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“Japanese talking”

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

Fujisaki sat on Emma’s bed in the early morning silence. Six whole weeks. He and Emma had been dating for six whole weeks. The boy did love that crazy Aussie to death. Yet… Fujisaki whipped his head around when he heard snoring. Emma was passed out on the bed with her mouth wide open. She didn’t look attractive in the morning. Her t-shirt was rolled up to make her look like an exhibitionist in bed. Luckily at the moment the sheets were covering her vajay-jay. Sadly, that was all that was decent about her at the moment. The Aussie looked like she would fall out of bed at any moment. Fujisaki only shook his head.

Many couldn’t understand it. What did he say in Emma Miles anyway? Even he didn’t get that at times. It just kind of… happened. Don’t get him wrong, the keyboardist did love his girlfriend. But, she didn’t fit his image. He was known for a perfectionist drive. Emma…  was an odd piece in his life. Seguchi didn’t approve of this relationship, naturally. Their friends supported it with many questions in their heads. However…

Emma moved around under the sheets. Fujisaki shook his head again. A question from yesterday came into his head. An old man asked it last night as the keyboardist was dragging Emma back to her apartment after a night of partying with her new hostess club. This old guy smiled and shook his head as he stared at them. Fujisaki stared back in slight shame.

“She’s my girlfriend,” his eyes said. “I’m just taking her to bed now.” The old man shook his head at him.

“Is she really the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?” his eyes asked back. He didn’t need to ask in words. Fujisaki got the message loud and clear. Now, the doubts had finally gotten to him.

However, he couldn’t think about that now. “I have to get to work,” Fujisaki thought. “Yeah, that’s it. Work.” He got off of the bed and walked over to the door. Before leaving, the keyboardist took one more look at his girlfriend. Emma was still sound asleep and snoring. Only, she looked like she would fall out of bed now. Fujisaki watched on to see if she would. He knew how this was going to end. But yet, the keyboardist just couldn’t look away. Emma’s body kept going over the bed inch by inch. Fujisaki felt like going to help her, but something inside of him kept him frozen in place. “She’s going to fall!” he thought over and over again. “I should do something…” The moment looked so tense.

Finally, the Aussie fell out of bed with a loud crash. Fujisaki winced at the sound. He felt that one just standing there.

“#Ow,#” Emma mumbled as she sat up on the floor. Fujisaki left before she could even look up. Oh yes. He was having doubts about his future with this girl.

Subject: Fujisaki

Emma looked around the whole room.

“#Sugo-kun?#” she asked. “#Where did you go?#” Silence in the room. He was already gone. Outside, Fujisaki walked all the way to Tokyo Cram College. His relationship with Emma wasn’t the only thing on the boy’s mind. Exams were coming up and the band was about to go on tour for the summer. So much work to be done for this last couple of weeks. Usually, he could take stress very well. This time however, this was different. Emma was in the equation this time. She was getting to do right for herself now that she had lost everything again. But yet, she just stayed her partying, care-free self. That produced many headaches.

Suddenly, Fujisaki froze in his tracks as a startling thought crossed his mind. “Will it be like this if I do share my future with her?” he thought. The boy shuddered all over his body. Emma tried her all to be the perfect girlfriend for him, but… She just needed some serious work to save her ass in the real world. Fujisaki was trying to help her, but maybe he should back off of her some. Seguchi would be over the moon if he took that action. But yet, that would be heartless if he just left her like that. However, his reputation had been on the line for six weeks since he and Emma got together. Fujisaki shut his eyes for one whole second. Easy to see why he was in a conflict.

Casper stood at the entrance of the school. She looked upset once again. Fujisaki walked over to her out of curiosity. The hippie looked up at him with silent woo in her eyes. The keyboardist could only guess what she was worried about.

“Your step father again?” he asked. The girl nodded. She quickly looked away.

“Oh,” Fujisaki mumbled. They didn’t speak for a moment. Casper looked over at her friend.

“/You look tired,/” she said. The keyboardist looked up at her at that statement.

“Huh?” he asked. The words took their time to make it into his head.

“Ah,” he said. “I had to get Emma back to her apartment last night.” Casper nodded at him.

“/Was she out partying again?/” she asked. The keyboardist nodded.

“/Ah,/” she said.

“I don’t know how much more I could take,” he said. Casper didn’t speak. She only nodded at him. Both stood in silence for a moment.

“What exams do you have?” Fujisaki asked.

“/Japanese literature, algebra, and designing class,/” she said. The keyboardist nodded.

