Mood for Love

    A glass ashtray was dragged out into the middle of the table. "/Go on there,/" Simon said. "/What did everyone make?/"

    "+245 for the neighbors pipe job,+" Jake said lying money in the ashtray.

    "+Four yen twenty-one,/" Simon said lying his money into the tray. "/Darcy's sponsored silence./"

    "Thirteen yen fifty-seven for my curry fund," Ando said. "And Emma better worth it because..." Suddenly, he felt himself getting sick. He cleared his throat some. Simon looked at Jake grinning.

    "Oh shit!" Ando mumbled to himself. "What which is the bathroom?" He ran all the way to the bathroom. The other boys looked down at their drinks. Then, Emma walked into the empty bar. She was dressed up like a giant red glittery squid.

    "#Now that was one magic day!#" she said. The Aussie sat down with the boys at the table.

    "+You made some dough, did yeah?+" Jake asked. "+Sweet!+"

    "#Well now, I don't want people's money, man! I want their respect!#" Emma protested. Simon and Jake looked on at her.

    "#I gave the complete fish experience!#" Emma complained. "#Right, jokes, impressions...#"

    "/So you didn't make anything?/" Simon asked. Emma looked annoyed.

    "#Why this obsession with money, man?#" she asked.

    "/Oh, I don't know!/" Simon said innocently. "/Maybe without it you won't being going to Cambodia!/" Emma looked on still.

    "#Of course I'm going Cambodia! We all are!#" she said.

    "/Emma,/" Simon said. "/You've got no money! You need 157,340.47 yen by tomorrow or you're not going!/" Emma stared on blankly.

    "#Tomorrow?#" she asked. "#It's just... It's like... not long.#" Simon sighed in stress. Emma perked up little bit.

    "#Well, how much have I made then?#" she asked. Everyone looked disappointed.

    "/Altogether,/" Simon answered. "/Not even 6,635.94 yen./" This looked bad. Really bad.

    "#But... But, I-I-I've got to go to Cambodia!#" she protested. "#Okay, everyone's going to be there! I mean like, Ken-san! Look, I-I-I've got to go! I can't just... I... I... I can't...#" At that point, Ando rushed back over to the table excited. He sat down next to Sid. The Japanese boy was panting hard.

    "Minami f*****g Yoshiya... in the bar... here... now!" he forced out. "One Japan's biggest porn star, man!" Simon and Jake looked at him oddly. Ando still tried to catch his breath. "Would have stopped to talk to my idol, but... Ando, compose yourself! Compose yourself!" Simon sighed and rolled his eyes annoyed.

    "Plus you know when you've just taken one of those curry shits and the smell just kind of lingers and..." the Japanese boy went on.

    "/Yeah right, Ando!/" Simon cut in. "/There's no chance that Minami Yoshiya would choose to spend his afternoon in this shitty little pub!/" As he spoke the boys and girl looked on surprised. Sid pointed forward.

    "/Simon!/" he said. Jake and Simon looked up. Ando looked as well. Minami Yoshiya was walking by looking as manly as ever. Ando watched impressed. He cleared his throat. Yoshiya sat down at the bar for a drink. Boy, he looked like the man. The barista served him so sake. Ando began flicking his tongue at him. (He seems to have a man-crush on the guy! They all do. But, Ando and the boys would never admit that. They just wants to be like their idol.) Yoshiya and the barista were talking. Ando watched on excited. The porn actor just looked so smoking hot. Ando and Sid watched on happily. Jake and Simon looked on as well. Ando watched on still. He was breathing rapidly now.

    "Those muscles... those legs... 1. f*****g 18 m!!!" he blurted out. He looked at Sid and then turned back to his idol. "I've seen all of his films!" Ando cried. "I've got all of his films!" Simon and Jake turned back to the other two. Jake nearly rolled his eyes.

    "Peeping Lovers, Shinjin x Girimoza: Ubu-na shinjin-no hajirai sekkusu, Shojo s˘shitsu, Mummy I Can't Wait Any More!, Nagasaki-Minami, Face & Body Collection, Face & Body Collection 2... Oh yeah!" Ando yakked on. Sid watched smiling. Jake didn't look impressed.

    "And of course," the Japanese boy said at last. "Eternal Record!"

    "/Ah, that film is a treasure!/" Sid agreed. Ando nodded happily and turned back to the talking at the bar. He breathed on harder. The Japanese straightened himself up some.

