Home Movies #1

    Simon walked over to the DVD player and hit play.

    *Two years ago*

    The camera is flipped out in the Williams' driveway. Simon's face appears in front of the lenses.

    "/First day of summer back in Tokyo,/" he says. "/Just got my driver's licensee in England while visiting nan! Take a look!/" Camera moves to his dad's car. Casper peeks out the window and smiles.

    "/There's my bird, Casper!/" Simon says. "/Say hi!/" The hippie waves happily at the camera. Simon walks closer with the camera.

    "/Tell us what we are doing today,/" he tells her. Casper gives him a little smile.

    "/We're going to try and fly a kite while driving on the freeway!/" she announces in a perky way.

    "/Show us the kite!/" Simon cheers. Casper opens the car door and shows off the white, blue, red, and yellow, child-like kite.

    "/Very nice,/" Simon says. He turns the camera onto himself again.

    "/Let's do this!/" he says. Simon climbs into the car and hands the camera to Sid. He climbs back in after having tied the kite to the top of the car.

    "/Ready?/" Simon asks. Sid gives him a thumbs up. Simon turns behind him.

    "/Ready Cas?/" he asks.

    "/Yeah!/" she cheered. Simon turns to the house in front of him.

    "/Let's go!/" he shouts. Then, he starts up the car and backs out. On the highway, Casper looks at the boys.

    "/Now?/" she asks.

    "/Not yet!/" Simon replies. Casper pouts.

    "/When?/" she asks.

    "/Just a little bit longer!/" her boyfriend tells her. "/The wind has to be just perfect!/"

    "/You said that ages ago!/" the hippie complains. Simon chuckles at her.

    "/It's coming,/" he says. "/Hang in there!/" By three o'clock, Simon looks in the rear view mirror at his girlfriend.

    "/Okay babes,/" he said. "/Release the kite!/" Casper does so with childish excitement. It flew... for like ten seconds and then dragged on the road behind them. They kept trying to fly the kite while driving until the kite was just a frame. So much for that idea. Oh well, at least they all got a good drive out of it. (Other than the warning from the police at one point, it was still good.)

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