Volume One:

Rated: M

    Chapter One: Vampire
Lucy Rogers was a normal college girl. That was until she crossed paths with the sensual vampire lord Kagato.

    Chapter Two: Sexy Best Friend
A lusty female demon possesses Susan, Lucy's best friend. Susan, under the worm's control, seduces Lucy to "play".

    Chapter Three: Blood Lust
Lucy runs into a band of beautiful female vampires while walking home in the rain. Only these things happen to her.

Volume Two:

Rated: M

    Chapter Four: Pink Confusion
Due to the demon's charm left in her, Susan develops feelings for Lucy. But she still loves her boyfriend, Steven. The girl just doesn't know what to do.

    Chapter Five: Duchess
Lucy runs into the feisty fire demon duchess, Megumi. This demon has plans for the toy.

    Chapter Six: Pocket Launch
A horny demon puts a voodoo spell on Lucy so he could bang her without physically doing so.

Volume Three:

Rated: M

    Chapter Seven: Dark Ball
Lucy is invited to the lord vampire's dark ball on Halloween. Ironically, it's the vampire that dragged Lucy into this mess in the first place. But sadly, she no choice but to go.

    Chapter Eight: Toy Experiment
Dracul, Kagato's right-hand man, decides to try use Lucy as a personal try.

    Chapter Nine: Othella
Lucy has to talk to Susan's boyfriend, Steve, to keep him from tearing her to pieces. Lucy has also become a martyr at her school. Heaven is on a hunt after her. And to top off all of her bad luck, Lucy is captured and sold into slavery for dirty pleasures.

Volume Four:

Rated: M

    Chapter Ten: Leash
A demon in a student's body blackmails Lucy into sleeping with him and wearing a vibrator without any underwear.

    Chapter Eleven: