“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

It didn’t make sense. Fujisaki couldn’t grasp why he stayed. Emma had a baby by another man and she wouldn’t tell him with whom.

“#I don’t know who the father,#” she lied. Fujisaki didn’t really buy it. Yet, he didn’t press for the truth. Why make it even worse than it already is? Just smile and take it.

Fujisaki frowned to himself as he looked at the window. Even that was getting to be tiresome. But what could he do? Emma and the baby nodded him at the moment.

Speaking of which…

The baby’s cry brought him back to reality. Fujisaki looked behind him and shook his head. Again?, he thought. I just put you down ten minutes ago. He looked over at his girlfriend. Mouth wide open and snoring. No shirt (and probably no panties either.) Hand hanging over the bed. The sheets almost off of her slender, pale body. Fujisaki lowered his shoulders.

She won’t be much help, he thought. But, the keyboardist shook her on the shoulder anyway.

“Em!” he whispered. “Hey! Hey! Wake up! Baby’s crying! Hey! Hey!” His girlfriend just rolled over. Fujisaki shook her harder.

“Hey! Hey!” he whispered.

“#Mmmm!#” Emma complained. Fujisaki drew back his hand and sighed. I knew it, he thought. The keyboardist turned to the open doorway. He sighed again.

“Hang on,” Fujisaki mumbled. “I’m coming. I’m coming.” He stood up and walked across the hall.

Subject: Fujisaki

“I’m leaving now,” he said at the door. “I’ll be back this evening.”

“#Okay!#” Emma called back.

“Have a good day!”


Fujisaki breathed out and walked out the door. The bad feeling in his stomach refused to leave.

She never does anything around the apartment, he thought. What if she forgets about the baby? Fujisaki shook his head.

Why am I really concerned about that kid anyway? He’s not my child.

“Fujisaki-kun!” someone called to him. The keyboardist jerked his head upwards. Shuichi and Hiro looked at him. Fujisaki blinked.

“What?” he asked. “What is it?”

“Are you feeling okay?” Hiro asked. The keyboardist nodded.

“Yes, yes,” he said. “Let’s go again.” The other band members didn’t seem too convinced about that statement. Fujisaki stared hard at him.

“Come on!” he said. “Get to it now!” Shuichi and Hiro nodded.

“Alright,” the former said. The whole time that they recording, Fujisaki only had one thought in mind. Is Emma-chan taking care of the baby?

His worry built up brick by brick. I probably should try and call her, he thought. But we’re recording now. His eyes saw the clock. Only ten minutes so far? This is not good. This is not good! Shuichi and Hiro watched him the whole time. The vocalist stopped singing altogether. Fujisaki gave them a confused look.

“Why did you stop?” he asked. Shuichi frowned.

“Let’s take a break,” he said. The keyboardist gave him a confused look.

“Why?” he asked.

“You’re not focused,” Hiro said. “Maybe we should take a break.”

“No!” Fujisaki insisted. “Let’s keep going.” The boys didn’t speak at first.

“Is something bothering you?” Shuichi asked. Fujisaki shook his head.

“No…” he tried to lie.

“You sure?” the vocalist asked.

“Yes!” Fujisaki yelled. Then, his cell phone rang. “Excuse me!” The young man rushed out the door. Hiro and Shuichi watched on still.

“Hello?” Fujisaki asked on his phone.

“#Sugo-kun!#” Emma wailed on the other line. “#Help me!#”

“Okay, okay, calm down,” he said. “What’s the problem?”

“#I can’t fix the sink!#” she wailed.

“Is something stuck in the drain?”


“Is it leaking?”


“Then, what’s wrong?”

“#The water looks brown and sludgy. And it stinks!#”

“Did you call the plumber?”

“#Yes, but they won’t be here until three hours. Please help me!#”

Fujisaki sighed. “Fine, I’ll be over.”

“#Thank you!#” Emma hung up on him. The keyboardist looked at his phone and sighed.

Why do I feel like I got played again?, he thought. Too late now…

Fujisaki left early to go tend to Emma and her problems. Shuichi and Hiro looked at him oddly the whole time.

“Look, I’m sorry,” he said. “But, I have to go.” He frowned at the looks in their eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that,” he said. “Just… don’t…” He turned and walked off before they could say a word. Fujisaki unlocked the front door.

“I’m home,” he muttered.

“Oh good!” a familiar voice cheered. Fujisaki froze in place. Huh? Curious, he wandered down to the kitchen. His eyes shot open in big shock. Emma sat around the kitchen floor with Mai and Chiyo. They had their jeans and sleeves rolled up tightly from trying to fix the pipes. The girls all looked up and saw him.

“Hiya!” Mai perked up. Her brother blinked at them all.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“#I called them over,#” Emma spoke up.


“#I got lonely.#” She pouted as she told him that. *Sweat drop on Fujisaki’s head* Is she serious?, he thought. The young man shook his head.

“Anyway,” he said as he waved them off. “What’s wrong with the pipes?” The girls didn’t speak for a long moment at first. Emma finally giggled. Fujisaki raised an eyebrow at her.

“What?” he asked. His girlfriend tried to stay calm. But, her giggling kept building up in waves. Her man kept getting frustrated.

“What is it?” he asked. Emma fell back on the floor laughing. His sisters gave him sweet little looks. Fujisaki’s frown deepened.

“What is so funny?!?” he growled. “Tell me now!” Chiyo leaned in forward to her younger brother.

“The pipes are fine,” she said.

