Kenzu, July 28 1999

A subway pulled into Umaki station. The Conato Rush was the only subway that ran at night. Perfect for runaways and escapees. The Conato Rush’s doors opened its glass doors instantly. The people flooded out like water. One of them was a young woman.

She was three months pregnant and traveling alone. Her boyfriend sent her to Kenzu for safety. The young woman was the adopted daughter of Ginbo, the leader of the Yakuza. The Yakuza was a powerful mafia in Tokyo. They could put Satan out of work. Two years ago, the young woman fell in love with one of the lower thugs. They dated in secret due to class. This was no problem until she became pregnant.

Her beau was in panic. If their secret got out, all three of them would be killed. So, the love plotter a great plan. He saved up enough to buy a subway ticket and for living for his girl. Once she escaped, her beau made it look like she was murdered. Thus, his love being in Kenzu Island.

This young woman was a strong soul. Despite being pregnant, she could defeat herself easily. Before she left, the mother-to-be got a hold of her best switchblade knife. She was also smart. The woman knew where to stock up supplies and money for a crisis. Good thing too. Because her safe escaped relied on her wits and money. To top it all off, the young woman had great looks. She was set.

The young woman came up to the information desk. “Excuse me,” she spoke up. “Could I have a map, please?” The woman behind the desk looked tired and disheveled. “Yeah, yeah.” she said. Then, the woman pulled out a thin map and shoved it to the young woman. “Thanks.” the pregnant woman said uneasily. Then she took the map and left.

Outside, the night was lovely and clear. The smell of the sea was ever present. Nightlife was busy and quiet. Love slaves were out and about. Bars were up and running. The woman kept her guard up. Randy men were looking for defenseless women at this time of night.

1. Be on your guard at all times

The woman passed two men in their late twenties. They watched her leave hungrily. One whistled loudly at her. The woman slowly turned. The horny dogs stared at her in lust. The mom-to-be tightly clutched her knife. “Hello boys,” she said suspiciously. The guys kept stared. Finally, one stepped forward. “Hello miss,” he greeted. “What’s your name?” The woman kept her guard up high. “Chiyo.” she answered sharply. The other man stepped forward. “Aw come now, Chiyo.” he said. “Don’t be like that. We just want to have some fun tonight! We’ll even be nice!” Chiyo stepped back in caution. “I’m pregnant!” she shot back. The guys didn’t change. “That’s okay.” the first guy said. “Don’t take on any passengers without cargo.” “I have someone already!” Chiyo barked. “Besides, I’m not a whore!” The guys didn’t care. “So,” the second one began. “We’re married. It doesn’t matter! Come on baby!” Then, his friend made the mistake of grabbing the mother-to-be by the wrist. Chiyo felt violated. She instantly slapped the guy in the face hard. He let go of her in shock. Both men grew angry. “You bitch!” the man yelled. Chiyo didn’t stick around too long. Because she quickly turned and ran away. “Come back here!!!” the men yelled. Then, they chased after her like hunger tigers.

Chiyo frantically looked around. She had to get away. But where to? She was a strange in this land. Who would help a pregnant woman at this time of night?

Then, there was help. A big house was up ahead. It was brightly lit. Chiyo was relived. “Finally, some help!” she thought. The mother-to-be picked up speed and hurried to the house.

Chiyo pounded on the door hard. “Coming!” a voice crooked. The young pregnant woman waited. “Please hurry!” she thought. Finally, the door opened. An old woman stood before her. She had on a pale yellow kimono with a mint green obi. She was leaning on a cane. A pipe stuck out of her mouth.

The woman looked Chiyo up and down. “Yes?” she asked. The pregnant woman took in a deep breath. “Two perverts are chasing me and I’m pregnant!” she blurted out. “Could you please hide me for the time being?” The old woman smiled. “Sure, come in, baby doll.” she said. Chiyo was overjoyed. “Arigato sama!” she exclaimed as she bowed with grace. “Just get in!” the old woman said quickly. Then she pulled Chiyo inside and slammed the door.

 “Up the stairs in the dressing closet in bedroom!” the old woman called. “Thanks!” Chiyo called as she fled up the stairs. The old woman saw her off. Then came a pounding on the door. “Coming!” the old woman called. Then she rushed to the door and opened it. The two men stood in front of her. “Can I help you?” she asked. “You seen a pregnant bitch around here?” the first man asked. “No.” the woman said without blinking. The men didn’t believe her. “You’re hiding her, aren’t you?” the other man asked. The old woman smiled. “Search if you want,” she said. “But you won’t find a thing!” The men didn’t care. They just wanted to look. The old woman kept smiling and stepped away. The men walked in.

So far, everything looked normal. The house was clean and organized. But the men weren’t fooled. They searched and searched. No luck at all! “Let’s go upstairs!” one guy said. “Right!” his friend agreed. Then they thumped their way up the stairs.

Chiyo could hear them under her feet. Fear was in her first. But then, she clutched her knife tightly. She was ready. The footsteps grew louder. Here they come!

The door opened loudly. Chiyo was ready to attack. Fortunately, she didn’t have to. Because after ten minutes, the men left. Later, the closet opened wide. The old woman stood in front of her with a smile on her face. “They’re gone now.” she announced. Chiyo relaxed and stepped out.

“You have anywhere to stay tonight?” the old woman asked motherly like. “No...” Chiyo answered. The old woman beamed. “Brilliant.” she said. “Stay here and rest tonight. You can even have this room.” “Uh... okay...” the mother-to-be replied. “Great!” the old woman called. “I’ll get you some fresh towels and sheets.” Then she hurried downstairs to do so.

Chiyo just sat down on the cherry bed, She now had a place to stay until she could manage on her own. She just hoped her boyfriend would find her soon.

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