Home Movies #2

    Simon walked over to his DVD player again and hit play.

    *Two Years Ago*

    Driving along the highway. Simon was the driver. In the car with him was Casper, Sid, Shuichi, Lucas, Lexie, and Hiro. Simon had just snuck his dad's car out of the driveway. Now, he and the crew were out joy-riding. Casper sat next to him. Lexie, Lucas, and Shuichi sat in the back seat. Hiro and Sid sat in the very back. The driver glanced at his mates. Sid had the camera in his hands and was filming the whole drive.

    "/Enjoying the ride?/" he questioned.

    "/Yeah!/" Casper cheered.

    "Whoo-hoo!" Shuichi yelled. Lexie only gave him a little smile. Simon looked in his rear-view mirror and noticed that Sid, Hiro, and Luke didn't look too happy. The driver gave them a little pout.

    "/Aw, what's wrong, guys?/" he asked. The boys didn't speak at first. They seemed nervous about how to address the problem at hand.

    "/Uh.../" Sid began.

    "Does your dad know you have the car, Si?" Hiro spoke up. Simon gave him a naughty smirk.

    "/I'm just borrowing it for the afternoon,/" he replied in a matching tone.

    "+You stole your dad's car?!?+" Luke yelled.

    "/Aw, Luke!/" Simon cooed. "/That's so harsh to say such a thing. I borrowed the car! Besides, dad won't be help until this evening. We'll be back by then!/"

    "You still stole it!" Hiro pointed out. Simon turned around to face him.

    "/Relax!/" he insisted. "/I've had my license for a long time now. Plus, I'm good at driving. Hell, I've driven along this many times. So we'll be goo--/"

    "/SIMON, LOOK OUT!!!/" Casper cried.

    "/Huh?/" her bloke asked as he turned around. But, it was too late. He veered off the road and... CRASH! They hit a light pole. Everyone leaned forward in a jerk. Once the initial shock had worn down, Simon looked around at all of his mates.

    "/Everyone alright?/" he asked.

    "+Barely!+" Lexie wailed.

    "Ow," Shuichi complained.

    "/You'll be fine!/" Simon brushed off. He and Sid got out of the car to incept the damages. Sid still had the camera in his hand.

    "/Oh shite!/" he exclaimed. The left front of the car was crashed inside. Simon looked at the damage a little bit longer. He looked up with a grin.

    "/All good,/" the boy brushed off. His mates looked at him as if he had lost his ever-loving mind. Simon didn't wait for a reply.

    "/I'll just tell dad that I swiveled to miss a loose dog,/" he went on with a grin. His mates said nothing. Rather pointless to even try and argue with Simon Williams logic.

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