Lucas' Dreams

    Lucas had some weird dreams since he and Lexie first moved to Japan. He couldn't explain why; they just happened. His dreams came back to him as he and Shuichi waited for the police to bring Megan out. Last night's dream was the first to come to mind. That one, try as he might to grasp it, left his mind in the dust. Still, the man tried to piece it together in his head once more.

    *Last Night's Dream*

    Lucas sat alone in a hospital bed. His body felt all sore and badly bruised. He looked all around him in a daze. The patient didn't seem to know what was going on. Lucas could barely move at all. His mind could barely grasp any thoughts at all.

    Then, he heard the door creaking open. His eyes shifted over to his left. Lexie stood in the doorway with a medical cart before her. She was dressed up like a nun-type nurse and had a stoic look on her face. She walked into the room without a word. Her heels against the cold, hard floor clacked with an echo. Lucas felt his heart racing as the nurse walked closer. She looked over him with no emotion in her eyes. Lexie pulled out her chart and began to write something down. Lucas struggled for a look. She pushed him back down. Here, the work began.

    She took his blood pressure. Pretty normal. Lucas felt some discomfort. The nurse took his temperature. Normal there too. Now to draw the blood. Lexie picked up the strap and needle. Lucas tried his best to stay calm. He turned his eyes to the ceiling. The patient felt the strap tightening around his arm. Then, the needle bit into his flesh. Lucas winced in pain. Lexie drew his blood for a few seconds. To the patient, it felt like hours. She finally pulled out the needle. Now to treat the wounds.

    Lexie pulled out a deep burnt brown bottle and cotton balls. Lucas's eyes widened in silent panic. He wanted to scream, but his mouth seemed forced shut. "Oh no!" he thought. The nurse opened the bottle and placed the cotton ball over the opening. She tipped over the bottle until the cotton became wet. The nurse set the bottle aside and turned back to her patient. Lucas turned to stay still and not panic. Lexie showed no emotion on her face the whole time. She took his arm and rubbed the soaked cotton on his wounds. The patient winced as he gritted his teeth. Lexie didn't pause or say a word. She kept rubbing with each wound on his body.

    After the cleaning, Lexie bandaged him up and left the room. Lucas just lied there, staring at the ceiling in uncomfortable silence.


    Lucas looked up at the jail ceiling. That was the fifteenth time he had that dream. He still didn't get it.

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