Cassie just had to know this for herself. She wanted to get to know the real Nick Trent. So far, she had only seen a total jerk that always shot her down, said she was stupid and annoying, or just flat out ignored her. But yet, the English girl flat out loved him. She didn't understand why; she just did. Thus, Cassie started her quest to get to know her crush a little better. After her classes, she asked everyone around on the Tokyo Cram College. So far, Nick's reviews were negative. All of the students had something nasty to say about him.

    "He's a creep!"

    "That guy's a total ass!"

    "He's an asshole!"

    "Nick's an evil bastard!"

    "Nick is a jerk! He's always saying mean things to people!"

    "He only cares about himself!"

    "You would be doing yourself a favor by not even *thinking* about dating him!"

    "You can do better, you're WAY too good for him!"

    "Eww! What the Hell do you see him in?"

    "He's going to break your heart, Cass!"

    "There are plenty of other guys that are WAY better than Nick Trent!" Cassie nodded a bit at each other of them.

    "/Okay, cheers,/" she said. The English pretender walked away. None of the answers were any good to her. She believed that there had to be something good about Nick Trent. There just had to be! There just had to! That girl was convinced that under that cruel sinner exterior lied a saint dying and screaming to get out. And she was determined to set it free. "I love him!" Cassie thought. "And I won't give up on him! Not at all!" Then, an idea came into the girl's head. She knew the perfect person to ask about her crush and learn the truth about him once and for all. Cassie went off to find that one person.

    Cassie found Shuichi outside in the yard. He was waiting for Hiro. The English girl came up behind him and lightly grabbed him by the shoulder. The vocalist whipped right around to her. Cassie gave him a sweet little smile.

    “Oh,” he said. “It’s you, Cassie.” The English girl looked at him slightly hurt. Shuichi noticed her face.

    “Cassie,” he said. “What’s wrong?” She shook her head at him at first. Shuichi looked at her slightly odd.

    “It’s okay,” he said to her softly. “You can tell me.” Cassie shrugged at him some.

    “/Well,/” she said. “/It’s about Nick…/” Shuichi made a doubtful face at her.

    “What about him?” he asked. Cassie shuffled her feet a bit. She looked down at the her feet. She didn’t know if she should speak or not. But she was here now. No turning back she guessed.

    “/Well,/” the English girl spoke up. “/Why is so mean?/” Shuichi gave her a kind little smile. Remind him of him and Yuki in a sense. He lightly patted her on the shoulder.

    “Oh,” the vocalist said. “That’s just typical of Nick.” Cassie looked up at him on that.

    “/Really?/” she asked. Shuichi nodded at her boldly.

    “Yeah,” he admitted. “He may not show it at times, but Nick actually does care about us.” Cassie looked at him a bit unconvinced.

    “/You mean that?/” she asked him.

    “Yeah…” Shuichi answered. “In his own strange demented way…” *Sweat drop on his head* “Come to think of it,” he went on. “He reminds me of Yuki when he thinks I’m being annoying…” Cassie looked at him oddly on that one.

    “/Yuki?/” she asked. Shuichi looked up from his rambling.

    “Oh!” he called aloud. “Nothing! Yuki’s my boyfriend and I was comparing Nick to him.” Cassie still gave him a blank stare for a moment. Then, she smiled at him brightly.

    “/Oh, I see!/” she called.

    “Yeah!” the vocalist replied. Both laughed out loud for a moment. They calmed down afterwards.

    “/But seriously,/” Cassie spoke up. “/What am I going to do with Nick?/” Shuichi smiled and shrugged at her.

    “Just do what I did with Yuki,” he replied. “Wear him down. It works just fine.” Cassie cocked her head at him.

    “/It does?/” she asked.

    “Yeah!” Shuichi called. “If you love someone that much, you’ll keep pushing until you get through to them.” Cassie nodded at this newfound information. She slowly began to smile.

    "/I see,/" she said. Then, the English pretender headed out of the yard to leave. Shuichi watched her confused.

    "Cassie!" he yelled. "Where are you going? The English girl turned to him smiling.

    "/Oh,/" she said. "/Just to pay Nick a little visit. I know how to find him!/" Then, she walked away happily. The vocalist watched on silently. Nick would kill him later, but Shuichi just had to help Cassie in this case. "Cassie..." he thought.

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