Just a Bath

    Emma sat in her bathtub. She looked up at the ceiling, out in a daze. The Aussie reflected on her relationship with Fujisaki. "Am I good girlfriend?" she thought. The girl loved the keyboardist to death. He was so nice to her. She tried her best to be good to him. The sex was so sweet. They spend the night together many times. He supported her through her job hunt. He even took her out on a few dates. What did she do for him? Emma opened her eyes at the ceiling.

    "Oh shite!" she thought. "He's done so much for me. I have to do something for him in return!" But what? A gift? "A watch?" she thought. Nah, not good enough. Gift card? That's too cheap. A dinner? Emma smiled at that thought.

    "That's be great!" she pondered. But, what to cook him? Take-out? "That's too cheap!" Emma pondered. "Probably should cook something for him." Okay, so she was going to cook Fujisaki a meal. All out of love. But what was she going to cook for him? Emma began listing meals in her head.


    Stir fry?


    Emma pressed her lips together, firmly. Better do something a little more... simple. Oh well, she'll just have to improvise. But, the food wasn't the only thing that needed to be worked on. "This apartment nice to be cleaned up," the Aussie thought. "And..." She looked down at herself in the bathtub.

    "Ooh," she thought. "And make myself look decent." A warming thought flooded into her head.

    "Ooo, maybe Sugo-kun will want to live with me if I do a good job!" she thought in excitement. Emma squealed aloud in delight. After a few seconds, she forced herself to calm down.

    "Right," the Aussie thought. "I've got work to do." Then, she climbed out the bathtub, dried off, and went into her room to change clothes.

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