Home Movies #3

    Simon walked over to his DVD player and turned it on again.

    *Last Year*

    Summer in a field. Shuichi, Simon, and Ando looked around at their surroundings. Simon looked down the hill. A smile came onto his face.

    "/This will be perfect,/" he said. He turned to his friends.

    "/Okay mates! Bring it out here!/" the boy said. Ando and Shuichi dragged out a long, black tarp. They rolled it down the hill. The tarp touched the very bottom. Shuichi turned to Simon.

    "Now what?" he asked. Simon took a moment to ponder this. A smirk slowly spread across his face.

    "/Let's slide down it!/" he said. The other two boys looked up at him.

    "What?!?" they asked. Simon at them.

    "/Come on,/" he said. "/It'll be fun!/" The boys didn't look convinced. The English lad didn't drop the idea.

    "/Look, it's easy. I'll show you,/" he said. Simon jumped onto the tarp and slid all the way down.

    "/Whoo-hoo!!!/" he yelled as he slid down fast while the other two watched from the top. Ando looked over at Shuichi.

    "After you," he said. The other boy panicked.

    "ME?!?" he yelped. "Why me?!?" Ando shrugged at him.

    "Dunno," he said. "You're older than me."

    "Oh, so I should get hurt first?!?" Shuichi yelled.

    "/Eh!/" Simon shouted from below. "/Get a move on! Or are you chicken?/" Shuichi sighed aloud.

    "Fine, I'll go," he said. Then, he stepped forward to the tarp. He swallowed hard and shut his eyes. The vocalist went sliding down head first. He landed at the very bottom. Shuichi sat up and whimpered in pain. Simon rolled his eyes at him.

    "/Shuich, you are such a pussy,/" he said.

    "But it burns!" Shuichi cried.

    "YAHOO!!!" Ando yelled as he came sliding down to join them. Shuichi managed to leap up in time as Ando landed at the bottom. He too sat up sore.

    "Ow," he mumbled. "That hurt."

    "Told you!" Shuichi replied. Simon took a moment to think about it.

    "/Hm,/" he said. "/Maybe we could add some water./" The other two boys looked on with interest. In an hour, they got a big trash drum of water and poured it down the tarp. They all gave the slide another go. This went on for until practically the sky turned black.


    Simon stared at the screen, blankly. "Was I really that much of an ass?" he thought.

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