“What?!?” he asked. Emma managed to calm down enough to speak. She rolled up to sitting.

“#I got lonely and bored,#” she said. “#So, I made up an excuse to get you over here.#” Fujisaki felt like screaming now.

“Oh really…” he mumbled.

“Yes!” all three girls cheered. *Sweat drop on Fujisaki’s head as he chuckles in madness* You have got to be kidding me!, he thought. Then, the baby started crying again.

“#Aren’t you going to go get him?#” Emma asked. Fujisaki sighed aloud.

“Fine,” he grumbled. The young man turned down the hall to tend to the baby. I hate her right now!, he thought.

The keyboardist ended up staying in for the right of the evening. He, Emma, his sisters, and the baby had dinner in the kitchen. (Take-out this time. Thank goodness for small wonders.) Fujisaki sat at the table, still pissed at such deceit. The girls chattered on happily. Chiyo looked over at the baby.

“He is so cute!” she said. “Does he have a name?” Fujisaki glanced at his girlfriend. Emma shook her head.

“#I don’t know,#” she replied. Chiyo and Mai looked shocked.

“You don’t know?!?” they asked. Emma shook her head. Fujisaki sneered at that revelation. Figures!, he thought. Just like her!

“Well, why doesn’t he have a name?” Mai asked. The Aussie shrugged.

“#I’ve only had him for a few weeks,#” she said.

“A few weeks?” Chiyo asked. Emma nodded as she lowered her head.

“#Yes…#” she mumbled.

“Why is that?” Mai asked.

“#I gave him up for adoption,#” the Aussie began. “#His parents died and he ended up here with us.#”

“Oh…” the sisters mumbled. Emma nodded a bit as Fujisaki snorted to himself.

“So… Who’s his father?” Chiyo asked. The Aussie gave her a little shrug.

“#I don’t know…#” she lied. Fujisaki got up from the table and stormed out the door.

“Suguru!” his sisters called. The door just slammed shut. The keyboardist gritted his teeth outside. His sisters knew how to press his button.

Why does Emma leave me to take care of that kid?!?, he thought. He’s not my child! Why doesn’t his real father take care of him? So stupid! No point in getting angry about it. The man couldn’t leave her now. That would just look heartless. Might as well try and live through this until the real father came along and took care of the child. Fujisaki breathed out.

Right… He took a little bit more to calm down some before he went back inside.

A scream pierced the whole apartment. Fujisaki ran all the way into the kitchen. The girls all crowded near the sink again. He rolled his eyes.

“What is it now?” he asked.

“#Ants!#” Emma screamed. Her boyfriend breathed out, annoyed.

“Yeah right,” he grumbled as he turned his head. “Like I’m going to fall for that one agi--…” The young man looked and saw a thin line of black ants crawling along the countertop.

“Oh crap!” he yelled. He ran to the pantry and grabbed the spray.

“Kill them! Kill them! Kill them!” his sisters yelped over and over again.

“Can you just shut up for a moment?!?” the younger brother snapped. He ended up spraying down almost all of the counter with the girls screaming and the baby crying in the background. He gave it his all not to snap and kill everyone around him with the ants.

Moments later, everything cooled down. His sisters went home and Emma took care of the baby for a change. Fujisaki pressed his forehead against the cool glass of the window. His girl was already out sleeping in bed. The keyboardist shook his head to himself.

Figures!, he thought. She always does that. Lazy bum! But, she does try. At least Emma has a stable job to try and support herself. Though she does not show it, she does love her son in a way. Just wish she would be more productive during the day…

A small ruffle behind him distracted him from his thoughts. Fujisaki turned to find Emma lying awake in bed looking at him. Her boyfriend blinked at her.

“How long have you awake like this?” he whispered.

“#Can’t sleep,#” she replied. Fujisaki leaned, intrigued. This is a first, he thought. Emma frowned after she said that.

“#I’m sorry I’m such a screw-up,#” she said. Her boyfriend gave her a puzzled look.


“#I suck as a mother. I wouldn’t make a good wife. Things have been slow at work. My family’s gone. I don’t have much of anything!#” She clenched her fists on the bed. “#But I try! I try, damn it! I try! I try! And I keep trying! What am I missing here?!?#” Emma groaned aloud in frustration. Fujisaki laid down next to her.

“Yes, I know,” he said.

“#They made me give up the baby. I didn’t complain. My fish die in my care anyway. It all went perfectly, but his parents just had to die.#” She slammed her fists against the bed. “#Does God hate me or something?!?#”

Fujisaki touched her cheek. “I don’t like how things stand either. But, I’m not running out on you now. I can’t. I don’t want to. So, I just going to just take this and stay.”

Emma didn’t speak; instead she just smiled at his words. Thanks, mate… Then, the baby began to cry again. The pair looked at the doorway.

“There he goes again,” the keyboardist said. Emma paused for a moment.

“#Oh, that’s right,#” she said. “#I didn’t give him a name.#”

“Didn’t his parents give him a name?”

“#Yeah, but I can’t remember now.#”

“Well then, give him a name one. What do you want to call him?”

Emma thought about that for a moment. For once in her downer moment, she smiled. “#I have wanted to name a son ‘Damon.’#”

“Okay then. I’ll go care for Damon then.”

Emma put up her hand. “#No, no. I’ve got this one.#”

Fujisaki looked at her funny. “You sure about that?”

“#Yeah. I’ve got this!#” Emma leapt out of bed and dragged herself out of the room. Fujisaki lied there with a weird little smile on his face.

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