“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking


“Do we have to check on her?” Shuichi complained.

“Yes,” Hiro replied. “She needs us the most.” His pal sighed.

“Yeah,” he replied. “But she’s turned into hell on wheels ever since she got pregnant.”

“Can you blame her?” the guitarist asked. “You would be pissed off too if Yuki got you pregnant and then ran off for seven months.”

“Yeah, if I was girl,” Shuichi replied.

“You know what I mean,” Hiro said. “Let’s just get this over with.” Shuichi nodded. Hiro fought to keep his composure. He rang the door bell. The boys waited for a few seconds. The door finally opened up. Nicole looked them up and down. The boys gave her a nervous smile.

“Hi Nicole…” Shuichi mumbled. The pregnant British girl cut them a sharp glare at first. Then, her face went still.

“/Come in,/” she said. The dancer walked into the house. Hiro and Shuichi looked on at her before relaxing. Maybe, today won’t be so bad. Don’t hold your breath…

Subject: Nicole

Nicole sat on the living room couch. She gave the boys a stoic look.

“/What do you want?/” the pregnant girl asked. Shuichi and Hiro stared at her for a moment. They didn’t know what to say at first.

“Uh…” Shuichi spoke up.

“We came to check on you,” Hiro finished. Nicole didn’t say anything at first.

“/Uh-huh,/” she said. Silence.

“How are things with you and Shawn?” Shuichi asked. Hiro looked over at him, quickly. Not a smart move. Nicole sneered at them.

“/Fine,/” she hissed. Awkward silence.

“/Did somebody call me?/” a familiar voice asked. All three looked up and saw Shawn peeking out from the kitchen. Shuichi and Hiro looked confused.

“Hello Shawn…” Shuichi mumbled. The Goth artist grinned at them.

“/Sup mates?/” he asked. The Japanese men looked back at Nicole.

“What’s going on here?” Hiro asked. Shawn sat by his baby mama, grinning.

“/Haven’t you heard?/” he asked. He took her by the hand. “/Nicole and I are getting back together./” The men turned to the pregnant girl.

“Is this true?” Shuichi asked.

“/Yeah, yeah,/” Nicole said. “/Whatever./” Hiro and Shuichi looked pretty uncomfortable. Oh, it was about to get worse.

At the Tokyo train station, people from Okinawa get out to explore the capital of the country. Among them, Kelly looked around her. She had been feeling lonely without Shawn. The girl wanted to make up with him. A little smile came onto her face.

Maybe I should text him, she thought. Kelly pulled out her cell phone and opened it up.

Hey babes! I missed ya. Let’s hook up. Give a holler. Kiss-kiss!

Kelly smiled over her message. She hit the send button. I think I’ll tour the city now, the girl thought. Kelly disappeared among the crowd. Oh buddy!

The message hit Shawn’s phone in seconds. He looked down when he felt it vibrate. The rest of the crew looked up at him.

“What’s that?” Shuichi asked. Shawn didn’t speak at first. Nicole gave him a cold look. The artist shook his head.

“/Excuse me,/” he said. The boy walked into the hallway with his phone. Shuichi and Hiro turned to Nicole. Her eyes told them to follow him. Afraid of what would happen if they didn’t move, the boys rushed down the hall.

They found Shawn staring at his cell phone. Shuichi and Hiro looked on, curious. The vocalist stepped forward.

“Shawn,” he said. “What’s going on?” The Goth boy looked up with a smirk on his face. He showed them the screen. The boys read over the message. They looked at Shawn.

“Is that…?” Shuichi began to ask. The boy nodded at him.

“/Yeah…/” he said. “/Please don’t tell Nicole./” Hiro gave him a little smile.

“Don’t worry, we won’t tell her,” he said. Shawn relaxed a little bit.

“/Cheers mate,/” he said. There was a short pause.

You’re going to tell her,” Hiro replied. Shawn looked at him with pale, glassy eyes.

“/What?!?/” he asked. Hiro and Shuichi nodded. For the first time in years, they saw real and true fear on their buddy’s face.

“/Me?!? You can’t expect me to tell my mother’s child that I cheated on her in Okinawa!/” he whispered loudly. Shuichi shrugged at him.

“Your problem, not ours,” he said. Shawn shot them an evil glare.

“/F**k you!/” he snapped.

“We can live with that,” Hiro replied. Shawn looked at them, still pissed off. He got on his phone and texted Kelly back. Oh. It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

Two hours later, the door bell rang. Curious, Nicole looked around.

“/Guys!/” she called. “/Door!/” No response. The pregnant girl snorted.

“/Useless wankers,/” she mumbled to herself. The dancer helped herself to her feet and walked over to the door. She peeked into the peep hole. A girl with black hair and purple streaks looked inside. Curious, Nicole opened the door. Kelly looked in with big, bright eyes.

“/Shawn?/” she asked. Nicole raised an eyebrow at her.

“/Who are you?/” she asked. Kelly gave her a funny look.

