Euphoria Christmas II

    Ah, Christmas was coming again. That means it time to wrap up the fall semester coursework. The mates were just about wrapped up. However, one was lagging behind. Lexie's personalities had been getting in the way of schoolwork. As a result, she had to do a make-up paper so she didn't fail her sociology class. Unfortunately, Allie had taken over her personality for the last few days of the exam period. Her mates decided to take action. The crew sat alone her laptop in her room.

    "/When is this due?/" Nicole asked.

    "+Monday,+" Lucas said. Grim silence flooded over them. All Lexie had on the screen was the title of her paper. Today was Wednesday. *Sweat drops on everyone's heads*

    "Oh..." Shuichi said. There came a pause. Nicole reached forward and started typing. Lucas' face sparked up in alarm.

    "+What the hell are you doing?!?+" he snapped. Nicole didn't turn around.

    "/What does it look like I'm doing?/" she asked.

    "+I-I-It looks like you're helping her cheat!+" he exclaimed. The Goth dancer shook her head.

    "/No,/" she said.

    "+But that's what it is!+" the basketball player cried.

    "/No,/" Nicole said again. "/I'm helping Lexie not fail./"

    "+By helping her cheat?+" he asked. Nicole turned and lightly shushed him.

    "/She's needs this grade, right?/" she asked.

    "+Well... yeah...+" Lucas said.

    "/Well, she's in no condition to save her own grade,/" Nicole summed up.

    "/So?/" Lucas asked.

    "/So,/" Nicole finished. "/We need to get this paper together because your bird gets held back a year./" Lucas went quiet from there. He just kind of looked the other way. Nicole looked up at the rest of the mates.

    "/Who's with me?/" she asked. They didn't speak at first. Then, Simon took a little step forward.

    "/I'll help her,/" he said in a small voice.

    "I'm in," Shuichi said.

    "/Same here,/" Sid spoke. One by one, they all stepped in to help. That left only one person needed. They all looked at Lucas. He gave them a blank stare back.

    "+What?+" he asked. Nicole leaned in close to his face.

    "/Well?/" she asked. "/Are you in or not?/" The man looked at all of his friends staring intently at him. What choice did he have? This was for Lexie after all. He sighed and dropped his shoulders.

    "+Fine, I'm in,+" he said in surrender. And so, Operation Final began. Over the course of three days, Lexie's sociology paper was complete. By Sunday, Lexie returned and got to work on her paper. Confusion met her face when she saw it complete and proofread.

    "+Luke, did I write all of this?+" she asked as she kept scrolling up and down.

    "+Yeah,+" he lied.

    "+I don't remember writing any of this,+" she said.

    "+You did,+" her boyfriend pushed. "+Your mind was elsewhere at the time.+" Silent pause. Please pay it!, Lucas thought over and over again. His girlfriend just shrugged.

    "+If you say so,+" she said. Lexie clicked print and turned on the printer. Lucas silently breathed out.

    Lexie's final grade? B-. Now, the whole crew would pass for the semester.

Merry Christmas from Euphoria.

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