Well, I'm Gabby. That's short for Abigail. Please don't call me that. It's soooooooo annoying when peeps do that. I like Gabby better. I'm sixteen years old and I live in the best city in the world. (Trust me- I've been everywhere) And I just love chilling out with my girlfriends and guys mates!

Hobbies: Eating (I manage to stay tiny though!), drinking, smoking pot, skiing in the Alps, singing, and dancing (I'm still trying to beat Nicole's records for top dancer! Don't worry, I will do it and watch her face of defeat!)

Music: Ting-Tings, Kings of Leon, Zero 7, and everything I can steal of mummy's world music collection. Mozart is good for a hangover.

Films: Just the classy Romantic Period films and the ones where the girl gets a make-over to look pretty. It is so cheesy, yet beautiful. Oh and anything with sexy-looking gangster guys in it.

Heroes: Lil' Kim and Tom Cruise (Hey, he's hot for an old guy!)

The Man of My Dreams: A sexy gangster or a Bond-type guy. Just anything to make me feel safe around the guy. And he has to have nice smart name like Harry or Hugo or Anthony or something...


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