Chiyo Sato

Age: 25

    Chiyo is the lovely niece of the mob leader of the Yukaze. Everything was nice and simple until she fell in love with Hideo. Due to status, both had to keep their relationship a secret. That was no problem until Chiyo became pregnant. Afraid for all three of their lives, Hideo sent Chiyo to Kenzu and helped her fake her death. Now, she lives in a brothel house with hookers and a madam that take very good care of her. Chiyo is very grateful to her new "sisters."


Age: 49

    Auntie is the owner of the brothel house, Pleasure Kiss. She is a strict but caring lady. This is the woman that saved the mob princess from two horny perverts that chased her through out the city to try and rape her. Auntie cares deeply for Chiyo and her child-to-be. She is the only woman in the house that has her head on her shoulders.

China Pot

Age: 30

    China Pot is a hooker at Pleasure Kiss. She is seems cold and distant towards everyone at first. She even seems to want Chiyo go back to where she came from. It's not that she hates the mob princess, she just sees Chiyo as trouble. But over time, China Pot warms up to Chiyo and helps her and her daughter to survive. She too has a young daughter of her own.


Age: 26

    Rei is the cynical one of the group. She loves to mess with people's heads at times. Chiyo is her favorite person to pick on. Despite her wicked tricks, Rei does it all out of love. She tries to help Chiyo survive in Kenzu. Rei loves sweets and junk food.


Age: 24

    Eliza is the studious one of the bunch. She woos men with poetry and literature. The other girls pick on her and call her a bookworm for her tastes in seduction. But she doesn't care, Eliza still does it. She reads to Chiyo and her baby at nights to help with growth.


Age: 19

    Nora is the baby of the group. She is ambitious to live out her dreams and live a better life. The other girls think she's a little ridiculous for even trying. Auntie and Chiyo encourage her to keep tying to live out her dreams. Nora is constantly saving up her money to leave Kenzu. She and Kohana become close friends later.


Age: 21

    Latrina is the pretty gold digger of the group. She is a sex kitten looking for a rich man to take her away. So far, she has had no such luck. But that doesn't stop her from looking. Latrina is always trying to decorate and shower Chiyo and her baby in expensive things that men spoil her with. She always takes gifts from rich and gorgeous men.


Age: 36

    Rose is the oldest of the group. Some men think she too old to be working in a brothel. But that never stops her from doing so. Rose always gets the last laugh in the end. She and Auntie are great friends. Rose asks like Chiyo's mother at times.


Age: 20

    Minami is the fun-loving one of the group. She has a boyfriend across town. The couple want to marry. So both work hard to have their dream wedding. Minami also wants screw around with many gorgeous men before she gets married. She also plans to quit her job at the brothel after she marries. Auntie will sad to see her go but will be happy for her. Minami also tries to help Chiyo survive.


Age: 27

    Kate is Auntie's second in command. She tries her best to hold the girls together. The woman wishes for a hot man to take her out of Kenzu. But until then, her place is at Pleasure Kiss. Kate helps Chiyo out with motherhood.

Hideo Kato

Age: 25

    Hideo is Chiyo's boyfriend. He loves her to pieces. The man used to work for the Yukaze blindly. But then, Hideo fell in love with Chiyo and began dating her. The real trouble began when his girlfriend became pregnant. He safely got Chiyo away from Tokyo and helped her fake her death. Now, Hideo had run away to his girlfriend. But can he withstand the temptations that try to pulled the lovers away from each other?


Ages: 16-50

    This is the mob that Chiyo and Hideo ran away from. They are a ruthless bunch of killers and thieves. They believe in a strict separation of classes. They will kill anybody that violates that belief. The Yukaze was crushed when they thought Chiyo was dead. But when they learned the truth, the mob was on the war path. Now, they want to track and kill the young lovers for treason.

Kohana Kato

Age: 5 (At beginning of second season)

    Kohana is Chiyo and Hideo's daughter. She is the joy in everyone's lives. The girl is also the Yukaze's main target. So everyone looks after Kohana at all times. She is an extraordinary girl with a great heart. Kohana will grow to make Kenzu a better place to live.