Lexie's Secret Pain

    Shuichi looked on at Lucas.

    "Okay," he said. "What is this all about? Why can't you tell Lexie the truth?" Lucas lowered his head and took in a deep breath.

    "+Hang on,+" he said. Then, the man got up from the kitchen table and walked down the hall. Shuichi watched on in silence. Lucas returned with a small notebook in his hand.

    "+Here,+" he said. "+This should explain everything. Take it.+" Shuichi did so and opened the book. Lucas watched on as his young friend read the contents inside. The vocalist finally looked up at him.

    "I don't understand this," he said. "What does a hospital massacre have to with why you can't tell Lexie about her condition?" Lucas sat down at the kitchen table.

    "+Years before I met her,+" he began. "+Lexie's parents were divorced and she lived with her father. The father ended up mentally unstable after his daughter's mother left. They never left the house ever. The farthest Lexie ever left was her backyard while he only went to the front door to get groceries. Her father kept feeding her mind with horror stories about the outside world. Lexie listened to him closely. Over those first tens years of her life, he became even more unstable. Lexie didn't understand it, but his ex-wife's lawyer became worried and filed to take Lexie to her mother.

    "+Then days after Lexie's tenth birthday, her father took many pills and drank up bottles of alcohol. All poor Lexie could do was sit on the living room floor and watch her father die. Nobody came by until days later after neighbors called the police because of the smell.+"

    "Why didn't she call for emergency herself?" Shuichi asked.

    "+The phone had been disconnected,+" Lucas explained. "+She didn't know anybody in their neighborhood. When the police came to the house, they found her father's corpse lying there, rotting.+"

    "How terrible," the vocalist said.

    "+The police took Lexie away to live with mother,+" Lucas went on. "+Only, that didn't work out too well. She ended up in psych ward and the rest of the story is in the articles.+" Lucas turned to Shuichi.

    "+This, as you can imagine,+" he summed up. "+Is what caused the whole gang to appear and anything that involves a suicide of her close friends, psych wards, or just losing someone close to her in general triggers the others to take over.+" The man sighed.

    "+Happy now?+" Lucas asked. "+You now know the truth about Lexie. Bringing it all up would hurt her and I can't do that, now can I?+"

Shuichi listened on with a pale face. When he was done, Lucas pressed his lips together and closed his mouth. The vocalist didn’t know what to think.

“Wow,” he mumbled. “That’s just…” The boyfriend nodded.

“+Yes,+” he said. Both men were silent.

“So that’s why she…” Shuichi began again.

“+Yes,+” Lucas said again. The vocalist spoke no more. He looked down the hall. So that’s why Lexie was all messed up. Lexie… the Japanese man thought.