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Series One Trailer

    Saturday Night
    Pumping house party
    Lights out except for the glow sticks
    Bodies pounding to the music
    Simon and Casper dance close together
    One could think they are shagging
    Arisu opens her eyes in a stoned, happy daze
    Bright lights flash upon her face
    Everyone downs more shots
    Thin white lines going up like a vacuum
    The smell of pot fills the air
    Pills go around like free candy in a playground
    Lucas stays close to Lexie in case she loses herself
    Hiro drinks his beer while having a cigarette and watching everyone
    Emma kisses on random dudes while strung out on pills
    Fujisaki takes a drink himself while flirting with some of his fans
    Sid lies passed out on the couch
    One of the girls writes "Virgin" on his forehead
    Gabby cuts between Casper and Simon to dance with the charming bastard
    The hippie looks on jealous
    Nick sits in the back and drinks his beer
    Cassie sits next to him, smiling
    He just ignores her
    Nicole dances around on one of the table
    Ando tries to hook up with some girls at the party
    They aren't paying it
    Shuichi rides in on a bike with 3-D glasses on, looking like a rock star
    In the shower, Ando and Shawn were making out with some girls while the water is running high
    In the bedroom, girls are having a pillow fight
    A girl is a teddy bear head on jumps up and down on the bed
    Sid and Ando all end up puking in the toilet from too much booze
    The party rages on through the night
    In the end, everyone is passed high and drunk on the floor


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Series Two Trailer

    Darkened House Party
    Music pounds loudly in the air
    Party colors flash all around
    Darcy dances solo among the crowd
    In the hallway, Shuichi dances to his own beat that seems so distant that only he can hear it
    Casper drinks woefully at the bar
    She won't say what is wrong
    Nobody notices
    They are too filled up in their own desires
    Emma cuddles up close to Fujisaki
    He pretends not see her
    But, he gives her a light pat on the head
    Emma snuggles up closer
    Nick sits against the back wall, drinking another beer
    Cassie lies at his feet out in a high daze with a pill of E at the tip of her tongue
    She couldn't be happier
    Nick was still ignoring her, again
    Ando kisses a random girl on the lips
    Sid grabs Arisu by the waist and buries his face in her small breasts
    He holds on like a needy little child
    Jin stands in the kitchen doorway, frowning
    Hiro takes a smoke outside of the house as the music pounds within
    Shawn and Nicole dance so close that one can mistake them for having sex
    He opens up a bottle of Kobe beer and pours it all on her chest and down her cleavage
    In the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom, Simon lies out cold under the icy water
    His eyes snap open

Euphoria: Series Two

Series Three Trailer

    Late Friday night in a wild nightclub
    Everyone dances the night away
    Shuichi sits by the bar and takes a drink of the freshest cherrytanti made on the bar
    Lucas and Lexie look in from the outside of the club
    Darcy and Nadine look around at everyone else
    Cigarettes lit in their hands
    Beer is handed to them from some cute boys at the table next to them
    A very pregnant Nicole looks around the whole club
    Shawn is seen on the other side of the club making out with another Goth girl
    Kat is shagging a thug man in the club bathroom
    Ando looks on from the crack in the door from disgust
    Hiro takes a smoke at the bar while he watches Shuichi get drunk
    Casper and Simon face each other with blank looks on their faces
    Cassie cuddles close to Nick in the corner of the room
    Nick drinks his beer and reluctantly strokes her hair
    She smiles to herself as she closes her big, brown eyes
    Arisu snorts some coke off of a table
    Sid looks on at her, worried, but he joins in to keep her happy
    Fujisaki wanders around the club a little disoriented until he spots a baby lying on the club floor
    He looks up and sees Emma staring back at him with a blank look on her face, blinking
    It all goes black...

Euphoria: Series Three

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Series Four Trailer

    Setting in a 1920's Burlesque night club
    Everything in black and white
    The crew all sit at the bar
    Nick and Cassie slow dance to soft jazz music in the background
    Kat flirts with a new man at the bar while Ando watches closely
    Hiro lights up another cigarette near the bar
    Nicole sings along with the music flowing in the background
    Shawn gropes her bare leg as she does so
    She pretends not to notice
    Shawn gives her a naughty grin as he licks his lips
    Arisu keeps on drinking as Sid looks nervous at the bar
    Lexie tries to get the crowd to listen to her poem
    Lucas and Shuichi watch her with rightful worry
    It seems that one of her personalities will crawl out on the scene
    Simon looks on at Casper as she entertains a group of older men
    She doesn't look too happy with what she is doing
    Simon feels her pain
    But, what can he do?
    Emma sings loudly and off-key with the music
    Fujisaki cringes in annoyance as he tries to take her voice and the smoke around them
    Darcy and Nadine just watches everyone around them in their fancy dresses
    Looks like another long night

Euphoria: Series Four

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Moby - Lift Me Up .mp3

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Series Six Trailer

    Friday night
    A group of teenagers roam the dark alleys up to a local bar
    Inside, the patrons are playing pool and drinking
    The teenagers burst inside with James leading the way
    Everyone looks up as the wild pack make their entrance
    A white dog barks as Darcy comes in with her arm around BJ's shoulders
    A man in his early twenties looks at the crew up and down
    Misa and Yumi walk in with Christine close behind
    All eyes fall on Kenzo as he bounces in
    Alex shouts out while Lilith and Christine check out the scene
    Everyone eyes them as the teens start to have fun drinking, goofing around, and singing karaoke
    BJ tries out a card trick, but the cards get slapped out of his hand
    More drinks go down as Lilith glances over a stranger and nervously smiles
    Darcy is out in her high zones with images of Alex kissing on a random girl
    It all goes mellow until James lights off fireworks and the vibe breaks out into a fight
    Darcy shoots off a fire extinguisher in the crowd as the twins look around in panic and the fight gets worse
    BJ and Lilith hide while Alex watches on with a bloody mouth
    Someone then tries to take the fire extinguisher from Darcy's hands
    The police finally come and try to break up the mayhem
    It get more hectic as the teens escape to the roof
    Darcy's the first one to jump
    One by one the rest jump after her and make their escape into the alley with Cook holding a lit firecracker

The Fall - Totally Wired .mp3

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Euphoria: Series Six