Perfect Enemy

    Jin is preparing for a dinner party today. He had just called Arisu and invited her over.

    "Hey, baby sister," he said.

    "Hello," she said.

    "Mom and I are going to have a little dinner party," I said.


    "We miss you and wondering if you would join us."

    "Sure. When?"

    "In three hours."

    "Oh. Can Sid come too?"

    Jin frowned at that question. "Why would you do that?"

    "He's practically part of the family."

    "No, he isn't."

    "He's my boyfriend!"

    "He's still not invited!"

    "Why not?"

    "I don't want him here!"

    Arisu snorted over the phone. "Fine then, I won't come either."

    "But you have to!"

    "Not without Sid. He comes with me or else!"

    Jin pouted over the phone. "Fine! He can come along!"

    A loud squeal filled the phone. "Wow! It'll be there soon!" Jin frowned as his younger sister hung up. So much for that plan!, he thought.

    The man spent the next couple of hours cleaning, cooking, and preparing the table in building bitterness. He gritted his teeth the whole time. His mother sat at the table in a half-awake sober state. The man groaned aloud.

    "He just ruins everything!" Jin yelled. "I mean, her friends are bad, but he's the worst! He's no good for her! Arisu-chan hasn't been taking her meds because him! I keep trying to break them up, but she always runs back to him!" He paused and shook his head. "I mean, what the hell does she see in him? He has no job, he lives with his pathetic father, his grades are crappy, he never really looks decent at all, he always has to rely on others to survive, everyone bullies him around! He's basically a loser! Arisu-chan can do so much better! He's not good for her at all!"

    "He's not all bad," his mother slurred out. Her son paused and looked up.

    "Momma?" he asked. His mother gave him a rare smile.

    "Sid may not be altogether as you, but he loves her," she said. "And isn't that enough? Don't you want her happy?" Jin lowered the dishrag in his hand and bit his lower lip.

    "I don't know..." he mumbled. "I just don't like him!" His mother spoke no more. For she had already fallen asleep on the table. Jin took a seat at the table and dropped his face in his arms. Why me?, he thought. Why doesn't this crap always have to be dumped on me?

    Then, the doorbell rang. Jin sat up as he put on a fake smile.

    "Coming!" he called. Then, he stood up and walked to the front door.

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