I Trust You to Skin Me Alive

    Faculty Meeting in the Teacher's Lounge at Tokyo Cram College. Yukari-san glanced over at Dr. Taka.

    "Tell me something, Yukina," she spoke up. Dr. Taka looked up at her.

    "Hm?" she asked. Yukari-san sat up some in her chair.

    "How do you do it?" she asked. Dr. Taka made a face at her.

    "Do what?" she asked.

    "Deal with those little psychos day after day," the teacher finished up. It took the Good Doctor to get what she was asking. The woman nodded.

    "Oh, my student-patients," she said. "I just take them as they are, listen, and give them advice to hopefully improve." Yukari-sensei tried not to laugh. Dr. Taka raised an eyebrow at her.

    "What?" she asked. Yukari-sensei regained control long enough to speak her mind.

    "You really do have blind faith!" she said. The Good Doctor blinked.

    "How do you mean?" she asked. Yukari-sensei finished her tea.

    "Those kids are potential felons!" she blurted out. "Shawn has a criminal mind. That shows in his art. Nicole is just as bad as he is; I feel bad for their child already. Sid is just stupid and tries to impress everyone around him. Simon has essentially become a social vegetable to the world. Emma is a wasted whore that has no chance of a future. Fujisaki needs to be careful before he kisses his own future goodbye because of her. Casper's going to be a slut because of her mother. Nick's going to probably end up in prison because he killed somebody. He too has a criminal mind. Lexie is crazy because of her condition. Lucas will probably kill himself because of her. Ando would probably kill himself or his mother if he wasn't so stupid. Shuichi's too much of a drama queen. Cassie and Arisu will both end up in the nut house. Kat is the ideal example what a parent should never be. Hiro seems to be the only sane person in that bunch. But I wonder how long that will last." Yukari-sensei took another drink of her tea-soda.

    "I mean, why bother with all of that?" she asked. Dr. Taka just smiled.

    "Well, I have to," she said.

    "But why?" Yukari-sensei asked.

    "I just need to," Dr. Taka said. A little smile came onto her face. "Besides," she said. "Their stories make the cases more interesting." Yukari-sensei gave him an odd look.

    "You're weird," she said. The Good Doctor only gave her a little giggle.

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