October 24th, 2071. Twenty-three-year-old Simone had just finished up her shift at the 47 Licks restaurant. Tonight was her last shift before she began her maternity leave. Simone was seven months pregnant. Her boyfriend had been pushing her to quit since before she got knocked up. Simone couldn’t do that; she needed the money. Maybe now, the soon-to-be family could spend more tonight together. Simone looked down at her big belly.

“We’ll be home to see daddy really soon,” she told her unborn child. It kicked in response. The mother giggled and walked to her car. That’s when things got ugly.

Simone walked over to her car. She began to unlock the door. But then, she heard someone yell, “Hey girl!” The waitress looked up and saw black.

October 31st, 2071. Vince looked around 47 Licks. Ah, the sight of rotting pumpkins in the morning. Got to love Halloween! Pretty soon, the crazies will come out later tonight. Anyway, back to the case. Vince walked over to the restaurant owner. The pudgy man slowly bit his nails.

“When did you see her last?” Vince asked him.

“Closing time, a week ago,” the owner answered. “It was her last night before her maternity leave.”

“How far along was she?”

“Seven months.”

“Seven months?”


“Any fights with the boyfriend?”

“No, they were happy about everything.” Vince though about that for a moment.

“Hm,” he said. “Thank you.” Then, Vince walked away. Simone Paquin was seven months pregnant. Why would someone want to kidnap her? And for what purpose? Time to ask around.

So far, everyone said the same thing. Simone was a nice girl. She stayed out of trouble. College-educated and well gifted. It didn’t make sense. Simone never did anything unexpected either. So, what was missing here?

Vince took a walk to think about it. Halloween invaded the world. Rotting pumpkins on the street. Paper lanterns hung in the sky. Zombies, witches, and ghosts wandered the streets. Yes, tonight is Halloween. Vince sighed annoyed. God, he hated Halloween.

Suddenly, the PI felt a trap on his right shoulder. Vince slowly turned around. A “crack zombie” stood behind him. He looked like a skinny punk rocker. His hair looked baby white. His teeth looked coal black. The man breathed out death as he trembled all over. Vince backed up a little bit.

“Yes?” he asked the “zombie.”

“You got any change?” the “zombie” hissed. The PI sighed and shook his head. He hated dealing with these guys!

“No! Get lost!” he barked. The zombie didn’t listen.

“You got any change?” he asked again. Vince gritted his teeth.

“No!” he replied. “Go away!” The zombie followed him still. It took an hour to chase him off. Once that was out of the way, Vince went back to work.

He still had noting. Only a name: Christopher Rose. He was a piece of work. Petty drug dealer, arsonist, and former hustler. Simone used to date Chris before he turned to drugs. Needless to say, things got ugly. Chris hit Simone and she left him in time. So maybe…

“Need something?” a voice asked behind him. Vince quickly whipped around him. Nina stood there, smiling.

“Only me!” she said. Vince calmed down some.

“Oh,” he said. Confusion came onto his face. “What are you doing here?” he asked. Nina shrugged.

“Felt like it,” she said. Vince blinked at her. “Okay, she’s weird!” he thought. The woman went serious.

“So,” she said. “What’cha up to?” Vince looked away some.

“I’m on a case of a missing pregnant woman.”

“Oh, how far along?”

“Seven months.”

“Ooo! Think the boyfriend did it?” Vince shook his head.

“Nah, they really were happy!”


“Yes, actually.”

“What’s he like?”

“A true low like.”

“Let me guess, drugs and bad to women?” Vince nodded.

“Yeah.” Nina nodded back.

“I see. Going to check him out?”

“Why, yes I am!”

“Can I come?” Vince looked at her oddly.

“Why?” Nina shrugged.


“Cause why?”

“Feel like it.” Vince looked on, slightly annoyed.

“Fine. Just don’t get in the way.” Nina gave him a little nod.

“I know where he lives!” Vince raised an eyebrow at her.

“Really now?”

“Yeah, I’ve been around.”

“Show me the way.” Nina did so with grace. Vince followed behind.

Meanwhile at the strip club, Red Bull, Tess walked out to her ’84 Toyota Lincoln in the parking lot. Halloween was always a crazy night. The pervs and crazies always came out to play in Akai-Chi Island around that time. Why did the creeps have to come out to Red Bell tonight? Lucky for her, the rules of the club were strict. The guys could look, not touch. If they touched, out they went. Many drunken pervs were thrown out tonight. Tess breathed out exhausted. “Why are people so crazy on Halloween?” she thought. “I just want a bath and go to bed.” Or at least that was the plan.

Tess came out to her car and found a big, brown box on the hood. Puzzlement met her face. “Huh?” she thought. “What the hell is this?” The stripper slowly took the box and opened it. A note was stapled to the bottom. She read the following:

I know all about you. Give me two grand or I will tell everything!

Happy Halloween

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