Going to the Chapel

    Casper waited in the Tokyo Square. She was waiting for Arisu. You see, Casper didn't really want to sleep with Sid tonight. This was another trick with Simon to emotionally wound her. It's always the same crap. But yet, the hippie wanted to keep her boyfriend happy. So, she came to a compromise. Why not get someone else to pawn off on Sid for the night? Good plan, but who to get to do the job? Who? Then, Casper looked up when she heard footsteps. She turned around and saw good old Arisu. The girl looked as pale as usual. Casper began to wonder if the hospital did any good for the girl at all.

    "Hi Arisu," she said to her friend. Arisu smiled at her warmly.

    "Hey Casper!" she said.

    "Come and sit down?" the hippie asked her.

    "Gladly!" the Japanese girl said. Then, she sat down next to Casper on the stone bench. They both looked at each other for a moment. Then, Casper suddenly remembered.

    "Oh yeah!" she called. "Emma told me to give you this!" Then, the hippie reached into her shoulder bag and pulled out a freshly rolled joint. She handed over to her friend. Arisu held up her hand.

    "Oh, no, no!" she said quickly. "I don't smoke anymore!" Casper looked at her confused at that one.

    "What do you mean?" she asked. Arisu smiled at her again.

    "I still take pills," she explained. "But I don't smoke, it messes with my medication and makes me sad."

    "Ah," Casper said. "I see." She stashed it into her pocket for later. "Anyway," she said. "I need your help with something." Arisu looked up at her with an interested face.

    "Yes?" she asked. Casper took in a deep breath.

    "You see," she began. "Simon wants me to sleep with Sid tonight. But I don't want, so I was wondering if..."

    "Yes!" Arisu said quickly. Casper looked at her confused.

    "You will?" she asked.

    "Yes!" the Japanese girl said again. The hippie was really confused now.

    "But I've haven't even asked you the full question yet," Casper said. Arisu kept her rich smile.

    "That's okay," she said. "I am always happy to help out a friend, no matter what!" Casper relaxed some.

    "Thanks, Arisu!" the hippie called.

    "Anytime!" the Japanese girl said. A couple of minutes later, the girls were walking down the street in the city when a certain shop caught Casper's eye.

    "Ooo!" she called out at the top of her lungs. "Arisu, we have to stop!" the Japanese did so and turned.

    "Why?" Arisu asked. Casper pointed forward. The Japanese turned and saw a bridal shop. A bride and groom's wedding kimono were in the display window. Casper looked at them in a dreamy way.

    "Oh wow!" she called. "They are so beautiful!" Arisu looked at her smiling.

    "Want to go in?" she asked. Casper turned to her looking surprised.

    "Should we?" the hippie asked.

    "We can," Arisu suggested. In seconds, the girls were in the bridal shop. Casper was in complete heaven.

    "I can't believe it!" she said. "I have always dreamed about wearing one of these on my wedding dream!" She felt along the bride's kimono's silk. A great sensation ran through her body. She shut her eyes in bliss.

    "It's so pretty!" Casper called. Arisu watched her smiling. She just loved making her friends happy.

    "Whatever you say," the Japanese girl replied.

    "Hey!" a woman called out to them. Both girls quickly whipped around. A woman was standing before them. She was scowling at them in a cold way. This woman, the shopkeeper, looked about thirty to forty years old. She had on a lemon yellow kimono with her grey-black hair up into a tight bun. The woman's face was completely covered in wrinkled. It looked like the map of the Grand Canyon on her tired old mean face. She was tapping her foot loudly at them.

    "This store is for adults only!" she barked. "You girls should be in school now!" Casper didn't know what to say at first. Then, Arisu stepped forward.

    "She's pregnant!" she said quickly. The shop keeper looked at them confused. Casper herself was confused for a moment, but then she played along with it.

    "Really?" the shop keeper asked.

    "Yeah!" Arisu said. "It's only the first month though. She was on the pill, but those can be ineffective with certain medicines, you know!" The shop keeper thought about this for a moment. Then she looked up at Casper with care in her eyes.

    "Aw, you poor girl!" she called aloud. Casper faked a couple of tears.

    "I know!" she wailed out. Arisu hugged her warmly.

    "It's okay!" she said aloud to her friend. "You'll be okay, Casper!" The girl pretended to sob on her friend's shoulder. Arisu lightly patted her on the back. Then, she leaned in close to her friend's ear.

    "Faint!" she whispered to her quickly. Casper was confused now.

    "What?" she whispered back.

    "Just do it!" Arisu said softly. Casper pretended to faint in Arisu's arms with such grace.

    "Oh my!" Arisu called aloud. The shopkeeper looked on worried.

    "Is she okay?" she asked the Japanese girl.

    "Yes," Arisu replied. "She just needs some water, cool cloths, and smelling salts!" The shopkeeper just stood staring at the girls.

    "Water, quick!!!" Arisu called out. The shopkeeper nodded and ran straight out of the main display room. Once she was gone, Casper opened her eyes and stood to her feet. Arisu lightly let go of her.

    "I got rid of her," she whispered to her friend. Casper looked at her slightly confused.

    "Now what?" she asked. Arisu thought about that for a moment. Then, an idea came into her head.

    "To the temple!" she called in a low voice. Casper looked at her confused for a second. It took her a couple more seconds to figure out what Arisu was getting at. In a few minutes, the girls were running straight down to the local temple danced in the display models' kimono. Casper was dressed like a bride and Arisu was dressed like the groom. They both stopped at the entrance and turned to each other. Arisu was smiling at her "bride."

    "See?" she asked her. "I told you this was a great idea!" Casper nodded, but looked a little nervous.

    "Yeah," she said. "But what just did commit a crime and will get in trouble for it." Arisu just smiled and shook her head.

    "Nah," she replied. "The shopkeeper was a mean lady. She'll give punished in the end." Casper looked at her confused again.

    "What do you mean?" she asked.

    "I'm only nice to good people now," Arisu went on. "Counseling and the hospital have taught that to me. Now, I'm nice to good people and mean to the bad ones." Casper did see Arisu's logic a little bit and nodded at that one. Arisu had a strange yet highly twisted logical way of thinking at times. This was just one of those moments.