“/I could ask you the same thing,/” she replied. As if on cue, Shawn, Shuichi, and Hiro walked back into the living room. The Goth paused as the girls looked up at him. An “oh shite” look washed over his face.

“/Hey birds…/” he said with a shaking voice. Nicole saw red at him. Shuichi and Hiro hid behind Shawn. Countdown to hell.

Lunch time looked pretty cold. Amber served everyone pizza. She had just come in from work. She examined everyone’s faces in the living room as she walked in from shopping.

“/Shuichi, Hiro, you should have called,/” she said as she served them pizza at the kitchen table. She looked over at Kelly.

“/And who’s your friend?/” the woman asked.

“/Oh, she’s just a friend of mine,/” Shawn quickly spoke up. Nicole sneered at him. Amber kept her smile.

“/So, what’s your name?/” she asked the other girl.

“/Kelly Lisbon,/” she said.

“/Oh you’re English,/” the woman said. “/From what part?/”

“/Leeds, ma’am,/” Kelly said. Nicole mocked her under her breath. She rolled her eyes.

“/Nicole, behave!/” Amber snapped.

“/Yes, yes,/” the pregnant girl said. She bit down on a slice of pizza as if biting off Kelly’s head and chomping on it. The boys looked at her with pale friends. Hormones and the feeling of being cheated are a nasty combination. Kelly reached over and rubbed on Shawn’s arm. The boy tried to wince away from her. Nicole began to think about blood lust.

“/Shawn and I met over the summer in Okinawa,/” Kelly announced.

“/Really now?/” Amber asked.

“/Uh-huh!/” Kelly went on. *Plus-cross on Nicole’s head* Shuichi leaned over to his best friend.

“She’s about to blow,” he whispered. Too bad Kelly didn’t see it. She just kept on talking.

“/Shawn is such a great bloke!/” the other woman bragged. “/And such a talented artist. Three weeks before he left, he drew a rather sexy picture of me and posted on my bedroom wall./” That was the final snap in the thread. Nicole slowly rose to her feet. Her mother gave her a puzzled look.

“/Nikki?/” she asked. Nicole gritted her teeth together.

“/Excuse me, mum,/” she said. “/Miss Kelly and I here need to have a long chat./” Before Amber could speak, Nicole grabbed Kelly by the wrist and dragged her out to the backyard.

“/Ow! Let go of my wrist!/” the other girl screamed.

“/Shut up, bitch!/” Nicole hissed at her under her breath. The boys watched as the girls disappeared outside. On instinct, the boys ran after her. They could hear the cries from inside the house.

“/YOU F*****G BITCH!!! HE’S MY BLOKE!!! STAY AWAY FROM HIM YOU COMMON TART!!!/” Nicole screamed as she kept punching Kelly about the face, neck, and head. The other woman tried her protect herself from the coming rage.

“/I can see why he ran away from you!/” Kelly yelled back at her in pain. “/You’re just an evil pregnant bitch!/” That just made things worse.

“/SHUT UP, SLUT!!!/” Nicole screamed as she sped up her punches. Kelly screamed out louder in pain. The boys ran over to stop her. They all grabbed onto her for dear life. Nicole tried to fight them off.

“/LET ME GO!!!/” she shouted.

“/Babes, she’s not the one you should be pissed at!/” her boyfriend yelled. Nicole paused and turned her head to him. A manic smile came on her face.

“/You’re right,/” she said in a low voice. The pregnant girl turned completely around. She took Shawn by the arm and dragged him back into the house. Hiro and Shuichi watched on with pale faces. It was only getting worse.

Crash! Nicole threw another crystal glass at a huddled up Shawn on the ground. Tears streamed down her face as she kept throwing more glasses and dishes at him. Her baby daddy kept trying to get away.

“/Babes!/” he shouted at the top of his lungs. “/I can explain!/”

“/Explain what?!?/” Nicole cried. “/HOW YOU GOT ME PREGNANT AGAINST MY WILL?!?/” She picked up another glass and threw it at him.

“/HOW YOU PISSED OFF FOR SEVEN MONTHS?!?/” she screamed. Crash! There goes another plate.

“/HOW YOU SHAGGED AND SHACKED UP WITH THAT COW?!?/” she cried. Crash, goes another glass. She was about to throw another glass when Amber ran into the kitchen and grabbed her.

“/Nicole Tanya Murray!!!/” she screamed. “/Stop this right now!/” The pregnant girl finally paused and broke down crying. Shawn sat up and stared at the women. Hiro and Shuichi peeked into the kitchen.

“Uh… I think we’ll be going now…” Hiro said. Amber nodded at him.

“/Yeah,/” she whispered. Shuichi crept into the kitchen, helped Shawn to his feet, and the boys all left.

Nicole spent the rest of the evening in her room. Her mind was lost in a maze of sorrow and rage. This was all Shawn’s fault. He knocked her up and left for the whole summer. And now, she found out that he cheated on her while he was away. The girl wanted to kill him so badly right now. That arsehole!, she thought.

