“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Shawn came up with a plan to end the fall semester. So, he made a few calls.

“/Everyone,/” he said. “/Meet me on the yard./”

“Why?” Shuichi asked.

Shawn smiled over the phone. “/You’ll see in a moment./” He hung up instantly. Perfect.

By early morning, the crew all met up. They all looked around at each other confused.

“Why are we here?” Fujisaki asked. Hiro shook his head.

“/No idea,/” Simon replied.

“+I guess we’ll have to see,+” Lucas said. Finally, Shawn stepped forward to the crew. Everyone looked at him.

“/Okay,/” Nick said. “/What is this all about?/” Shawn smirked at him.

“/Spit it out!/” Nicole yelled. Her beau reached into his pockets.

“/Mates,/” he said. “/Today, we don’t give a shit!/”

Subject: Everyone

The mates all looked at him.

“Huh?” Shuichi asked.

“/Did I f*****g shutter?/” Shawn asked.

“What are you talking about?” Hiro asked. The Goth artist grinned.

“/Don’t think, act!/” he said.

“#But, how?#?” Emma asked. Shawn smirked. He pulled out his hands out of his pockets and opened his hands. Their eyes lit up wide and their jaws dropped.

“Euphoria!” they all gasped. The Goth artist grinned.

“/Exactly,/” he said. “/Take eat!/” No one dared to move. Shawn watched them all.

“/Come on,/” he said. “/Do it! You know you want to!/” Cassie reached forward and picked up one of the white pills and put it in her mouth. Arisu followed suit. She let it soak on her tongue.

“/Good girls,/” Shawn said. “/Anyone else./” Silence passed. Then, Sid took the next pill. Emma followed suit. Simon took one after Casper and Nicole. Ando took up the next one. Shawn turned to the band, Lucas, and Lexie.

“/Come on,/” he said. “/You take it too./”

“No way!” Fujisaki said.

“/Aw,/” Shawn replied. “/And why not?/”

“It’s wrong!” the keyboardist yelled.


“I won’t do it!”

Shawn expected him to say that. He turned to Emma. “/Em, help me out here./”

“#No problem!#” she said. Her boyfriend looked away.

“I won’t do it!”

“#Please, Sugo-kun!#” she pleaded.


She gave him a little pout. “#Please?#”

“That’s not going to work!”

His girlfriend began to do the whimpering. Shawn watched the keyboardist with a grin.

“/So?/” he asked. “/What will it be?/” Fujisaki frowned harder. The seconds dwelled down to ticking. He began to waiver through his mental fight. The keyboardist finally dropped his shoulders.

“Fine,” he said. Fujisaki took a pill and put it in his mouth. Shawn turned to the remaining four. He held out the Euphoria to them. Hiro and Lucas shook their heads.

“+Oh no,+” Luke said. “+I don’t like where this is going!+” The Brit artist frowned at him.

“/Oh come on,/” he said. “/I’m not doing anything bad today!/” They didn’t believe him with their eyes. Shawn sighed.

“/Look, it’s nothing wrong,/” he said. “/Here./” The artist took a pill and popped into his mouth. Hiro and Lucas still didn’t trust him. But, Shuichi reached forward and took a pill. Hiro jerked his head over his friend.

“Shuichi, no!” he shouted. Too late; the vocalist already put the pill in his mouth. Two more to go. Shawn looked over at them.

“/Now you,/” he said. Hiro and Lucas looked at each other. Like they had a choice. They both took a pill and put it in their mouths. Perfect setting.

But then, Lexie put up her hand.

“+Could I have one?+” she asked. All of her friends stared at her with big eyes. Shawn raised an eyebrow at her.

“/You sure about that?/” he asked. Lexie pressed her lips together as she nodded.

“+Yes,+” she said.

“+But Lexie…+” her boyfriend spoke up.

“+I can take it!+” she said.

“You sure?” Shuichi asked.

“+Yes, Shuichi!+” she said. Shawn held out his hand to her in reluctance. Lexie took a pill and put it in her mouth. Silence passed over them.

“/Can we have more?/” Nicole asked.

“/Yeah,/” Casper said. Shawn smirked at all of his mates.