“Ah,” he said. They stood in silence before going inside. Both friends just weren’t fine. But, what was the point of repeating? They both had eyes, didn’t they?

Fujisaki could barely stay focused in school. He had his phone nearby him in case Emma called. Lately, she would phone him when she couldn’t do something easy for herself or was lonely. She worked nights and had nothing to do by day. The keyboardist begrudgingly took them when classes were over. He took her over and over again not to call him during class. Too bad she didn’t seem to grasp that.

His friends kept his eyes on him during class. They too understood how his relationship was driving him nuts. They wished that there was something that they could do. Fujisaki had the phone on silent and in his pocket.

The first thirty of class went fine. The teacher only did reviews for the exams coming. The keyboardist found it hard for him to focus. His mind kept going back to his phone. Emma hadn’t even tried to call him this morning. Maybe she got the message? Ha! He wished it was that easy! Fujisaki tried not to think the worst. “Did she hit her head or something?” he thought. It was tempting to call and check on her…

“Fujisaki!” a voice shrieked. The boy quickly looked up ahead of him. The teacher looked at him, sternly.

“Is there a problem?” he asked. Fujisaki looked around for a good while. The classmates all had their eyes on him. The keyboardist tried to keep a brave face.

“No,” he said. “No. Everything is fine.” The teacher still looked at him. Nobody seemed to be buying it. The keyboardist kept his brave face.

“Just pay attention, okay?” he asked. The boy nodded as the teacher went on with the lesson. Fujisaki breathed out in his mind. Close one. Emma was still working his nerve even when she wasn’t doing anything.

After class, Fujisaki got a text from his girlfriend. He shook his head at the screen. Now, she texts him! What did that crazy girl want now? Fujisaki went to his inbox. Emma’s message read this:

See me at dinner tonight. :-*

Fujisaki blinded at the screen. No panic or boredom? Just a friendly invitation to dinner. The keyboardist decided to reply back.

“What for?” he typed. The boy hit send. He waited for a few seconds. She replied back to him. Fujisaki opened the message.

I have a surprise for you! :-*

The keyboardist felt unsettled now. Surprise had such a nasty taste in the mouth to it. It felt like a rotten prank to him. What exactly was Emma planning? Only one way to see tonight…

Fujisaki managed to make it through recording today and his homework before he came over to Emma’s apartment. The trip to dinner only took about five minutes to make. The keyboardist knocked on her door.

“#It’s open!#” Emma called. Fujisaki opened the door and went inside. Clean all inside. Emma had cleaned up this whole apartment for dinner. Fujisaki had to blink a few times to make sure he is in the right apartment. Yep, this is the right place. This surprise must be a whooper. Fujisaki wandered further into the apartment.

The kitchen/dining room looked just as clean as the living room. Fujisaki thought he had walked into a dream at first. “So this is why she did call me this morning!” he thought.

“#Hi! Hi!#” a hyper voice greeted him. Fujisaki looked up to see Emma just inches away from his face. She smiled at him.

“#You made it!#” the Aussie cheered.

“Did you do all of this?” Fujisaki asked. Emma nodded like an excited puppy.

“#Yep!#” she cheered.

“What for?” the boyfriend asked.

“#You’ll see,#” she said. “#Come and eat. Dinner’s about ready.#” Fujisaki shrugged a bit as he walked into the table. He took a seat. The table was set for two like as if a date. Emma smiled as she got the pot off the stove. The reality of this moment slowly crept in to keyboardist again. The food looked soggy, greasy, and strange-colored as she served it on his plate. He looked up at Emma, nervously.

“Em,” he spoke up. “What’s all of this?” Emma’s face still looked a glow.

“#Soba with mushrooms with vegemite,#” she said. “#With some boiled bok choy and leftover fried rice.#” *Sweat drop on Fujisaki’s head* “Why do I get the feeling I’ll end up talking to the toilet afterwards?” he thought. Emma’s smile began to fade some.

“#You don’t like it?#” she asked. Fujisaki quickly shook his head.

“No, no!” he said quickly. “It’s fine! Look, I’m eating it!” The boy picked up his chopsticks and took a bite. Hello, grease city! Fujisaki felt like throwing up no sooner had he taken that bite. He forced himself to keep chewing. The boy glanced up to see Emma watching him, intently. Fujisaki tried his best to keep smiling and chewing the bok choy. After about five minutes, the boy finally swallowed. Emma’s eyes glowed brightly.

