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Nicole looked out her bedroom window like she did late every night. She was preparing to get her entertainment fix for the night. The girl had the lights off and was hiding under her blanket for this. The Murray family lived next door to a schizophrenic man. Every night he did crazy things in front of his window across from Nicole’s room. Tonight, he was only dressed in white briefs and seemed to be having a fight with himself. The dancer watched on in silent giggles. Sure it was wrong to laugh at the mental, but their neighbor was just that amusing. Who couldn’t find it funny with a man in his underwear shouting and flailing his arms around in the air? Reminded her of some of the high and drunk people in the clubs every night.

“/Nicole,/” Shawn complained to her next to her. “/Entertain me!/” His bird waved him away as she shushed him.

“/Not now,/” she whispered. Shawn peeked out the window under the sheet past her. The man was still shouting and waving his arms around. The Goth boy rolled his eyes.

“/Why do you insist on watching him every night?/” he mumbled.

“/Shhh!/” Nicole whispered again. “/Here comes the good part!/” The man started jumping up and down in his meaningless rage. Nicole fought hard to keep down her loud laughter. Shawn rolled his eyes again. “Whatever…” he thought. The boy just didn’t get it. Nor did he even try to.

Subject: Nicole

The next morning, Nicole and Shawn ate breakfast with her parents at the table. The parents seemed to be oozing with sexual energy already in the early hours. Nicole’s mum, Amber, was trying to cook sausage when her husband, Rob, snuck up behind her and playfully grabbed her by the waist. Amber giggled aloud.

“/Robbie!/” she yelled. “/Not now! Oh, Robbie!/” Her husband tried to kiss her on the neck. The woman giggled louder.

“/Robbie!/” she yelled again. Her husband smiled as he licked her on the ear. He playfully nipped at it as well.

“/You are so fit[1]!/” he whispered loudly. “/I want to f**k you right now, you little f**k bunny!/” Amber giggled again.

“/Oh Robbie!!!/” she moaned again. At that moment, Amber couldn’t resist anymore. Rob turned her to him and propped her up on the counter. They started up with the kissing. However, the passion died down with a loud throat clearing. The parents looked up and saw Nicole and Shawn staring at them. Their daughter had a disgusted look on her face. Amber looked at them with a flushed face.

“/Lover!/” she chirped. “/We weren’t expecting you up so early! Hi Shawn./” The boy only waved at her. Nicole felt like screaming at the moment. (Who can blame her?)

“/Mum! Dad!/” she cried. “/This early? You could’ve waited until I was out of the house!/” The parents stood up, slightly embarrassed. Nicole only rolled her eyes.

“/Oh god!/” she wailed. The rest of the morning was rather awkward. Shawn leaned over to his bird.

“/Now I see why you watch that crazy guy next door,/” he whispered. Nicole nodded.

“/Yeah!/” she said. The younger couple only stayed for a few seconds more. Nicole leaned over to her boyfriend.

“/Want to get out of here?/” she whispered.

“/Yeah!/” Shawn said with a nod. They turned back to the parents.

“/Uh mum,/” Nicole spoke up. “/Shawn and I have to go./” Rob slowly put his hand on Amber’s knee.

“/Oooo…/” she whimpered. “/Okay, lover!/” The younger couple quickly ran off of the kitchen as quickly as they could.

Nicole always stole attention at school. Every boy eyed her. She always had this sexy punk style to her. Tight jeans, rock star t-shirt, black miniskirts, fish net stockings, heeled-boots, black, blonde, and pinks locks. Shawn added to her charm. If she the Gothic queen of Tokyo Cram, then Shawn was the Gothic king. This couple would be perfect. However, there was one little hitch to this darkened-set up.

“/Hello, Nicole!/” a cold voice hissed. The couple looked up and saw Cherry glaring at them. Nicole gave her a little smirk.

“/Hello Cherry,/” she replied. The preppy, dark girl looked over at Shawn.

“/Hello Shawn,/” she hissed. He gave her a sarcastic little wave. Cherry glared at her man. Then, she looked over at Nicole.

“/Enjoying my boyfriend, slut?/” she asked.

“/What’s it to you?/” the Goth queen asked. Shawn smirked at them both. So entertaining to see two girls fighting over him. It was so… empowering. Nicole placed her hands on her hips.

“/Maybe Shawn likes me more because I’m not such a tight ass!/” she hissed. Cherry’s cheeks became a bright red.

“/What did you say?!?/” she yelled.

“/You heard me!/” Nicole said aloud. Shawn tried his best to keep down his grin from the fight starting to unfold. This took the place of dumping the spoiled cow himself. (Why he couldn’t actually do it, we’ll get into that some other time. Now, back to the story at hand.) Cherry stepped forward.