    "How do I look boys?" he asked. "How do I look?"

    "/You leave this to the master, yeah?/" Simon offered.

    "Oh no you don't!" Ando snapped. "You're not getting first debs on everyone, Simon!" His pal had that "whatever" look on his face.

    "/You think he likes glasses?/" Sid asked.

    "No!" Ando screeched. "He likes tall Buddhists, man! And if he doesn't, he should!"

    "+Dudes!+" Jake cut in. "+We're supposed to be talking about Emma's crisis!+" Emma looked down at the table in disappointment. A brief pause for a moment.

    "/I called first!/" Simon said.

    "/Actually Simon,/" Sid corrected. "/I said first!/"

    "I actually did say first!" Ando jumped in. Jake became annoyed by this.

    "+I'm going!+" he barked. They all looked at him on that one.

    "But you're in love with Lucas!" Ando pointed out.

    "+I'm going to go over there and ask if he likes to look at any of you!+" Jake said bravely. "+Which he won't!+"

    "But," Ando said as Jake turned back to him. "It's the lines that make me the man I am!"

    "+Just leave this to me!+" Jake said as he got up from the table. The other boys watched him.

    "#I can't believe it,#" Emma said. "#Cambodia. Gone... I mean, my chance of eternal happiness, gone.#" She was spiraling down into sorrow at the moment. None of the guys were listening.

    "/Minami Yoshiya!/" Sid said excited. He and Ando watched on overjoyed. Jake and Yoshiya talked on. Jake turned to his friend. Simon gave off a little wave.

    "/Minami Yoshiya!/" Sid said again excited. He rolled his eyes in bliss. Jake returned back to the camp. The others looked on excited.

    "+Well,+" Jake said. "+Amazingly, he's actually interested in one of you!+" Ando and Sid looked at each other happily. Simon smirked proudly.

    "/The master strikes again!/" he said as he rose to his feet. Jake grabbed him by the shoulder and sat him down.

    "+Simon,+" he said. "+Sit down.+"

    Later on in bed, a finger poked at Yoshiya's hardened cock. Emma stared on in surprise. She poked at it again. The porn star brushed her hand away from him.

    "Stop that, it's got some feeling there, you know?" he said. Emma looked around slightly surprised.

    "No, you're dreaming!" Yoshiya said. "If you're thinking that." The Aussie turned right to him.

    "Last night," the porn actor went on. "Well... you were we enthusiastic!" The Aussie didn't know what to say at first.

    "#I... I... I don't.... I... I'm in love!#" she said.

    "Oh, I'm flattered!" Yoshiya said.

    "#No!#" Emma said quickly. "#With Ken-san! I'm in love Ken-san! Okay, we're not together-together, but unfaithful is still unfaithful, even if the romance is only in the mind!#" Yoshiya smiled at her.

    "Come down sweets," he said. "Has anyone ever told you that sleeping with a porn star doesn't count?" Emma shook her head.

    "Cause they were in stay situation they'd do exactly the same as you!" he went on. "I'm big, I'm charming, I'm bangable. And I don't count. Just ask Mihiro if you don't believe me. It's the rules." Emma pondered all of that for a moment. She sighed unhappily.

    "#It doesn't matter anyway,#" the Aussie said unhappily. "#Nothing's going to happen between me and Ken! I thought, yeah, we go to Cambodia, okay. Sparks fly, fire, burning, yeah. But now, I can't even go because I can't afford the 157,340.47 yen it's gonna cost for the trip!#" Emma sighed. Yoshiya looked on at her in pity.

    "Are first love, is it?" he asked. Emma nodded as she moaned.

    "I was in love once," the porn star said. "But she wanted me to stop my work. So now, I just throw myself into meaningless sex. Where ever the opportunity arises." Emma looked on at his cock in amazement.

    "#Yeah...#" she mumbled. "#I think I might start doing that.#"

    "157,340.47 yen," Yoshiya said. "Will you take a check?" Emma looked at him in the face surprised.

    "#You what?#" he asked. "#Really?#" The porn star nodded.

    "On one condition," he said.

    "#Er- Name it!#" Emma said quickly. Yoshiya smiled at her again. He seemed to be hinting something at her. Emma looked on a bit.

    "#I don't remember your name,#" she said.

    "Sweets," he said. "Where we're going, names doesn't even matter!" He then pulled the sheets over them and swept her away into guilt-free bliss!

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