“#Well?#” she asked. Fujisaki struggled to say something nice to her.

“It’s… different…” he said. Emma’s joy balloon inflated bigger.

“#Do you like it?#” she asked. Fujisaki reluctantly nodded.

“Uh… yeah…” he lied. “It’s really good!” He pretended to eat even more. Emma squealed loud enough to break glass.

“#Oh!#” she cheered. “#I’m so glad you like! I spent most of this afternoon cooking!#” *Sweat drop on Fujisaki’s head*

“Yeah, I can see that…” he said, nervously. “Oh crap, she expects me to eat this shit!” he thought. Oh well, time to pretend-eat and talk.

Dinner started off uneasily from that taste test. Fujisaki tried his best to pretend to be eating this greasy mess. (Emma didn’t seem to be touching her own plate either.) That’s when another question came into his head.

“Emma,” he spoke up. His girlfriend slowly looked up.

“#Um-hm?#” she asked.

“You said that you had a surprise for me,” the keyboardist said. “What is it?” The Aussie gave him a little smile.

“#Ah,#” she said. “#I have something to ask you.#” Fujisaki raised an eyebrow at her.

“Okay,” he said. “What is it?” Emma sipped some of her sake.

“#We’ve been together for six weeks, right?#” she began.

“Yes,” her boyfriend said with a nod.

“#Well,#” Emma went on. “#I keep falling in love with you each day. It sucks to be alone in this apartment.#” She paused for a moment.

“#I was wondering,#” the girl brought in. “#Would you move in with me?#” Fujisaki nearly spit out his wine.

“WHAT?!?” he yelled.

“#Not right away,#” Emma said. “#Would you at least think about it?#” The boy blinked at her blankly. Okay, he hadn’t expected all of this. He and Emma living together? He nodded without any real thought.

“Sure…” he said. “I’ll think about it, sure.”

“#Oooo!#” Emma squealed. “#I knew you were so great!#” She hugged him happily. Fujisaki looked up at the ceiling. Now, he knew how Yuki felt when Shuichi moved in with him without warning. What the hell just happened?

That thought carried on into the night. Fujisaki stared at the ceiling in bed while Emma lied asleep now to him. Could he really see himself living here… with her? He was already committing sophistication suicide by dating her. Seguchi already frowned upon this relationship. That would make it worse if the boy moved in with Emma. But, she didn’t want an answer right away.

Fujisaki looked over at his girlfriend. Breaking up was almost child’s play. But, he truly loved her. Emma could be a ditz and party animal at times, but she did try to make an effort for herself when she needed to survive. That should count for something, really? Fujisaki couldn’t really answer that for himself.

The next morning was Saturday. Emma woke up by herself. She looked next to her and smiled. “Sugo-kun is busy today,” she thought. The Aussie didn’t to let him have a day of piece for once. She looked out the closed window.

“#Time to find another job, I guess,#” she mumbled to herself. “#Maybe in a few minutes…#”

Outside, Fujisaki walked to NG Records. Emma’s offer weighted heavily in his mind. “She wants me to live with her?” he thought. That question alone made him shudder. How would that work? What would everyone think of that? The boy made it to the bus station. A small group of people stood waiting. He joined them in discomfort. The boy could already feel their eyes upon him. He shut his eyes to block out the thoughts. Fujisaki found himself doing that little trick more often lately. In the beginning, it seemed to calm him down under a few seconds. Now, it seemed to be taking much longer for him to even begin to relax.

“Is there a problem, son?” he heard someone ask. Fujisaki ripped open his eyes and turned around. An old lady was just inches away from him. The boy blinked at her for a moment.

“No…” he said. “Why?”

“You seem tense about something,” she said. Fujisaki blinked as he shook his head.

“Well, I’m not,” he lied.

“Are you sure?” the woman asked.

“Yes!” Fujisaki shouted. “I am fine!” He turned to the crowd of people now staring at him.

“Look!” the boy snapped. “I’m fine! Everything’s fine! I love my girlfriend! Just leave me alone, okay?!?” Silence all around. Fujisaki just faced forward without another word to say. Somehow, that only made the problem worse…

The boy couldn’t focus on work today. His made kept going back to the bus station that morning. Did he just profess his love for Emma out loud? What would the public think of him now? Seguchi was not going to like this!