“/You bitch!/” she screamed. “/Why I oughta…/”

“/Oughta what?/” Nicole challenged. The preppy girl began to raise her hand up to smack her. Her rival didn’t flinch. She knew how this was going to end. Shawn waited for the fight to spring to life.

Suddenly, the bell rang. Cherry recomposed herself and lowered her hand. Nicole lowered at her, confused.

“/What the hell are you doing?/” she questioned. Cherry tried to look proper again.

“/I could kick your ass,/” she reasoned. “/But, I have class now. So, bye!/” Cherry took off running as fast as she could. Nicole snorted as she rolled her eyes.

“/Yeah right, coward!!!/” she barked at Cherry’s running back. The Goth queen snorted again as she turned to her boyfriend. He too looked disappointment for the fight the fizzled out before it began.

Oh well, onto other things. Nicole was overjoyed to have a half day at school today. That gave her plenty of time to do better things for the day. Her dance group was meeting today. These were the people that kept her from losing her mind at the end of the day. Sure, she had drugs, sex, her neighbor, drinking, partying, and singing to help get out her stress. But, dancing was always going to be at the top of her list. Her grandmother, Polly, got into the sport when she was three. The love took on a life of its own from there. Now here she was today, at a local dance studio in downtown Tokyo. Nicole pushed open the door. The girl looked inside. A thin man looked up and noticed her.

“Nikki!” he cheered. “You’re here!” Nicole gave him a little nod.

“/Yes,/” she said. “/I am alive./” She walked over to her group. The thin leader, Saji, turned to the other dancers.

“Hey guys!” he called. “Nikki’s here! We can finally get some work done here!” The dancers all began to get to work. Nicole walked over with Saji.

“/So what will I be doing today?/” I asked. He turned to her with a huge smile on his face.

“You my dear, are going to love this,” Saji told her. “You’re going to be flying in the air today!” Nicole’s eyes lit up like a little firefly.

“/Oh sweet!/” she cried. The dance leader smiled and nodded at her.

“Get up that ladder and strap up!” he said.

“/Sweet!/” Nicole replied. She climbed up the ladder and walked onto the platform. The stage hands helped her strap up in the harness. The main manager turned on his microphone.

“You ready up there?” he asked.

“Yes!” the crew and Nicole called back.

“Okay,” the manager said. “Let ‘er rip!” The operators fired up the wire machine. Nicole slowly rose up in mid-air. The crew and dancers watched Nicole begin her flight. This was her favorite part of the crew. Aeroballet, as she could it, gave her the sensation of release that drugs, sex, and dancing itself did. She just had to be strapped up in the harness and they swung her around with the wires. Safety nets stood by behind to catch her. The flight started off slowly. Nicole let her thoughts clear away from her mind. The other dancers danced and watched her as if they were staring at the fireworks in the sky.

In two minutes, Nicole wanted more. She gestured her hand to speed up the swinging and twirling. The manager nodded and sped up the machine. Nicole took in the ecstasy of flying around in the air. She closed her eyes and took in deep breaths. The girl began to imagine herself in the scene. Her part was a fallen angel that falls in love with a human and tries to get back to good. Such a cheesy plot. But, Nicole did enjoy the flying parts. Gave her a chance to be free.

After practice, Nicole began to head out the door. Her hand was on the door when she heard someone yell, “Nikki! Wait!” The Goth queen paused and turned. Saji raced over to her. Nicole reached an eyebrow at him.

“/Yes?/” she asked. Saji breathed hard before speaking.

“You need to go check your mail today,” he suggested.

“/Okay… why?/” Nicole asked. Saji didn’t answer her, instead he only grinned at her. That told her that he knew a little secret, but he wasn’t going to tell her. Nicole nodded a little bit.

“/Ah,/” she said. “/Okay, yeah. I’ll do that./” Saji grinned back at her.

“Right,” he said back. “Good night.” She watched him as he walked away. Now, Saji had Nicole curious.

“/I’m home!/” she called when she got home.

“/In here, lover!/” Amber called from the living room. Nicole walked all the way to that direction. She stopped in the doorway and turned her head.

“/Mum, dad, are you f*****g?/” the girl asked.

“/No,/” Rob answered. His daughter slowly turned her head into the room. Her parents sat on the couch waiting for her. Amber had an envelope in her lap. Nicole looked at both parents in silence.

“/Uh… what’s going on here?/” she asked. They didn’t speak. Amber only smiled at her and handed her the envelope. Nicole slowly took it and opened it. She pulled out the letter and read it to herself. Silence sped by before the happy screams kicked in.

