The sunrays hit Lexie's face. She squinted awake with a groan. Right then, something caught her attention. The woman looked around.

    Huh?, she thought. Where am I? Not in her apartment, that's for sure. Out on the streets, in fact. In the shady part of Tokyo. Lexie trembled.

   "+This is so creepy...+" she mumbled. Oh, it gets better! She stiffed around for a moment a cringed.

    What is that?, the woman thought. She stiffed on her shoulders and cringed again. Why do I smell like vomit... and booze... and... pot?, she thought. Then, she noticed the clothes that she had on. Black leather miniskirt, fishnets, sling back heels, and a dark tube top. Lexie all but panicked.

    What the hell am I wearing?!?, she thought. What time is it? She reached into her gold purse and pulled out her phone. "One new text message," the screen read. Lexie blinked at the words.

    Huh?, she thought. What is this? Lexie unlocked the keys and opened the message.

    "+Oh, Good Morning Sunshine!+" she read. "+So nice of you to finally wake up. Did you have a nice nap? I had a great night, but now I have a little game for you. You have three hours to get back home. If you get back before me, then you are off the hook. But if I get back before you do, I will get one whole day to do whatever I want. Oh and you can't call Shuichi or Lucas to help you out. That would cheating. Kiss-kiss, Megan.+" Lexie stared at the screen for a long time.

    "+Huh?+" she asked. "+What is this?+" Then, she saw that she had a voice message as well. Thinking that this couldn't get better, Lexie dialed her voicemail.

    "+You still sitting on the ground?+" the message asked. "+Chop, chop! You've got a game to play, remember? Get to it, girl!+" Lexie sat there, frozen at the voice.

    "+Did I... call myself?+" she asked. This became too much for her hurting head to take. I need a moment, she thought. What the hell is going on? Lexie shook her head as she rose to her feet. She wobbled a bit before regaining some balance.

    "+Whoa!+" she murmured. Then, Lexie looked at her surroundings. No people around. Just the lamp post she was leaned up against and a fence. Lexie chuckled to herself nervously.

    And I'm supposed to get back home through this?!?, she thought. Good luck, honey!

    So, the journey home began. Lexie wobbled the whole way there. The movement didn't really help her stomach either. Please don't let me puke, she thought. Please don't me puke. Please don't puke. Please don't... Oh crap! Lexie paused and threw up on the sidewalk. She struggled to stay standing. The woman panted through her headache. She looked at her phone. Thirty minutes gone. Just find a bus stop and survive the ride home without any eye contact. Wherever that was...

    Close to an hour later, she found the bus stop. Lexie felt like singing in her head. Now to see how much money she had left. She opened up her purse and looked inside. The woman found a wallet and unzipped it to look inside. Lexie gave her results a little smile.

    "+Two hundred yen, perfect!+" she muttered. Lexie paused when she felt someone watching her. Don't turn and look. Don't turn and look!, she thought as she kept her head down. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. They probably think I'm a prostitute, she thought as her stomach turned. Just get on the bus and go home! At last the bus pulled up. Lexie breathed out in some relief. She boarded the bus as she kept her head down. She paid the fare and sat down. As the bus pulled out, she shook her head to herself.

    This can't keep happening to me, Lexie thought. I've got to get some help really soon. Too bad she can't call anyone or that would be considered cheating. Boy, this would be a long trip home.

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