This morning’s events haunted him into the evening. He sat in at the bar of the hostess club where Emma worked now. Fujisaki could only stare in his glass before him. Now that he thought of it, he and Emma did have a strange relationship. He was a serious perfectionist. Emma never did fit into his life in any way. She didn’t think about the future and just lived life. Six weeks and he still couldn’t piece his relationship together. But yet, Fujisaki just couldn’t leave. Emma had that odd effect on him and couldn’t get away.

His thoughts were interrupted when someone tapped him on the shoulder. The keyboardist looked up and turned around. One of Emma’s coworkers stood before him in her red and blue kimono, looking worried. He had a stoic look on his face.

“I’m not interested in your company,” he told her. “I just want to be alone.”

“Emma’s your girlfriend, right?” the hostess girl asked. Fujisaki raised an eyebrow at her.

“Why?” he asked.

“She’s really drunk and falling down all over the place,” she told him. “We keep telling her to go home, but she’s refusing to do that.” Fujisaki sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Alright,” he grumbled. Then, the keyboardist paid for his drink at the bar and walked to go stop Emma from making a fool of herself once again.

So, here began another night of dragging his drunken girlfriend back to her apartment. Fujisaki sighed as he walked her through the night streets of Tokyo. Emma turned to him with a smile on his face.

“#I *hic* love you baby!#” she slurred out.

“I know,” Fujisaki mumbled.

“#No really, I love you!#” Emma pressed. “#You ashamed of me?#” That question hit Fujisaki hard.

“No, why?” the keyboardist asked.

“#People always talk about how stressed you are with me,#” she slurred out. “#They say you’re out of my league and you could get so much better.#” Fujisaki gave her a little smile and shook his head.

“That’s just the beer talking,” he brushed off. “Let’s just get your home.”

“#Home, yay!!!#” Emma shouted. The walk carried onto the bus station.

Fujisaki and Emma finally made it back to her apartment. The keyboardist reached into Emma’s kimono and pulled out her key to under lock the door. Once inside, Emma just passed out on the couch. Fujisaki decided to leave her there for the night. He walked down the hall to her bedroom. Like he had a choice, anyway? Once again, Fujisaki would have to stay and take care of his girlfriend in the morning. Just like almost every other night.

But around midnight, something was different. Emma had gotten off of the futon and made her way to her room. Fujisaki hadn’t gone to sleep yet when he heard the door creak open. Even so, her being in here wasn’t helping much.

“Yes?” he whispered. Emma quietly stepped forward. She swallowed hard and silent.

“#I know I am a f**k-up,#” she whispered.

“O-kay…” Fujisaki said in a tired voice. Emma walked over to the bed and slid under with him.

“#But, I love you Sugo-kun,#” she whispered with tears in her eyes. Then, Aussie gave him a small kiss on the lips. Fujisaki kissed back without thinking. The late night kisses grew and spread within each other like a virus. Emma reached behind her back and pulled her obi loose. She slid off her kimono and spread her legs on top of him. Fujisaki let his girlfriend do as she pleased tonight. They were in the privacy of her apartment after all. Plus, she loved him and he loved her. He took her into his arms and let her sleep with him as proof.

In the early morning hours, Fujisaki woke up naked and alone. “Emma?” he mumbled. His girlfriend was gone. It was as if last night was a dream. He looked at the ceiling above him. It was  then he came to a realization. The boy didn’t want to end up alone. He had a good girl on his hand. She wasn’t perfect, she made an effort to become a productive human being in life. And here he was pushing her away in his mind. All for work? His pride? Well that was a stupid reason! Love shouldn’t be sacrificed for a silly thing like an ego-driven pride.

Fujisaki sat up in bed. There was something he had to do. It didn’t take him long to track down Emma at a curry bar downtown in the early morning hours. (She always ate fast food in the morning. That’s another habit he was trying to break her of.) He walked through the entrance and looked around the place. He spotted Emma over at the bar with two of her co-workers. Fujisaki did his best to keep himself out of his high perfectionist horse long enough to go through with this. He walked over to the bar. Emma and her co-workers happened to look up and see him walking over towards them. The keyboardist stopped only a few inches from her. Emma looked at him.

“#Yes?#” she asked. Fujisaki didn’t speak. With all of his stored away wild courage, he stepped forward, took Emma into his arms, and gave her a big kiss on the lips. Emma became pleasantly surprised as she shut her eyes and kissed back. Everyone stared at the couple in silent shock. Some found this PDA moment rather offense. The couple didn’t seem to care; this was their moment.

Finally, Fujisaki just let go of her and walked away. Sure, people stared at them. But you know what? F**k it, as Emma would shout at the top of her lungs.

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