Please Come Home

    Sid walked up to the door of the Chong House on the evening of the last day of the school year. He was sent out of desperation from Jin to retrieve and bring Arisu home. The boy knew where his baby sister was all along. But, Arisu made him keep quiet.

    "If you really love me, Sid," she said. "Then, don't tell Jin where I am." Sid kept his promise through most of the semester. But now, even he was starting to worry.

    Sid knocked on the Chong House's faded red door.

    "Coming!" a voice called from inside. Sid waited for a moment. The door slid open in a heavy way. A skinny, tired-looking woman looked him up and down. She was dressed in all black and looked like a walking corpse.

    "Yes?" the woman croaked.

    "/Uh... Is Arisu in?/" Sid asked.

    "Who's asking?" she questioned.

    "/I'm her boyfriend, Sid Wilson,/" he replied. The woman stared at him for a moment. At last, her pale face began to light up.

    "Oh!" she said. "So you are, do come in!"

    "/Thank you, miss,/" Sid said with a bow. The woman laughed at him.

    "Oh come on!" she said. "I'm not royalty. Just come on in, you silly boy!" Sid looked at her oddly.

    "/Okay.../" he said. Then, the boy walked inside. He found Arisu's room down the hall. He came to room 17. Sid knocked on the door.

    "Come in," a voice mumbled. Sid slowly opened the door. The room was dark. Well, except for a lit cigarette. Sid looked on through the darkness. Arisu sat before him on the bed. She was still in her underwear. She looked up at him in a dozy way.

    "Sid-kun," she said, tiredly. "So glad you came to see me!" Sid blinked at her in discomfort. This was really bad. Jin had every right to be worried in this situation.

    "/Arisu,/" he spoke up. "/When exactly are you going home?/" Arisu looked at him for a moment. An insane smile spread across her face.

    "I am home, silly!" she cheered.

    "/No, I meant back to your real home,/" Sid said. Arisu gave him a cold look.

    "Jin sent you here, didn't he?" she asked. Her boyfriend reluctantly nodded.

    "/Yes,/" he admitted. Now, Arisu was pissed.

    "You told him where I was," she snapped. "Didn't you? Didn't you?!?"

    "/I didn't where you were,/" he said. "/But.../" Sid tightened up as he tried to put the words together in his head.

    "/He's really worried about you and wants you to come home,/" he summed up. Arisu smirked at him.

    "Never," she said. Sid blinked at her.

    "/Why not?/" he asked.

    "He's going to put me back on the leash!" she protested. "I am not a dog! I am a human being! Jin can't see that! I'm not going back there! I'm not!"

    "/If you won't do it for him, do it for me!/" Sid yelled.

    "Why?!?" Arisu yelled.

    "/Because, I love you, damn it!/" her boyfriend yelled. "/I love you and I'm worry about you! You made your point to Jin loud and clear! Now can you please go home already?!?/" Arisu blinked at him in surprise.

    "You... love me?" she asked.

    "/YES!!!/" Sid said, on the edge of losing it. "/Now will you just go home?!?/"

    "Wow," Arisu mouthed as she thought about that for a moment. Then, she looked up at Sid. He waited for her, intently. The crazy girl finally smiled at him.

    "Alright, but only for you," she replied. Although his face looked serious, Sid was smiling in his head.

    "/Cheers,/" he said. Arisu only smiled at him.

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