“/Certainly,/” he replied. Each one took three more pills. They turned to the Goth artist.

“What now?” Hiro asked. Shawn grinned at him.

“/Just go all out,/” he said.

“+Just like that?+” Lucas asked.

“/Hell yes!/” the Goth artist answered.

They all broke off after that. Each surreal leaf uncurled from there.

Shawn and Nicole disappeared to downtown. She nuzzled him on the neck. Her lips lightly brushed his ear.

“/Take me somewhere!/” she whispered loudly. Shawn smirked to himself.

“/Certainly,/” he replied. The couple walked to a back alley entrance behind a Chinese buffet. Shawn turned to her with a grin.

“/You’ll love this,/” he said. “/Found it three nights ago. Shall we?/” He and his bird both entered the tunnel.

Shuichi got lost with Lexie in the middle of downtown. The vocalist looked over at his gal pal.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“+Okay, I guess,+” she replied. Shuichi looked intently on at her. She noticed his face. The woman stopped in the middle of the street.

“+What?+” she asked. “+I’m fine, really!+”

“Then why do you have all of those pricks on your hands?” the vocalist asked. Lexie froze in place. How does he… She had been so careful too. Lexie stared down at her feet.

“+Uh… well…+” she mumbled.

Meanwhile, Nick, Ando, and Lucas found themselves under Euphoria’s spell already.

“+Guys,+” Luke said.

“/Yeah, mate?/” Nick asked.

“+I can see butterflies!+” he called. “+Yellow butterflies!+”

“Where?” Ando asked as he looked around.

“+There. There. There. There. And there!+” the American man exclaimed as he pointed to the afternoon sky. Ando squinted for a look.

“I can’t see them!” he said. The young man turned to Nick. “He’s starting to sound like Cassie. Ditzy and lost.” That for some reason pissed Nick off really hurt.

“/You’re taking that back, you son of a bitch!!!/” he yelled. He charged at the Japanese man, but he took off running in a heartbeat. Lucas watched as they ran all the way down the street. He gave them a happy little wave.

“+Bye-Bye…+” he said.

Casper, Fujisaki, and Emma had got lost in another club on the other side of town, drinking away. Their own Euphoria high built up with the drinks and pills floating by them. Sid, Cassie, and Arisu ended up on the run from the police for shoplifting. Their high raced along with them. Shawn and Nicole’s own high built up as they danced in the underground rave in the tunnel. Nick felt his own high building as he chased down Ando in the streets.

Through his increasing high state, Lucas found Shuichi and Lexie talking in the street. His brain approached a sobering calm as he watched them talk. Curious, he walked closer to them. The words that he heard troubled his heart. “Suffering, lost, suffering, who am I, what’s wrong with me?”

That can’t be good, the American man thought. It then donned on Lucas, Shuichi and Lexie were talking about her and her problems. Luke shook his head.

No! No! I didn’t want her to find out! Not like this! He raced over to stop them. Shuichi tightened his fists.

“The truth is…” he began to say.

“+Stop!+” Luke yelled in time. Shuichi and Lexie looked up to see him running towards them. His girlfriend blinked at him.

“+Lucas!+” she said. “+What are you doing here?+” Her boyfriend quickly stood up.

“+You have Dissociate Identity Disorder!+” he blurted out. “+I kept it from you because I didn’t think you would believe me, but it’s too late for that now!+” Lexie gave him an odd look.

“+What?+” she asked. All the while the Euphoria high climbed towards the skies.

They all met back up in the city by evening. Shawn looked among all of his mates.

“/So,/” he spoke up. “/How was your day?/”

“Wow!” was what he assumed he heard. All were still breathless, from running, dancing, drinking, or just confusion. Shawn smiled at his own experiment. He clapped his hands together.

“/Sweet!/” he said. “/There’s only one thing left to do./” They all ended up running wild through the open spaces. No particular direction. The Euphoria guided them through the night. Lexie began to lag before, but Lucas rushed back and grabbed her by the hand. Their hollows and cries drowned out everything around them. Did others see them running loose? Probably so. Yet, they didn’t really seem to notice or care.

This was their last free summer anyway.

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