Suddenly, there was knock on her window. Nicole glanced up and low and behold, Shawn was looking in at her. He was point at the window latches for her to unlock them. She flipped him the bird, but got up and unlocked the window.

“/What?/” she snapped. The baby daddy lightly shushed her.

“/Still mad?/” he asked. Nicole glared at her. Shawn nodded.

“/I see…/” he said. “/Can I come in?/” Nicole spat on him, but moved aside. Shawn gave himself a little smile. That was a little better than I expected, he thought.

“/Come in if you’re going to come in!/” Nicole snapped. Shawn quickly nodded.

“/Right, right,/” he said. The Goth boy clapped into his bird’s room and closed the window behind him. Nicole sat on her bed.

“/What do you want, wanker?/” she snapped. Shawn stood before her with a goofy grin that begged her to slap the tar out of him.

“/I missed in babes,/” he said. Nicole rolled her eyes at him.

“/You sure have a funny way of showing it!/” she hissed. Shawn held up his hands to her.

“/Okay, okay, I get it,/” he said.

“/Do you now?!?/” Nicole snapped.

“/Look, I can understand why you are angry at me./”

“/No, you don’t!/”

“/Okay, you’re angry. I get that. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?/” Silence for the longest moment. Nicole snorted at him.

“/Tell me why!/” she snapped. Shawn raised an eyebrow at her.

“/Why what?/” he asked.

“/Why the hell her?/” Nicole asked. Shawn gave her a little smirk.

“/She reminded me of you./”

Nicole blinked at him. “/Of me?/”

“/Yeah.” Another pause came. Shawn smiled at her some.

“/Am I forgiven now?/” he asked. Nicole narrowed her eyes at him.

“/Why should I?/” she asked.

“/Let me show you,/” her boyfriend replied. Shawn stepped forward and kissed her on the lips. Nicole wanted to hit him. She wanted to push him away. But instead, she found herself giving in and kissing back. Shawn pushed her back onto the bed. He slid off his shirt.

“/You sure you want to do this?/” Nicole asked in between kisses.

“/I’m going to show you!/” he said.

“/You sure about this?/”

“/I’m going to show you!/”

“/You sure--/”

Shawn kissed her again to keep her quiet. Nicole let her arms fall back above her head as she let her boyfriend undress her. F**k it, she thought. The girl might as well do it.

When the steam had died down, Nicole turned her head to her darkened window. Her schizophrenic neighbor was at his antics again. This time, he seemed to be in a sword fight with himself. His suit of armor reminded her of the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. For the first time since Shawn first left, Nicole laughed to herself. Her neighbor had the perfect cure to cheer her up. She glanced down at her boyfriend. Shawn could easily be mistaken for a corpse trying to lie on top of her. The girl only shook her head.

F**k me, she thought.

The next morning, Shuichi rang the doorbell and waited next to Hiro. Imagine the confused-surprised looks on their faces when they still Shawn half-dressed and still alive at the front door.

“/Morning mates,/” he said. The Japanese men didn’t know what to say at first. Shawn grinned at them.

“/What?/” he asked.

“You’re here…” Shuichi said. Shawn nodded.

“/Yeah, where else would I be?/” he asked.

“/Babes, who’s at the door?/” a tired voice asked from behind. The boys looked up and saw Nicole walking toward them in nothing but sheets. Hiro and Shuichi were not really confused. A smile came onto the Goth princess’ face as she perked up.

“/Morning guys!/” she cheered. The girl walked up next to Shawn and snuggled up next to him. Hiro and Shuichi just blinked.

“Uh… what’s going on here?” Hiro asked. The couple looked at each other and smiled. Shawn held up his cell phone in his hand and played back his answer phone message over the speaker.

“/You have one save message,/” the operator said. A loud beep followed behind.

“/Nobody likes you, everyone left you, they're all out without you, having fun! F**k you, asshole!/” Kelly’s voice sailed through the air.

“/End of messages,/” the operator said. Then, the room went silent. Shuichi and Hiro stared on for a long moment.

“Does that mean…” Shuichi began to ask. Shawn gave him a devilish smirk as he nodded.

“/Yes, yes,/” he replied. Nicole snuggled up closer to him.

“/Shawn here and I are back together,/” she cheered. The other two boys gave her a nervous smile. Looks like the Prince and Princess of Darkness were onto a happier tomorrow now. Or were they?

Shuichi and Hiro happened to look and notice a frozen look in Nicole’s eyes.

“/He f***s it up again this time and I’ll kill him!/” she mouthed. Shuichi and Hiro swallowed hard as they nodded.

“/Something wrong?/” a voice asked them. The Japanese men quickly came back to Earth.

“Nothing!” Hiro lied quickly.

“Nothing at all!” Shuichi backed up. *Sweat drops on their heads as they nervously laugh* Nicole only gave them a cute, evil little smile. Scary pregnant bitch indeed!

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