Kiss-Kiss, Pop-Pop, Knock 'Em Down

    The chikas, Fujisaki Chiyo and Mai, are boinging on for a super sweet ticket to Jpop paradise. Love for the chikas, y'all! Peace out!

    (The girls, Fujisaki Chiyo and Mai are hoping to score a record deal for their Jpop careers. Wish them luck. Buh-bye!)

    Chiyo and Mai came up to Chichukai Label building. They looked really excited. Mai turned to her older sister.

    "Get this Chi," she said. "We is gonna boing the stiff wigs at Chichukai and sparkle off our hot pipes on our happy tracks!"
    ("Okay, Chiyo. We are going to promote ourselves to the staff of Chichukai and play our demo tape for them.")

    Chiyo nodded a little bit. Her facial expression didn't quite match. Her younger sister noticed her face.

    "Chi, what's snapping ya?" Mai asked.
    ("What's wrong, Chiyo?")

    Her sister looked on at her. "I is not swinging here. You bright on dis? We could be slammed with sum pink-sparkle shit and be blind about it!"
    ("I'm not sure about this. Are you sure about this? We could be tricked into a scam and not know!")

    Mai looked at Chiyo sharply. "Duh! I snooped dis! Them sail cool! Enuff bitchin' and get to dis!" she hissed.
    ("Yeah! I checked this out. They are okay. Enough complaining and come on!")

    Chiyo looked on a bit uneasy. Mai gave on a little smile.

    "Hey, drehink the word, girl!" she said coolly.
    ("Hey, remember the motto, sis!")

    Chiyo's eyes lit up there. "Bombing!" she chirped.

    "Kiss-kiss, pop-pop, knock 'em down!!!" the girls yelled together.
    ("Rise up, keeping fighting until we win!")

    Right then, Chiyo felt better all over.

    "F**k sweet!!!" she yelled.
    ("Oh yes!")

    "Sweet!" Mai boomed. "Let's get this poppin'!"
    ("Good, let's go in.")

    Chiyo nodded overjoyed. Both girls went into the building. The receptionist's office looked pretty spotless. Not as rich as NG, but looked pretty impressive. Chiyo and Mai looked around happily.

    "Banging!!!!" they murmured.

    They spotted the receptionist up ahead. Mai leaned into her sister.

    "Flat! Corpo pin ahead! Gotta quwhip sane!" she whispered. "Me do all of the quwhip!"
    ("Oh crap! There is a corporate guy here. We've got to use proper Japanese. I'll do all of the talking.")

    "Yeah!" Chiyo said with a nod. Mai walked up to the front desk. Her sister watched on in silence. The oldest Fujisaki rang the bell. The receptionist looked up. Mai smiled at him warmly.

    "Excuse me sir," she said. "My sister and I are here with a demo tape to play for the bosses here. So can you please squeeze us in?"
    ("Yo dude, my gal-pep and me have crashed with our happy tracks for the stiff wigs at this joint! Push us in as you will!")

    The receptionist smiled at the woman.

    "Bombing, me sista! I get ya bonging with the stiff wigs half of the clock!" he said.
    ("Sure thing, ma'am. I'll get you with the boss in a second!")

    Mai looked at him in high surprise.

    "You quwhip our lango?" she asked.
    ("You speak girl-pop slang?")

    Mai turned around to her younger sister.

    "Eh, Chi! Fly boy 'ere quwhips our lango!" she announced.
    ("Hey Chiyo! This guy speaks girl-pop slang!")

    Chiyo walked over to him excited. Their new friend got on the phone and made the arrangements for them. The women and the receptionist smiled at each other.

    "So, ya got your happy tracks ta dazzle the stiff wigs?" the receptionist asked.
    ("So, do you have your demo tape with you to impress the bosses?")

    "Too sweet!" Chiyo cheered.
    ("Yes, we do!")

    She reached into her black and pink shoulder bag to pull out the table. Mai and receptionist waited excited. But suddenly, Chiyo's face dropped into disappointment.

    "Downer!" she exclaimed.

    The receptionist and Mai looked over at her.

    "Chi, what's snapping ya?" Mai asked.
    ("What's wrong, Chiyo?")

    Her sister didn't answer her. Instead, the younger woman pulled out a freshly made bento box. *Sweat drop on Mai's head*

    "WTF, Chi?!?" she asked.
    ("What the f**K, Chiyo?!?")

    *Sweat drop on her sister's head as she sighs*

    "Downer! We swiped Sugu's food by screw-up!" she said.
    ("Darn it! We grabbed brother's lunch by accident!")

    Mai bit her lip nervously for a moment. But then, an idea came into her head.

    "No crab! We is gonna fly it!" she said aloud.
    ("Not a problem! We'll just go with it!")

    Chiyo's eyes lit up happily.

    "Super fly!!!" she yelled.

    The women turned back to their new receptionist friend.

    "Blow us the charms!" they said.
    ("Wish us luck!")

    The receptionist smiled at them proudly. "Charms!" he yelled.

    The girls went back to the president's big office. The receptionist waited for a long moment. He listened to the girls' make their song on the other end of the phone.

    "Check, check!" Mai's voice boomed on the other line. "This is our song, 'Girlfriend Crush!'" She and her sister began to sing.

    "Yo, yo, check, check!" they began. "I met this cute boy the other night at the club. He was fine that I took him home and knelt down to suck his..." Suddenly, the girls got cut off. The receptionist looked up startled and confused.

    "Huh? What the hell?!?" he yelled. "What's going on?!? Why did it cut off?!?" Mai and Chiyo were thrown out into the lobby with the bento. The receptionist looked at them in pity.

    "No blow?" he asked.
    ("It fell through?")

    The girls' disappointed looks gave them away. The receptionist gave them a kind smile.

    "No crab, chikas!" he said. "Drehink the word!"
    (Don't worries, girls! Remember the motto!")

    The girls began to cheer up right away. They smiled at him brightly.

    "Kiss-kiss, pop-pop, knock 'em down!!!" they said together.
    ("Rise up, keeping fighting until we win!")

    "Kiss-kiss, pop-pop, knock 'em down!!!" the receptionist repeated.
    ("Rise up, keeping fighting until we win!")

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