“/Mum, dad!/” Nicole cheered. “/I made it into Rome’s School of Dance!/” The parents cheered aloud with her.

“/That’s great, lover!/” Amber cheered.

“/Congratulations, poppet!/” Rob replied.

“/Oh, this was so great!/” the Goth queen cheered. “/I have to celebrate with Shawn!/” Then, she ran to the stairs to invite her boyfriend out for the celebration. She got on her mobile and dialed Shawn.

“/Hello?/” he asked.

“/Hey babes,/” she said on the phone. “/Up for a weekend of partying?/”

Friday Night:

Nicole got dressed for a night out on the town. She had on her Marilyn Manson t-shirt, dark blue and black plaid skirt, fishnet stockings, black stiletto boots, and punk rocker jewelry. When the Goth queen finished her make-up, she looked at herself in the mirror. “Perfect!” Nicole thought. Well, almost. She was still missing one important accessory. That arrived when the door bell rang. Nicole grinned to herself in the mirror.

“/Right on time,/” she said to herself.

“/Nicole!/” Amber called from downstairs. “/Shawn’s here!/”

“/Coming mum!/” her daughter called back. Then, she turned out the door and left the room. The queen met her king at the first door. He gave her his famous, naughty grin.

“/Hey,” he said. Nicole grinned back him.

“/Ready to go?/” she asked.

“/Yeah!/” Shawn cheered. “/Let’s split!/” His girl giggled as she took her place next to him to leave.

“/So, what exactly are we doing?/” Shawn asked her once they hit the streets. Nicole gave him a sexy little smile.

“/Just, whatever,/” she replied.

“/That’s all?/” he asked.

“/Pretty much,/” his bird answered. Shawn smirked at the sound of that.

“/Sweet!/” he said. Nicole only giggled with a smile on her face. However, their evening was about to be interrupted by an annoying force. The couple were just walking around in the dark when something, or rather someone, caught Nicole’s eye.

“/Hey Shawn,/” she whispered. “/Is that Cherry up ahead?/”

“/Huh?/” the boyfriend asked as he looked forward. His bird was right. Cherry was standing just inches away from them with her hands on her hips and an angry scowl on her face.

“/Oh shite…/” Shawn mumbled.

“/Hello Shawn, slut!/” Cherry greeted each one of them when they got closer. Her boyfriend rolled his eyes at her.

“/What do you want now, Cherry?/” he complained. “/I don’t have time to deal with you tonight!/”

“/Yeah, but you owe me,/” she said. “/Both of you./” Nicole choked back her laugher.

“/Yeah right!/” she said.

“/No, you really do!/” Cherry barked.

“/For what?/” her “boyfriend” challenged. His “girlfriend” snorted aloud.

“/You both humiliated me in school today,/” Cherry hissed. “/So now you will pay. Nobody makes a mockery of Cherry Blake and gets away with!/”

“/How?/” Nicole snapped.

“/Take me with you tonight!/” Cherry ordered.

“/Hell no!/” Shawn snapped.

“/Oh, yes you will!/” his “bird” snapped. Shawn was about to argue back with her when Nicole leaned in close to his ear.

“/She’s not going to give up,/” she whispered.

“/So?/” Shawn asked.

“/We have to get rid of her somehow,/” Nicole whispered on. “/Let’s make it the least enjoyable experience that she has ever had!/” Her man smiled like a hyena at that suggestion.

“/Sure,/” he whispered back. The couple turned to Cherry. Shawn stepped forward to his other girlfriend.

“/You’re right,/” he lied. “/We’re sorry. We will make it up to you./” Cherry looked at them with bright eyes.

“/Really? You mean it?/” she asked. Shawn gave her a little nod.

“/Yeah,/” he said. The couple had to cover their ears due to Cherry’s high-pitched nearly breaking the shop window right next to them. Anything to get rid of her, they supposed. The couple took Cherry to a Gothic strip club. They all sat right in front of the stage. This place looked like dramatized version of Hell. Fire and black ruled over the whole building. The dancers all looked worse than coke powder. Nicole and Shawn felt right at home in this club. Cherry, not so much.

“/I don’t like it here,/” she complained. Shawn waved her away.

“/Not now, Cherry,/” he said. She shifted in her seat a little bit.

“/Why are we here?/” the “girlfriend” complained. The couple ignored her. Cherry looked down at her drink and then at the stage again. The dancer before them shook her ass on the pole before turning on it again. Cherry sighed again.

“/I’m going home,/” she whined.

