I Know What Girls Like

    Lucas, Shuichi, Shawn, Ando, Nick, and Simon all sat at the bar having drinks. Lucas still was bitter about Shawn taking his phone. Now, he couldn't check on Lexie anymore and try to save her from Nicole. The American was worried to death about his girlfriend. Nicole and Lexie were out partying for the night. That really wasn't Lexie's scene at all. She was more of a homebody girl. The poor soul stuck out like a sole thumb. Lucas worried about some pervert taking advantage of his girl because of it. He lowered his head in misery. This was bad. Really bad! But yet, the boys wouldn't let him go. Just like Lexie, he was a hostage out tonight.

    The boys sat in silence with their drinks. This was a pretty awkward moment. Considering all that had happened at this point. Simon was still blacklisted for what he did to Casper and "Jake." Ando and Shuichi still weren't talking after the Cambodia trip. So, yeah. Awkwardness all around. Nobody knew what to say out loud. That was until Shawn came up with a great idea. He snickered to himself quietly. The other boys looked up at him.

    "/What the Hell are you laughing for, Shawn?/" Nick questioned. The punk boy looked up at him smirking.

    "/I know what girls like!/" he announced boldly. The boys looked on really close. Simon sneered at him coldly.

    "/You lie,/" he said.

    "/I do too, you tosser!/" Shawn argued. The charming bastard looked at him glaring skeptically.

    "/Okay, smart ass!/" he shot back. "/What do they want?/" Shawn grinned at him boldly. He sat down his drink on the bar.

    "/Sex, power, control, and attention!/" the punk artist said easily. Silence passed for a moment. Simon laughed at his mate's answer. The punk artist raised an eyebrow at him.

    "/Am I lying?/" he asked. Simon sat up some. He set down his drink as well.

    "/You twat!/" he argued. "/Girls want money, attention, clothes, and love!/" Shawn snorted at him.

    "/That's bullshit!/" he said. "/Girls want sex, power, control, and attention!/"

    "/Money, attention, clothes, and love!/" Simon yelled.

    "/Sex, power, control, and attention!/" Shawn shouted.

    "/Money, attention, clothes, and love!/" Simon threw back.

    "I thought girls wanted candy," Shuichi threw in. Simon and Shawn looked at him for a moment. They considered this for a moment.

    "/True,/" Simon agreed.

    "/Okay,/" Shawn said. "/So girls want sex, power, control, attention, money, clothes, love, and candy./"

    "Girls also like boys and food," Ando threw in. The boys thought about that for a moment. They all nodded a little bit.

    "/True,/" the punk artist agreed. "/Alright, so we have sex, power, control, attention, money, clothes, love, candy, boys, and food for girls. What else?/" The boys all thought about that for a moment. They turned to Lucas. The American slowly looked up from his thoughts.

    "+What?+" he asked. The boys stared at him still.

    "Well Lucas," Shuichi said. "Anything you want to add to this?" The American man shook his head at him.

    "+Sorry,+" he said. "+ I don't have anything to add.+"

    "/Oh come on, Luke!/" Simon yelled. "/You must have something to add to this!/" Lucas shook his head.

    "+I can't think of everything!+" he said.

    "Try!" Shuichi pushed. Lucas sighed.

    "+Fine,+" he said. The man took a moment to think about it. The boys waited for his answer. Lucas looked at them uneasy. He gritted his teeth a bit.

    "+Reading...+" he said. The other boys looked at him as if he was crazy. The American shrugged at them.

    "+What?+" he asked. "+That's what Lexie likes to do!+" Shawn smirked at him as he shook his head at him.

    "/Luke, we're talking about normal girls, not girls with multiple personalities,/" he said. Lucas looked down at his drink.

    "+Oh,+" he said. "+I see.+" He retrieved back to Lexie as the boys talked more about what girls liked and wanted. Lucas wondered what his girlfriend and Nicole were doing right now. "Lexie..." he thought in worry.

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