Miles-chan on the phone?” he asked.

“I will put her through,” the woman said. “Please hold.” Koto music waved through the phone. Seguchi looked over at a picture of Mika and Yuki on his desk. He gently stroked Yuki’s face on the glass.

“#Hello?#” a drowsy voice asked.

“Miles-chan,” Seguchi spoke up. “How would you describe your vacation?”

“#Rubbish bullshit!#” Emma snapped. “#I hate it here in Sapporo!#”

“I see. So really good?”

“#When can I come home?!?#”

“What are you going to do with the baby?”

Emma sighed aloud. “#I don’t know.#”

Seguchi shook his head to himself. “I’m sorry.”

“#What does that mean?#”

“You can’t come home yet.”

“#Why not?#”

“Not until you figure out what to do with the baby.”

There was silence on the phone. Finally, a groan followed behind. “#Fine!#”

“Very good. I’ll see you soon. Goodbye.”

“#Whatever.#” Emma hung up the phone. She lied back onto her bed and sighed. Once again, that failed. Sappoto had yet another reason to suck now. Nice one, Tohoma, she thought.

Subject: Emma

Sappoto, Japan. Summer was almost over. Six months. Six months. Six whole f*****g months! Emma looked down at her belly. The baby was resting inside of her at the moment. Worst part was, Fujisaki had no choice.

F**k! Emma thought. Then came a knock on the door. The Aussie sighed aloud.

“#What?#” she asked.

“Miles-chan,” a voice called. “Lunch is ready!” The mother-to-be lifted her head.

“#Huh?#” she asked. Her mentor, Kyoko, stood in the doorway looking in. This was another reason Emma hated it here. This woman made it a total hell here. Kyoko was either nagging the Aussie about doing right or micromanaging her life. Just like Tohma, only worse, Emma thought many times.

Kyoko frowned at the girl. “It’s time to eat.”

It took Emma a moment to get it. “#Oh. Oh.#”

The woman turned to leave. “Don’t be late like last time.” She disappeared down the hall. Emma watched her back disappear. She stuck out her tongue out at her when she was gone.

Depressing. The cafeteria screamed, “Kill yourself!” at the top of its lungs. Dull yellow walls were smothering. They never opened the windows here. Traditional Japanese music waved over the speakers. Emma felt like throwing up every time she came to this place. And it sure wasn’t the baby. The Aussie picked up her lunch and sat in the back corner. The people at this boarding school kept forcing to eat for the baby’s sake. She looked down at her tray and sneered.

I have to eat this shite?, Emma thought. Dried rice, lumpy tofu, some mushy green stuff, and dried fruit. Not much of a meal to her taste. Is this even healthy for the baby?, the Aussie thought. Come to think of it, was anything here ever good for the baby?

Emma looked up at the ceiling. None of this was her choice. She had gotten pregnant six months ago. In a panic, she turned to Dr. Taka for help. The good doctor told Seguchi. In our to keep the family reputation intact, he had the pregnant Aussie shipped off to Hokkaido for some time to think. Good plan at the time. Not so much anymore.

Her attention came back to earth when she felt a kick in her stomach. Emma looked down and shook her head.

“#This is your fault, you know,#” she said to the baby. That statement only made her sigh. Part true anyway. Fujisaki still didn’t know the truth. Emma played with her rice in the bowl. Not only would she have to try and deal with the baby, she also had to tell her boyfriend at some point. She already knew how the latter was going to go in the end.

I have to deal with this thing before I tell him, she thought. That led back to the baby. Emma shoveled some dry rice into her mouth as she thought about her six-month say in Seiko Academy.

[Six Months Ago]

Emma stared out the car window. The mountain scenery began to look boring. The Aussie turned to the front.

“#Where are we going?#” she asked.

“You’ll see in a moment,” the driver replied.

“#Are we there yet?#”


Emma sighed. “#Can we have some music in the car?#”


“#Why not?#”

“You’re not on vacation.”

The Aussie pouted again. “#I’m bored.#”


“#Talk to me!#”


“#Why not?#”

“I’m driving.”

Emma pouted again. “#You’re not fun!#”

“I don’t care.”

The Aussie mother-to-be slumped back into the seat. “#Apparently!#” she mumbled.

“What was that?” the driver asked. Emma only shook her head as she sneered. She put on her iPod for the rest of the trip.

Close to an hour later, the car stop. Emma looked around.

“#Why did we stop?#” she asked.

“We’re here,” the driver said. Emma looked all around her.

“#Huh?#” she asked. The Aussie opened the car down and stepped out. Her face instantly dropped.

“#Is this it?#” she asked. “#Where are we?#”

“Seiko Academy!” the driver yelled from the car. Emma whipped around to him.

“#Huh?#” she asked. “#Why?#”

“To help you sort things out,” he said. Emma made a face at him.

“#Huh?#” she asked again. The driver only took out her bags and got back in the car.

“#Hey, where are you going?!?#” Emma shouted.

“See ya!” the driver yelled. The Aussie flipped him the bird as he sped away. But, what could she do? She was stuck here because of her situation. Might as well go and get this over with. She picked up her luggage and walked up to the gates.

The rest of the months were a slow version of hell. The teachers were like female version of Seguchi. There were no guys at this school. None of the other pregnant and bad girls wanted anything to do with her. Plus, Emma couldn’t drink or get high because she was pregnant.