“/Fine, fine,/” Shawn replied. Cherry just left in disappointment. Once she was gone, the couple turned to each other, grinning.

“/Shall we go now?/” Nicole whispered.

“/Nah, I want to stay and watch this bird shake it,/” he replied. Nicole smiled as she stuck her tongue out at him. She gave Shawn a small punch on the arm.

“/Ow,/” Shawn murmured.

“/Perv!/” Nicole whispered. Then, they turned back to the stripper in front of them. Boy, she was so good tonight. The couple spent the rest of the night clubbing and drinking. Close to midnight, Nicole took Shawn back to her house and they shagged until sunrise.


Cherry didn’t spoil tonight. Nicole took Shawn for more clubbing that night. He stayed at the bar while she danced around at the floor with many guys around her. Two nights of partying were great, but he still hadn’t heard this big news that she had for him. He forgot to ask about that last night. Maybe he would get her tonight while they were still sober. Shawn watched his girlfriend dance on the floor as he finished his Kobe beer.

Finally, Nicole made her way over to the bar, panting. Shawn gave her a little smile.

“/Had fun?/” he asked. Nicole didn’t answer; she had her attention to the bar tender.

“/Bar tender! One Kobe Beer!/” she said. He handed a bottle without looking at her and pretended that nothing happened. (He was really looking at her cleavage.) Nicole smiled at the thirty-something guy behind the bar.

“/Cheers mate,/” she said. The girl opened her bottle and took a drink. Shawn waited a moment for her to get settled before going in for the kill.

“/So tell me,/” he spoke up. “/What’s with all of the celebrating? What’s the occasion?/” Nicole finished her drink and then set the bottle down on the bar. A smile came onto her face.

“/You know that dance school in Rome that I have been trying to get into for ages now?/” she asked.

“/Yeah,/” Shawn said with a nod. Nicole paused for a moment before talking again. She pressed her hands together, smiling.

“/I got accepted in yesterday!/” she cheered. Shawn gave her a little smile in response.

“/Nice,/” he said as he was drinking more beer. “/So when do you leave for Rome?/”

“/Two weeks,/” his bird replied. Shawn nearly spit out his drink.

“/WHAT?!?/” he yelled. Nicole looked at him oddly.

“/Aren’t you happy for me?/” she asked.

“/Well yeah,/” Shawn replied. “/But I didn’t want you to leave so soon./” Nicole gave him a little shrug.

“/I’m not leaving right away,/” she said. “/I will be gone for two years after the exams./”

“/Two years?!?/” Shawn yelled. “/TWO YEARS?!? TWO F*****G YEARS?!?/” A couple of the patrons stared at the couple in concern. Nicole looked up and noticed them.

“/It’s okay, really,/” she mouthed at them. “/Just go back to your drinks./” The patrons did so rather quickly. Nicole turned her attention back to her boyfriend.

“/This is part of my future,/” she whispered to him. “/I wanted this since nan[2] introduced me to the sport in the first place. You should be working on your own future as well./” He sneered at her on that comment. Nicole patted him on the back out of sympathy.

“/There, there,/” she whispered. “/We still have the rest of the weekend to enjoy each other. So let’s now waste it./” Shawn looked up at her some. He began to smile a little bit. Nicole smiled back at him.

“/There, you see?/” she asked. “/Now, want to get out of here and have more fun?/” Shawn grinned at her in a dirty way. He took her by the hands and they raced out of the club. Nicole took Shawn home with her. They spend the whole night shagging in her bedroom. Shawn went through three whole boxes of condoms before the night was over. They did it in every position that came to mind. They even did it in the shower twice. Along with the shagging, the couple took pills and snorted up coke. Add that with alcohol and a good night was to be beheld. At the end, they fell asleep in exhaustion.


By evening, Shawn came up with a plan to keep Nicole in the country a little bit longer. The one thing that could slow down anybody was a baby. So, Shawn took out a safety pin while Nicole was taking a shower and pricked at the condoms in the box, one by one. He smirked to himself as he did so. “Sorry Nikki,” the Goth king thought. “But, I just can’t let you go. Not just yet.” He put the last condom in the box when the bedroom door opened. He looked up to see his bird dressed in nothing but a towel. A dirty smile came across the boy’s face.

“/Hey!/” he said. “/You alone?/” Nicole gave him a sexy little nod. Shawn licked his lips at her. The Goth queen winked at him.

“/Ready to play?/” she asked. Now what was the point of asking him that? The boy raced forward and kissed his bird on the lips before pining her down onto the bed. Funny how plans can suddenly change…

[1] Fit= Hot to the Brits

[2] Nan= Grandmother to the Brits

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