Love Duel

    *Nick's Mind*

    Nick and Cassie had become locked into a duel night after night. They began ever since the first time they slept together. The battles always determined if Nick was to stay over the whole night or not. So far, Cassie always won. Tonight would be no different. Nick didn't understand it. Ever since they started shagging, Cassie wanted to have a relationship with him. Too bad he didn't want the same thing. Equally bad that she wouldn't listen.

    Round One:

    Nick and Cassie drew out their swords.

    Cassie invited him over for dinner tonight. No, she insisted that he come over. Like he had a choice. She just wouldn't let up. What is it with birds and losing their virginities?, he asked himself once again. Well, time to humor the enemy once again.

    Ready... Set... Fight!

    Cassie serves them both miso and the first blow. Nick dodges it. He throws in another hit. She counters. That girl's on her toes tonight.

    "/How is it?/" she asked with a smile. Nick nodded.

    "/Good,/" he replied. "/Have anything else?/" Cassie took a moment to think about it. Here comes the counterattack. She gave him a little smile.

    "/Sure!/" Cassie cheered. "/Hang on./" She dashed into the kitchen. Nick watched and waited for the next move. His f**k buddy aims for the chest with leftover shepherd's pie and sake. He jumps away with a sharp remark.

    "/Still not eating, huh?/" he asked. A jab to the chest, but Cassie only stumbled backwards. She nodded to save face.

    "/Sometimes,/" she replied.

    "/Sometimes?/" he asked.

    "/Yeah,/" Cassie said with a nod.

    Round One Results: Draw

    Round Two:

    Time to stop being nice.

    Cassie watches him eat up the Shepherd's pie with a cute little smile. He glanced over at her as the fence.

    "/Aren't you going to have some?/" Nick asked with a blow to her stomach. Cassie shakes her head as she stands her ground.

    "/I will,/" she counters. Time for some dirty tricks.

    "/But this is so good!/" he said as he takes another bite. "/You sure you don't want to try some?/"

    "/Maybe later,/" she brushes off.

    "/Have some, I insist,/" he encouraged her. He looked on at her with hard eyes of pressure. Cassie began to crack. She sighed at last.

    "/Fine, I'll have a little bit,/" she said. The pretended picked up her spoon and began to eat. Ooo! Sucker punch to the jaw! Nick watched her intently.

    "/Good?/" he asked. Cassie forced herself to smile.

    "/Good!/" she lied with a nod. Nick smirked at her. He can see right through her lie.

    Round Two Results: Nick wins

    Round Three:

    One more round to go before daddy is home-free.

    Cassie gave Nick another little smile. "/Care for dessert?/" she asked. Nick shook his head.

    "/Nah,/" he lied. "/I'm too full./" First blow. Usually that would end it and cued in the exit strategy. One problem: This was Cassie he was dealing with. She wasn't about to towel down her sword just yet.

    "/Are you sure about that?/" she asked. She leaned in, trying to act sexy. Too bad she's lacking some curves and breasts. Nick shook his head.

    "/Not tonight,/" he replied. "/Got to study for my test tomorrow./" Another punch to the gut. She gave him an odd look.

    "/But you don't study,/" Cassie quickly pointed out. Ooo, she blocked it! Blocked it and knocked the sword out of his hand in one full swoop.

    "/Uh.../" Nick replied. Oh shite, he's running out of options here. Cassie just sighed.

    "/Look, if you just want to go, then go,/" she said as she threw up her hands in the air. Nick gave her a slightly puzzled look.

    "/Really?/" he asked. Looks like a trap... She just nodded.

    "/I can see that you're busy,/" the pretender said. "/Go on, I don't mind./" He just nodded as he beat her again. Seems so easy to finish her off. Maybe too easy...

    Nick puts down his napkin and fork. "/Alright, see ya./" He got up and walked to the door. Cassie sat at the table trying to keep a brave face.

    Round Three Results: Nick wins

    Tonight's Duel Winner...

    Nick was just at the door when he paused and looked back. Cassie looked a little hurt just sitting there. He didn't quite grasp what he was wrestling with in his head. No, idiot!, he thought. You won! Just go out of there and go home! Simple request, but why wasn't he moving?

    Nick rolled his eyes and turned back around to the dining room. Cassie looked up when she heard footsteps.

    "/You didn't leave?/" she asked, blinking. Nick kicked himself in his head. He exhaled what was left of his pride.

    "/On second thought,/" he said like a little puppy. "/I will have dessert after all./" Cassie's eyes became brighter than stars.

    "/Yay!!!/" she cheered. The girl leapt up from her chair and hugged him wildly around the neck. Her boyfriend tried to push her off in vain.

    "/Just give this over with, okay?/" he remarked. Cassie looked up and kissed him on the lips. He reluctantly kissed her back. Cassie led him back to the bedroom with a smile on her face. Nick was almost out of the love maze when... BANG!

    Cassie stood in the exit and shot him with a .22 revolver. Nick fell backwards with eyes wide open with shock. She got me..., he thought. Cassie lowered her gun as she smiled at her boyfriend landing to the ground at her feet.


In the early hours of the morning, Nick glanced over at a naked and happy Cassie lying awake next to him. His eyes rolled back up at the ceiling.

“/Jesus, what the hell do I keep doing all of this for?/” he mumbled to himself as he sighed. Save the cycle for tomorrow, boy. You’re going to need it.

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