Mother and Daughter

    Nicole looked at her daughter on her bed. The baby looked at her mother getting dressed for school. Her mother glanced over at her. Nicole shook her head. She's got it so easy, she thought. At that point, Nicole reflected on her and Amaria's day in their lives.


    Nicole has many things to do in one day. School for starters. Then came her dance trope. Also her friends and Shawn. Plus, the glamorous night life. Oh and watching her schizophrenic neighbor at nights too. Repeat.


    Sleep. Eat. Poop. Cry. Repeat.

    Nicole walked over to the big, spoiled baby. Amaria looked up at her. Her mother smiled.

    "/Oh look at you,/" she said. "/You have it so easy./" Nicole slid on her Marilyn Manson t-shirt. "/Everyone waits on you hand and foot. You just eat, cry, sleep, and poop./" She slid on her black skirt. "/Me?/" the Goth Princess replied. "/I have to hold out on my dreams so that I can take care of you. I'm lucky that I can still finish school. But, I don't know if I'll ever be a dancer in the end or not./" Nicole rolled up her fishnets on her legs. She forced herself to smile.

    "/But, that's okay,/" she said. "/Because, tonight.../" She rose to her feet from the bed. Nicole picked up Amaria and held her out in front of her. The mother gave her a huge grin.

    "/Mummy's going out tonight!/" she bragged. Then, the young woman walked out with the baby in her arms. "/Yep,/" Nicole went on in the hall. "/Time to get free while I still can./" They went all the way down the stairs. "/Tonight's going to be wicked,/" Nicole summed up. From there, she plotted out the rest of her free day.

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