Peaches Knows Best

    Jin sat at the kitchen table in distress. Arisu would be gone for close to nine weeks now. She hadn't returned his calls or taken her meds. The guy began to fear the worst. "Even Sid hasn't heard from her!" Jin thought. "This is bad! Really bad!" He put his head down on the table. Suddenly, the front door opened. Jin didn't look up.

    "Hiya!" a perky voice cheered. Jin still didn't look up. A chipper woman walked into the kitchen. Her black curls bounced as she moved. She came over to her boyfriend. She tapped him on the arm. Jin still didn't look up. The woman knelt in close to his body.

    "Hiya!" she whispered again. Jin still didn't look up.

    "Hi Peaches..." he mumbled from the table. His girlfriend began to pout.

    "Aw," she whimpered. "What's wrong, baby?" Jin still didn't look up.

    "She hasn't came home," he mumbled. Peaches blinked at him.

    "Who?" she asked. "Arisu-chan?"

    "She hasn't call or nothing!" he complained. "She's not taking her meds either. Sid hasn't even heard from her." Peaches made a serious face.

    "Oh..." she mumbled. Jin slowly lifted his head. Tears were starting to form in his eyes.

    "I don't know what to do," he murmured. Peaches gave him a sympathetic smile as she sat down in front of him. She gently patted him on the hand.

    "Jin, baby," the girlfriend said in a whisper. "She's just upset."

    "I know," he said.

    "What happened?" she asked. Jin bit his lip as he hesitated. He didn't quite seem to know how to form his words without looking like the bad guy in the picture. In the end, he gave up trying and decided to come out with it.

    "I might have tried to break her and Sid up again," he confessed sheepishly. "So now..." Peaches frowned at him.

    "Jinni!" she wailed. "How could you?" Her boyfriend sighed.

    "That boy is poison to her, baby!" he complained. "He drove her to attempt suicide last year! Have your forgotten that?"

    "Yes," Peaches said. "But, that was last year. Things are much better between them. You just need to let them be." Jin looked at her with hurt eyes. Peaches looked at him in pity.

    "What's the matter, baby?" she asked. "Is it Fujiko again?" Jin's tears slowly escaped from his eyes.

    "I just can't lose Arisu like I lost Fujiko," he whimpered. He sank his head back down onto the table and silently cried. Peaches lightly stroked his hair.

    "Shhh," she whispered in his ear. "She'll be okay. You'll be okay. You'll both be okay. Just let go of Fujiko and make amends with Arisu-chan." Jin said nothing. He just cried on the desk. His girlfriend stayed by him in the kitchen. She knew of his problems with Arisu and Fujiko. Her friends kept asking why she stayed by him with his issues. She would only say at them and say, "He needs me. I can't leave him now." This time right now couldn't be more true...

    "Peaches," Jin whimpered. His girlfriend looked down at him.

    "Hm?" she asked. Her boyfriend glanced up at with more tears in his eyes.

    "Why are you so good to me?" he whimpered. Peaches only smiled at him. She gently brushed his hair from his eyes.

    "Cause," she said. "You just need me right now." Jin only looked at her and she did the same.

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