Kat's Misery

    Kat lied in bed, buried under her sheets. The big 3-0 was spying on her. She could feel it watching her. Breathing down her neck and staring at her. "I'm going to be thirty!" Kat thought over and over again. She pressed the pillow heavily over her head. The woman always hated her birthday. That day reminded her of that moment...

    Kat felt her stomach under the sheets. It's been so long. Sixteen years. She shut her eyes and trembled. "Leave me alone!" the woman thought. "I have suffered enough! It's not fair!" Her mind trailed back to sixteen years ago.

    She was only thirteen at the time. Her and her brothers' father had died a year earlier. Their mother was lonely and didn't know how to cope with the loss. Soon, she met a man while doing some volunteer work at the local temple. They dated for three months. Three weeks after that, they got married. The children didn't know how to adjust to this sudden change. Their grandfather certainly didn't approve. Something about this new man made him rather suspicious. Oh, he had good reason to be back then.

    She choked back some of her own dry sick. All of those months. Kat couldn't tell anybody. He threatened and taunted her into keeping quiet. He had convinced her that her mother wouldn't believe her. So, Kat said nothing and took it. Then on the fourteenth birthday, it all came unglued from there. She had to tell her mother the truth by then. Her mother was furious, but not with her daughter to Kat's surprise. No, the anger rightfully went to her second husband. Needless to say, he was gone shortly after that. Nine months later, Ando was born. The family then pretended that everything was normal. But, Kat couldn't forget the truth. She saw it everything so looked at Ando's face. That feeling only got worse on her birthday, just like today. Kat just wished she could skip the whole day, altogether. Hide in bed and do nothing until the next day. The door knocked on the outside.

    "Kat!" Ando yelled again. "Everyone's waiting for you to come out so that they can eat."

    "Go away!" she cried. "Is that difficult for you to understand?!?"

    "But we're all hungry!" he complained.

    "I DON'T CARE!!!" Kat yelled from under her sheets. "GO AWAY!!!" She could hear him sighing outside.

    "Why do you always act like a spoiled bitch on your birthday?!?" Ando shouted through the door. Kat didn't say a word. She listened as he walked away. Oh, the woman knew she would have to face them all soon. Kat rolled over on her back and looked up at the ceiling. She groaned softly.

    "I need a drink," the birthday girl mumbled in misery.

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