Honey Trap

Akai-Chi island had gone to the dogs for a long time. Black ruled the whole city. Every other building functioned as a bar, club, or a brothel. Everyone chased their sins around to no end. With such ruin came the crimes. Such as tonight for example.

Club Angel usually filled the streets with its wild parties. No so tonight. Club Angel became a crime scene. A dirt white ’89 Camano pulled into the parking lot. A man dressed in a nice suit climbed out. The police had been waiting for him. One of the officers walked over to him.

“Ah, Inspector Parkman!” he called. “So glad you’re here.” The man didn’t speak until he made it to the officer.

“Where’s the DB?” he asked. The police led him around the back of the club. Normal so far. But then, he saw her. Girl of eighteen tied to a chained fence. She looked like a Gothic Lolita. The rain had ruined her hair and make-up. The girl had been tied to the fence as if she had been crucified. The inspector stared on pale with silence. He thought that he had seen it all. But this topped it all. The coroner fixed up the basic work.

“A single gunshot wound to her chest,” he said. “Rigger puts TOD twenty-four hours.” The PI looked at the body.

“Anything else, Bill?” he asked. The coroner turned to him looking serious.

“There is this,” Bill replied. He handed the PI a black tape recorder. Vince took it in a rubber glove and hit play. A chilling message echoed through the air. The tape played:

My name is Cher Matthews and I’m going to kill myself. I want to say sorry to my sister and that I love her so very much! I never met to hurt anyone. *Gun shot*

Parkman hit stop. Both men looked at each other.

“This is no suicide!” the PI said. Bill nodded at him in agreement. Looked like a homicide. But who killed Cher and why this way?

First place to start was Club Angel itself. Parkman questioned everyone in the club. No one gave any useful information. Some didn’t remember seeing the girl before. “Stoners!” the PI thought annoyed. “That’s everyone’s god damn problem in this fucking city! Partying wasteland is all this sad pathetic city is!” But then, Parkman felt a top on his shoulder. He whipped around to see a woman staring back at her. She looked about thirty years old. Pale white face and narrow eyes. Thin like a straw. All dressed in black with nearly flat chest. The PI looked at her blankly.

“What is it?” he asked. The woman smiled at him.

“I saw a woman leaving with that girl last night,” she said. Parkman looked at her in surprise. He get out his notepad.

“What did she look like?” the PI asked.

“My height, thin blonde hair, all dressed in black,” the woman described. “She was talking to that girl at the bar.”

“And then?” the PI asked. The woman shrugged.

“They just left,” she replied. Parkman wrote everything down.

“Okay,” he said. “Thanks for your time.” The woman nodded.

“’Preciate it!” she said. Then, the woman headed off. Turns out, the lead ended up a bust. The PI got nothing. “Figures!” he thought. “That stupid woman just wanted attention! Back to square one!” Sunrise came when Parkman made it home. He just wanted to think about this case on his own some. But he had yet to realize the next problem about to develop.

Parkman pulled into his parking space and headed to his apartment. At his door sat a teenage girl. This girl looked pretty cute. Long wavy brown hair pinned back into a ponytail. Sweet brown eyes to a healthy glowing face. She looked like a child prostitute in her short and tight shimmery black and gold dress. The gold fuck me pumps, make-up, and purse completed her looks. The PI looked at this girl oddly.

“Can I… help you?” he asked her. The girl stepped forward.

“Are you Vince Parkman?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied.”Why?” The girl became excited right away.

“Can I come in with you?” she asked. Vince looked at her odd again.

“Why?” he asked. The girl stepped forward and tried to hug him. Vince pushed her away.

“What are you doing?” he shot at her. The girl looked at him innocently.

“I want you, Vince!” she called. Vince didn’t believe it at all.

“No, you don’t,” he said.

“But I do!” the girl protested. Vince sighed to himself annoyed.

“Look,” he said. “I don’t know what you’re playing at, but it’s not funny. So get lost!” The girl became angry.

“Are you gay or something?!?” she snapped.

“No!” Vince barked. “You’re a kid! I’m not ruining my career because of you!” The girl looked like she would cry now. Vince took a little pity on her.

In a few minutes, Vince poured the girl some tea in his kitchen. She stared at the cup in sad silence.

“Now Didi,” Vince spoke up. “What are you doing here?” The girl sighed aloud.

“I was sent here to seduce you,” she replied. Vince kept staring at her.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“Fourteen,” Didi answered. Parkman sat down with her.

“Who sent you?” he asked. Didi shook her head.

“I can’t tell you!” she cried. “He’ll kill me!” Vince hugged her tightly.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “I won’t let him hurt you!” Didi looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

“You promise?” she asked. Vince nodded.

“I promise!” he said aloud. Didi didn’t believe him, but she cried against his chest. Vince to himself. His job just became much harder. But it didn’t stop there…

Black Day