Prison Talk

    Shawn was taken into jail for assaulting the guy who was hitting on Nicole. The boy shouted at the cops as they hauled him out of the club. The long ride to the police station didn't help either. Shawn cursed at the cops the whole time. Now, he was sitting in a jail cell at the moment. The punk artist looked around for a moment. Very clean-looking place, but dark. Shawn smirked to himself coldly. "How nice," he thought. "Looks like I'll be spending the night here again." He sat down in the corner. "All for love!" the boy thought. "How dumb!"

    Shawn's thoughts got interrupted when he heard someone snickering. The boy looked up into the darkness. A prisoner sat at the far end smoking a cigarette. He looked like a pedophile. The man nodded to shave. His clothes looked like they were in pain. Shawn raised an eyebrow at him.

    "/And what the f**k is so funny?/" he asked. The prisoner smirked at the boy.

    "You're English, huh?" he asked in really good English. Shawn nodded at him some.

    "/Yeah,/" he said. The prisoner smirked at him.

    "What'cha in for?"


    "Ah, did you hit the girl?"

    "/No, I smacked the guy in the face with a bar stool,/"

    "Did you kill him?"

    "/No, I knocked him out cold!/"

    "Damn!" Shawn nodded.


    "I had a love once." Shawn peered at him.


    "Yeah, beautiful girl. Nice rack, tight ass, thick thighs, and great in bed. We were for together for two years. That was until last night." Shawn leaned a little close.

    "/Did she leave you?/" The prisoner shook his head.

    "No, I killed her." Shawn was now really interested.

    "/Really, how?/"

    "I caught that slutty bitch in bed with another bed just as I thought. So, I pulled out a saw-off shotgun from under the bed days ago and shot and the other man in the chest once. I called the police and turned myself in." Shawn looked on slightly bored.

    "/And you're point of telling me that was?/"

    "Love is a mother-f****r! It'll f**k you up and you end up in prison for assault and murder. Take my advice kid, f**k the girl and run. That is the best way to good." Shawn thought that the guy was crazy. However, he didn't voice that out loud. The punk artist just nodded to the man's ramblings.

    "/Thanks, I'll take that to made later./" The guys looked up when they heard footsteps. A guard stood at the cell looking in. She began to unlock the door.

    "Shawn Harrison-kun, you are free to go. Your girlfriend paid your bail," the guard announced. Shawn looked on happily.

    "/Sweet!/" he said. The guard backed up some. Shawn stood up and walked over to the opened bars. Before he left, the punk artist looked at his new "friend." The prisoner looked at him slightly cold. Shawn smirked at him in pride.

    "/See ya, pal!/" he boomed. "/Unlike you, I have a girl that truly loves me! Enjoy prison, mate!/"

    "We'll see each other again soon, pal!" the prisoner hissed. "She'll leave you for another guy."

    "/Whatever,/" Shawn said. Then, he walked out of the cell. Outside of the police station, Nicole waited for her man. Shawn came out to her.

    "/Hey,/" he said. "/Thanks for getting me out./" She didn't say anything at all. Shawn walked over to her and she hugged him on the hand. He hugged her back. Then, they let go and handed off into the night.

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