That was just day. Her evenings were so lonely. No Fujisaki to cuddle with in bed. No Fujisaki to have a naughty with. Instead, there was a little life kicking about within her as she tried to sleep.

“#Please go to sleep, you little bugger!#” she pleaded every night. The baby didn’t seem to want to obey. So, the Aussie just took it unhappily.


“Hey bitch!” a girl snapped at her. Emma quickly came back to earth. She looked up and saw a thug girl about nine months pregnant. She smacked on her gum as she held her tray. Her little gang stood behind her. Emma blinked at her.

“#Yeah?#” she asked.

“You’re in my seat!” the pregnant leader snapped. The Aussie shrugged.

“#Whatever…#” she mumbled.

“Move it, bitch!” the leader yelled.

“#Fine, fine,#” Emma said. She got up and walked out of the cafeteria. She wasn’t hungry anymore, anyway.

Once back at her room, Emma got on her rented computer and opened up the internet. She went to Google and typed in “adoption agencies.” In the beginning, she was looking up “abortion clinics.” Over time, the Aussie changed her mind and decided to get up the baby for adoption. So far, nothing screamed out at her as top-rate. Emma gave it another shot for the afternoon. She shook her head at the screen.

This is so dumb with it just repeating itself, the Aussie thought. The baby kicked about in her belly again. She looked down at her six-month babe.

“#Calm down, you!#” Emma complained. She couldn’t wait to get rid of this kid and get back to Tokyo. Her stomach again interrupted her thoughts. *Sweat drop on Emma’s head* I’m hungry, she thought. Time to go out and eat. The girl shut everything down and slipped out of her room.

Emma had gotten better at sneaking out of her prison. Down the hidden hall, into the elevator, down into the basement, through the back door and out through the sand garden. Takes about five minutes if played right. Tonight was played right and Emma was out into freedom once again. The cold mountain evening reminded her that she was still not in Tokyo. The baby kicked about in her stomach again.

“#Easy now,#” Emma said. “#I’ll get us some *real* food!#” She walked on down the road. The girl made it all the way to Thai Grapes. A smile finally came onto her face. Read food!, she thought. She opened the door and went inside.

Not many people were here tonight. Just the way, she liked it. The baby kicked within her again. Emma patted her stomach.

“#There, there,#” she murmured. “#We’ll be eating soon.#” The girl walked up to the bar. The owner looked up from cleaning the counter. His face lit up like a disco ball.

“Emma!” he cheered. “You’re back!” The Aussie nodded.

“#Yes!#” she said. “#Feed me real food!#” The man grinned.

“Red curry, right?” he asked.

“#Yes, yes!#” the Aussie mother-to-be said.

“Coming up,” the owner said. He disappeared back into the kitchen to serve Emma dinner. The Aussie looked around the food bar. She had just gotten Fujisaki into curry bars. She began to miss him again. He still didn’t know what was going on or why she left. The latter was Seguchi’s doing. The Aussie felt herself burning again. That asshole, she thought. Oh how she would like to get her hands on him right now…

“Here you go!” a voice called her back to earth. Emma quickly looked up.

“#Hm? Oh yeah, thanks,#” she replied. Then, she took the bowl and paid the man. *Happy anime-style tears coming down her eyes* Real food!, she thought. Emma began eating right away.

“#Oh, this is heaven!#” she said in between bites. “#Real food at last!#” The owner watched her with a smile.

“Glad that you like it,” he said. Emma ate up even more. But then, something caught her ear. A small moan to be exact. Emma paused with her chopsticks in her hand.

“#What is that?#” she whispered. The owner tried to repress a smile.

“Why don’t you take a long?” he whispered back. Emma only blinked at first.

“#Huh?#” she began to ask. But then, it started to sink in. The Aussie smirked.

“#Oh, I see,#” she said. The owner nodded. Emma slowly slid off the bench and crept over to the bathroom. She peeked through the crack. The pregnant Aussie had to blink a few times at first. No, this was real. A woman was having sex with a local college boy in the city. This wasn’t any ordinary woman. This was Kyoko, her caretaker that Seguchi set her up with for her stay. For six months, she practically rode the pregnant girl’s ass about education and doing right. Well now, that was shot right out of the water. The Aussie couldn’t help but to smirk. She loudly cleared her throat. The mentor and the boy stopped all activity and looked up. Emma grinned at them.

“#Well, well, well,#” she said. “#And what is this?#” Kyoko’s cheeks flushed red.

“Miles-chan!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” Emma stepped forward.

“#I could ask you the same thing,#” she replied. The girl looked up at Kyoko’s boy toy. “#Hi,#” she said. The boy gave her a nervous wave. Emma’s mentor slowly became desperate.

“You’re not going to say anything, are you?” she pleaded. “Please don’t!” Emma thought about that for a moment. Would she tell on her caretaker?

“#Maybe…#” Emma mumbled. “#If you do the following for me.#” Kyoko’s eyes widened.

“Yes, anything!” she said.

“#Well, one: I want to eat real food,#” the girl replied. “#I also want you to off of my back.#” My mentor nodded so fast.

“Done!” she said. Emma wasn’t done.

“#Also,#” she said. “#I want plenty of calls back to Tokyo whenever I like and the teachers to leave me alone as well.#” Kyoko kept nodding.

“Yes, I will do anything to make it possible!” she said. The pregnant Aussie’s smile deepened. Suddenly, Sappoto got better for the next three months.

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